Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Day In London

Friday was spent in the greatest city on Earth. I went up with my family to enjoy the sights, the sunshine, and the atmosphere. It was a beautiful hot day, and the city was packed with tourists blocking the pavement and bringing us well-needed revenue. I got to see my friend Amberly from BYU who's on a study abroad here for a few weeks, and got to chat with her for a bit. Then we went to all the best places, beginning at the Houses of Parliament, Wesminster Abbey, and the Eye, and then walking through St James' Park to Buckingham Palace. Some of the flags and decorations were still up from the Royal Wedding last week. From there we headed to Picadilly Circus and then Leicester Square. We ate in Garfunkel's and then grabbed a drink from Café Nero.In the evening we saw The Mousetrap at St Martin's Theatre, the longest running play in the world. It was excellent. A tube ride back to the car, and head home.