Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye... could be for the last time, and it's not right..."

-'Lullabies', All Time Low

Tonight is my last night in Utah. This has been a fast, hectic, emotional week. I've finished up all my classes, ending on Wednesday after handing in a ten page research paper and taking my 3 hour 40 minute Bio final. It felt so good to be done. My Mum and sister flew in to help me pack. It was a momumental task. But it's all done. We're staying at a friend's house tonight. I'm all moved out of the apartment that's been my home for the past eight months.
        I spent time saying goodbye to the incredible friends I've made. This has been the absolute greatest year of my life. I've made so many memories. I love BYU. I love the restored Gospel of Christ. And I love these people. It's the end of an era...