Friday, 18 February 2011


-In The Venue, Salt Lake City

Last night was beyond phenomenal. Pendulum absolutely rocked my life. After years of waiting to see them, I finally got to see a live band set. They started off awesome and got better and better. It was the greatest light show I've ever seen, and some of the loudest bass I've ever heard.

Mike, Melisa, and I got to the venue just as Innerpartysystem were playing. It wasn't the greatest venue I've ever been to, but the dark rooms and dirty floors are all part of the experience. Innerpartysystem's set was pretty good. I'm not actually sure how much of it was live; there were just two guys up there pushing buttons alongside the drummer, but the drummer was pretty awesome. Finally the stage was set, and the lights went down. Pendulum came onstage. There was Rob Swire chilling on his synth, and MC Ben 'The Verse' Mount getting the crowd pumped. Gareth on bass was so cool, everytime he hit the strings the bass from the speakers hit you like a wall. And the drummer, Kevin, was incredible, hitting every beat, even speeding up the tempo on the double-bass before the drops. Once the music started the crowd came alive, and the entire floor was a mosh pit. Even though we were surrounded by drunk kids and kids smoking weed, it was a pretty good night. We were just a couple of people back from the barrier and had a perfect view. The music was so good, and we spent some time up the front, and some time moshing later on. My favourite songs of the set were 'Comprachicos', 'The Vulture', 'Blood Sugar', and 'Granite'. The night was so intense.

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