Saturday, 26 February 2011


-Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City

We just got back from seeing Linkin Park live in SLC a couple of hours ago. They performed such a great set, and the music was fantastic. The show was one of the best I've ever seen.

We headed up to Salt Lake with Randy and Mark, and then ate in The Gateway foodcourt before we went into the venue. They bought their tickets just a couple of days earlier, and although they had bought GA Floor tickets to be with Hannah and I, they picked up seated tickets. Even with the upgrade they bought, they couldn't make it to the floor. They had front row seats though. We got to the floor, got a decent spot, and waited for The Prodigy to come onstage.
        Prodigy had an awesome set. They really performed, and even with a crappy crowd, they got everyone moving. They performed 'Breathe', 'Omen', 'Invaders Must Die', and a bunch of my other favourite songs. Almost no-one knew any words, but I had a great time singing as loud as I could. I just hated how much Maxim cussed. The rest was so much fun. The bass was so loud, and the guitarist was epic. At first the crowd wouldn't move, and then on Prodigy's last song, 'Smack My ... Up', Maxim got everyone on the floor to crouch down, and then at the drop everyone jumped up and really started the party.

As they finished their set, the crew began getting the stage ready for the headline act. It was an intense set up, with guys getting in chairs and being lifted and suspended above the stage to work the lights. We had a brilliant view of the stage, just four people back from the barrier. Finally the arena lights went down. Linkin Park began their set with 'Faint', and went into 'What I've Done' and other classics like 'Lying From You'. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen, with the lights and the screens and the music. The crowd really did suck, barely moving, and there was even one guy smoked some weed right in front of us. It was disgusting. But the band's performance was actually brilliant, and I the set was so great. They played a lot of my favourite old songs, like 'Papercut' and 'No More Sorrow', and then new songs like 'Waiting For The End', 'Iridescent', and 'Blackout'. One of my favourite songs of the night was the last song of their encore, 'One Step Closer'. The crowd really went for it, and a legit mosh pit opened up on the floor which I jumped into, until security came and broke it up. The sound was absolutely perfect at the venue, and it was impressive to see the band playing different instruments at times, like Dave playing drums and Chester on guitar. I had a great time... And as LP went offstage and the crew began taking the set down, I hung around to try to get the setlist. I didn't get the setlist, but I did get one of their Gatorades. Haha awesome

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