Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Forever The Sickest Kids, The Christmas Pageant Tour

Tonight we went to the Christmas Pageant Show featuring Forever The Sickest Kids and Family Force 5 at the Avalon, Salt Lake City. It was an incredible show, and I had such a great time.

Cameron, Nick, Kelsey, and Hannah got to mine at around 6, and Nick drove us up to Salt Lake City for the show. Got there around 7. It was around that time that I realised I didn't have the tickets on me. I felt like such a douche. I called Smith's Tix, but their ticket office was closed. So I talked to the girl at the front desk, brought up my confirmation email on my phone, showed my ID and card that I bought the tickets on, and we were in. Actually, Hannah, Kelsey, and Nick were already in, going in through the stage door because Nick knows the opening band Never Ending Summer. So Cameron and I joined them just as FTSK were coming onstage.
The Avalon is the weirdest music venue I've ever been to. Wooden benches line the floor towards the stage, which doesn't make for good moshing. And there's no cloakroom. And no bar - just vending machines. What's that about? But the music was awesome.
FTSK opened with 'Woah Oh!', and then their set consisted of 'Keeps On Bringing Me Down', 'Catastrophe', 'She Likes', 'The Way She Moves', 'Hip Hop Chick', I think they did 'Believe Me, I'm Lying', 'She's A Lady', and some other awesome songs I can't remember right now. I crowdsurfed over the crowd onto the stage just after the intro of 'She's A Lady', and was up on stage with Forever The Sickest Kids for the third time. The crowd was pretty good for FTSK's set. Santa came onstage and threw out presents. And they played a new song from their new album, coming out in March, called 'Life of the party'. It was good. And Kent held up big boards with the words to 'Jingle Bell Rock', and the entire crowd sung along. They finished up with one of their best songs, the classic 'Hey Brittany'. I had a great time, and it really was an awesome show.

Family Force 5 were on next. They really did put on a good show. Opened with 'Carol Of The Bells' - "Merry merry merry merry Christmas, Christmas!" So awesome. They were in costume, and got the venue bouncing. The bassist was so intense, so awesome. My favourite songs that they played included 'Bulletproof' by La Roux, 'Love Addict', and 'Earthquake'. The bass was so loud, and the band had a bunch of tracks playing behind them - at one point the drummer stopped playing and stood on his drums, but the beats kept going haha. The singer had an awesome scream on him. More presents were thrown out into the crowd. Hannah crowdsurfed up to the stage on one of the songs, and danced up there until security pulled her off. The crowd loved it. And on the last song of the night, 'Kountry Gentlemen' - according to the setlist wiki I'm looking at - we pushed to the front and went all out. I started a mosh pit in the small room we had to move because of the benches. That turned into a bit of a fight. But we were jumping, pushing, enjoying the music. It was a great show.

It was great to have a break from studying and enjoy seeing one of my all time favourite bands in concert for the fifth time... Now back to studying for finals...

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