Monday, 29 November 2010

R O A D T R I P - Las Vegas, NV

After a long drive through the snow yesterday, we got back to BYU after an awesome Thanksgiving break in Las Vegas, Nevada. I went with Cameron and a bunch of other guys to his beautiful home sin city itself, and it was quite the trip. It was fantastic to enjoy a well earned break from school work, relaxing, unwinding, eating, sleeping, reading, playing, chilling...

We enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners: one on Wednesday, one on Thursday. It was my first ever Thanksgiving, and it was really great. The food was brilliant. We played football Thursday morning with some other people - my first ever time to play American football! I made a couple of decent catches, and a couple of first downs, which was awesome. We played basketball, played Halo for hours, watched a lot of football on TV, and enjoyed the time to do nothing. We ate French toast, German pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins for breakfast. We went to the Vegas Temple and walked around the grounds. We enjoyed boating on the lake by the Hoover Dam - that was so much fun. Only Brett and Angus were man enough to jump into the icy cold water. And we got to drive and walk the Vegas Strip... Cameron's family were awesome. They were so nice, feeding us, making us feel at home. It was really just a fantastic trip.

Vegas is a pretty immense place. The lights, the fountains, the classy shopping malls where people spend huge amounts of money... It certainly has an exhilarating atmosphere. The buildings and hotels are incredible. The shopping centres are unlike anything I've seen before. I was wearing a BYU hoodie there, and as I was walking along, someone noticed it and shouted "BYU! Go Cougars!" It was awesome! Even in Vegas people know the Y. Or maybe they were just from Provo haha... I enjoyed it there, looking around, soaking up the atmosphere, taking pictures. Just be careful where your eyes look, and who you talk to. I found it just a lot more blatent than other cities I've visited. We got offered free cocaine samples, free entry to strip clubs, and countless leaflets for girls for hire. Ignore this, and you've got a pretty decent city. I had a great time.
Check out some of the pics I got there...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Stuff that's gone on

There's a lot of stuff that's happened since I last posted on here. I love it here - there's always something going on, and I'm always busy. There's always homework to do, a game to go to, a girl to ask out.. Here's a look at what's happened in the past few weeks...

Divine Comedy / Humor U
The Sound of Music and the Spoken Word was awesome fun, one of their best shows I've seen. It was so funny. I took Kirra, and we had so much fun there. The sketches before the headline show were genious, and we had a great time...
Then a couple of weeks ago, we saw Humor U for the first time. The comedy was pretty good. I was laughing a lot - the jokes at UVU were fantastic. And Stephen Jones' treadmill routine was awesome. We got a picture with him after the show. I took Rachel, and afterwards we went with Mitch and his date Ashley to get ice cream at Sub Zero. Love that place.

Sam came to visit!
Just for a day, but it was brilliant to see her again! We went for dinner on a group date, and then Sam and I went for a walk, talking about life, about America, about people... It was so nice to see her again, I just wish it was for longer...

Scott reported to the MTC
One of my best friend's Scott entered the MTC a couple of weeks back, and popped by to say Hi to me before he reported. It was fantastic to see him, he was so excited to be a missionary. He spoke to me like a wise father as we were talking, encouraging me to prepare for my mission as best I can. He's going to have an awesome time for the next two years. I was sad to say goodbye, but he's doing good serving the Lord.

BYU Basketball
I love basketball games. I went to the home opener against Fresno State on the 12th, and then the USU game on the 17th. We didn't actually get into the opening game; we got there at 7 and the student section was full. I tried to explain that our friends had seats saved for us, but they wouldn't let us in. We waited, and then someone from the inside just pushed a door open, and a few of us ran inside. So I got in and saw the game, but I did feel a little bit bad. Wednesday night against USU, though, was incredible. It was the best basketball game I'd ever seen. It was so intense - at half time we were tying, and at full time, it was 78 - 74 to BYU. The atmostphere was electric as the team did it for the school. I loved every second. I came out of the Marriott with a sore throat and ringing ears, but it was awesome...

Social Dance is one of my favourite classes. It's so much fun. I got to compete in the BYU Dancesport Competition a couple of weeks back - even though it seems like it was only yesterday. It was tough getting up early on a Saturday morning to head to the Wilk, but once were were on the floor competing, we had such a great time. We were competing the American Cha Cha with over 200 other couples. I was dancing with Becky, and at first we just wanted to make it through the first round or two. I wasn't too nervous to start with, and we managed to make it through the first round. And then the second. We were always in the last heat, so come off of the ballroom floor and head straight for the screen to see if we'd made it. The wait was so intense every time. The further through the rounds we got, the more nervous I was to dance. The fourth round we danced in was the best we'd ever danced, and made it through to the fifth. I was just so nervous on the fifth, it wasn't the best we'd ever danced, and it needed to be to get through. I'm just so proud of how well we did. We know we're in the top 60 of all those competing, but could be anywhere between 45th and 60th. Cameron and Tara made it to the quarter finals - they were really good. But I really enjoyed the experience. Ashley, our dance instructor, was really pleased for us all too. We went back to watch her compete Latin ballroom later, and she is such a brilliant dancer.

And then just last week, we had our Medals Dance Exams. We had to dance the Foxtrot and Cha Cha with our instructor in front of a panel of judges. I got to practise with Ashley beforehand, and she really helped me with my frame and movement. The actual exam I danced the Foxtrot the best I ever had, and the Cha Cha went very well too. Ashely's great to dance with, and helped me to relax and enjoy the exam. All of us passed the exam with Honors, which was awesome.

Mum's here to visit!
I was so so excited to see my Mum after Church on Sunday. I've missed her so much, and she flew out with her friend Sue last week and spent some time in Salt Lake visiting people, and then drove down to spend a few days with me. We went out for dinner on Sunday and then joined us for Ward Prayer after a Stake Fireside, and got to meet a lot of my new friends. Then yesterday we toured campus, shopped in the Bookstore, drove to the beginning of the Y Trail to look at the incredible view of Provo, then headed to Provo Towne Centre for shopping, food, and Harry Potter 7 in the evening. It's so great to spend time with her. I'm excited to go home and see all my family at Christmastime...

That's most of what's gone on. Plus, there's the five exams I had in one week, the football game against New Mexico, the homework, the dinner date dance, the ice skating, the snow... It's great.

Monday, 1 November 2010

R O A D T R I P - St George, UT

We got back from a two-day roadtrip so St George this evening. It was really so awesome. Why did we go in the first place? My friend Christy from EFY a couple of years ago asked me to Sadies. It's a pretty good story actually. If you want more details, ask me in person. Did we have fun? Absolutely. Google Earth says it takes 4 hours and 16 minutes to get from Provo to St George. Coming back today, it took Cody 3 and a half hours. That's pretty fast. (The cop thought so too haha)
Getting up early Saturday morning was difficult, after going to bed just five hours earlier. But we got up and headed out to the I-15. The drive went by quite quickly; we were talking for an hour, played some music, stopped to food, and watched 'The IT Crowd'. SO funny. We got the hotel, met Christy and her parents, and checked into our hotel room. We had time to change and get some food and stuff from Wal-Mart, before the girls came to pick us up for the day date. I had no idea what they had planned for the date, and when we came out to join them, they blind-folded us so we didn't know where we were going.

We got out and were in a grassy field, and waited on a bench for everyone else to arrive. I still couldn't see anything at all. Then, once everyone was here, we were all given a pool float noodle thing, and had to hit each other. I think it was actually more fun for the girls to watch us all not knowing where we were going, and swinging wildly at the air! I ended up wrestling on the floor a couple of times. And Cody had an intense weapon - we found out after we were done that his had a pipe down the middle, and it hurt when he hit you with it! Part two involved paint. Christy told us to bring clothes we can get messy in, and so we hit up DI Friday night, and bought clothes we can just throw away afterwards. And yes, we got absolutely covered in paint. We were supposed to be painting shirts, and ended in a paint fight in the middle of the field. It was so messy. And so much fun. We all got soaked. But the t-shirts sure looked good!

Back at the hotel, it took a while to get ready. By get ready, I mean trying to get all the paint off of our bodies and out of our hair. Christy picked us up.

Pictures. Games. Eating dinner with our hands tied to the person next to us. It actually went quite well. Then the dance. It was a great night.

We dropped the girls off and headed back to the hotel, before heading out to see the St George Temple. It was lit up in the dark, and we walked around it, enjoying the peace of the night. We didn't get to sleep until about 2.30am, and then woke up at around 11. We were just laying in bed, trying to get more sleep, when our hotel phone rang. It was the receptionist, asking if we were checking out today. Apparently we were supposed to have checked out by 11. I asked if we could check out at 12. The nice lady kindly agreed. So, we hurriedly got ready, packed, and checked out. We explored St George for a bit, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the warm sunshine. We sat in a park for a while, reading. Then headed to Christy's ward for Sacrament. We hadn't been to a family ward for months, and it was so noisy! But great to get an opportunity to partake of the Sacrament. Then it was time to hit the road again. We grabbed something to eat, got changed, and started our 3-and-a-half hour journey on the freeway back to BYU...