Sunday, 26 September 2010

30 Seconds To Mars LIVE

-UVU, MTV Campus Invasion 2010

The concert last night was immmense. I've been wanting to see 30STM for a long time, and they put on incredible show. Shelby picked me up and we headed to the UVU Campus. I was so stoked. I'd been excited since we got the tix. And the day had finally come. We got inside, I decided on a new tee, and we headed inside. Neon Trees were just coming on stage. Their drummer is phenomenal. I was so impressed - seriously, on of the best I've seen live. They played 'Animal', which was the only song I knew by them, but they did a great set. We tried to get onto the floor, but apparently only the first 1200 people to arrive got wristbands to get onto the floor. That kinda sucked, but we found some good seats and enjoyed the music. After Neon Trees's set, I went outside to get water, and saw Tyler, the singer of Neon Trees, hanging out with the crowd, so go a pic with him. I showed Shelby once I got back to our seats, and then we went back so she could get a picture with him. He was awesome live.

Just a couple more minutes until 30 Seconds came on stage... I was so excited.Lights went down. They opened with 'Escape' and 'Night Of The Hunter'. The crowd got jumping. The music was so good. They played 'Attack', 'A Beautiful Lie', 'This Is War', 'The Fantasy', 'Alibi', 'From Yesterday', and a couple of others. During 'Search And Destroy', Jared stopped the music, and was like "Woah woah woah... You, in the white shirt, you weren't jumping" He got us to all practise jumping in time with the music, and wouldn't continue until everyone in the arena was jumping. It was so funny. As they carried on, I was screaming the words, and loving the show. My favourite song of the night, which is my favourite 30STM song anyway, was 'Closer To The Edge'. Awesome. And one of the best songs of the night was 'The Kill', which Jared played acoustic before the band came back on stage. He begun by saying "This is a new song, and I've never ever played this live before..." And then he plays the opening chords of 'The Kill', and it was incredible. Here's a vid of the song:

They encored with 'Kings And Queens', but before they played, they were getting people up on stage. I run to near the stage, and ran down the steps... Jared was picking people at random, and he didn't pick me... But kids just kept going up on stage, and one guy in front of me squeezed between the barriers, and headed up onto the stage, so I followed (managing to rip my jeans in the process), and then jumped up on stage. It was on the best concert moments of my life. Shelby did a great job of getting pictures and videos. Here's a picture of me on stage, followed by some more pics from the night... I had such a great time. At the end, I got high fives off Jared and Shannon. They're awesome.

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  1. I seriously love reading about your fun life, Luke. Don't get me wrong...I have a fabulous life! I love what I got goin' on, but it sure has been a loooong time since I could just drop everything and go do wild and crazy youth-type events!! Plus, I never knew anyone who gets to see as many concerts as you do, or date as many cute people as you are. Live it up, Luke!