Sunday, 16 May 2010

Michael Bublé Live

Michael Bublé Live at The O2 in London last night was phenomenal.

I went with Mum, Dad, and Teddy, and as Charlotte headed for Prom with her friends in vintage Aston Martins, we headed for the The O2 Arena. It really is the most amazing venue in London, and probably the world. It's so enormous, and so impressive. We were so excited walking towards it, seeing Michael's name on the screens. We got inside, Teddy bought some merchandise, and then we went to the box. I took my DSLR with me, but they didn't let me take it inside (instead, they kept it safe in a locker for me). We sat down in our comfy seats, and admired the huge arena. It's huge. It wasn't long until the lights went down...

The atmosphere was incredible as the opening notes to 'Cry Me A River' filled the arena. The curtains opened, and Bublé sung the opening lines - "Now, you say you're lonely...". He has such an incredible voice, and is such an amazing singer. Here's a video of 'Cry Me A River' I got on my phone.

So brilliant. The rest of the night was great. He played some of my favourite songs, including 'Heartache Tonight', 'You Don't Know Me', 'Crazy Love', 'Home', and 'Everything'. It was definately the most relaxed concert I've ever been to, but definately one of the best. The band played flawlessly, never messing up once. They're all seriously so talented. He took time to introduce them all, and they each gave a little solo. Michael is so much cooler and better in real life than even on TV interviews. He's so funny. He was standing onstage talking to the audience, saying "all the wives have dragged the husbands along to his show, and they're probably thinking 'This guy's so gay...' Well, are there any husbands that brought their wives along? Sir, did you drag your wife along tonight? (Man nods) ... He's so gay...!" Hahaha it was brilliant. He literally spoke to the audience, letting one woman come to the front and ask him a question. And when he told the arena that he'd recently got engaged, almost all the women were booing. Hahaha it was so funny. His fiancé is Argentinian, and it's cultural in Argentina for the man and woman to wear the engagement ring, which is why he was wearing one. He was asking how old some of the members of the audience were, and as a couple of young girls at the front said 16, he said "Ohhh, s***...!" He told us how it had always been his dream to sing, and asked a little boy how old he was. When the boy replied 10, he said that's how old he was when he decided he wanted to be a singer. And now he's living his dream. He said "tonight isn't a concert - it's party. Now let's start this party with a... really depressing song." Hahaha, legend.

The concert was immense. I didn't know quite a few of the songs that he sung, but I really didn't need to to enjoy it. It was so perfect, and so chilled, and so incredible. At one point, he walked through the crowd, completely surrounded by women, towards a tiny stage in the middle of the arena. He stood there, surrounded by his fans, and sung 'Home'. He's such a perfect singer! It really was amazing... Here's a few pictures:

He encored with my favourite of the night, 'Feeling Good'. It was incredible. The studio version is already amazing, and I sat there captivated by his voice. He then sung 'Me And Mrs Jones', and finished with 'Song For You'. The final notes of 'Song For You' were possibly the best of the night; he turned off his mic, took out his earpieces, and stepped in front of the closing curtain. Then he sung, a capella, and filled the arena with his voice, without a microphone. Every single person was in awe.

Michael Bublé is the best singer I have ever seen in concert, and the show was amazing. He is astounding, and his voice is literally perfect. 'Song For You' was a great way to end the night. And what a brilliant night it was...

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  1. You have more fun than just about anyone I know, Luke. I think it is so great and I love seeing things vicariously through your blog & your pics! School lasts one more week here--you enjoy your Summer, you hear me?