Tuesday, 9 March 2010


-Forever The Sickest Kids Live In London, Part 3
(Read about shows 1 and 2 here)

The concert last night was phenomenal. It was so awesome, so immmense. The last two times I've seen FTSK headline have been brilliant, and this was just as great, if not, better. It was at The Borderline in London, one of the smallest venues in London, and the smallest I've ever been to.

Fran and I got the train just after half past five, and we began our journey up to London. We were talking and laughing about random stuff - I'm sure you know how it is. I got the tickets out to show her, and it was at that point that she noticed it said 'Photographic ID required to gain entry'. Whaaattt?! See for yourself. Right there in smallprint. I had my wallet with me, so I was set, but Fran had nothing. We called the venue to explain the situation, and ask if we really did need ID to get in. Apparently we did. So, we stayed on the train once it got to London, and began the journey back to where we began... All to prove that Fran's over 16. She's almost 18, it's so stupid... So anyway, we picked up her purse, got some food, then got back on the train and to London. After a short trip on the Underground, we got to Tottenham Court Road. I really had no idea where the venue was, and Fran thought I'd have a plan other than asking people for directions... We went into the legendary Dominion Theatre to ask, and were pointed in the right direction. We were walking for quite a while looking for it, and I brought up the address on my phone, and asked a bouncer to some club where it was, and he helped us find it. It was tucked down a tiny alley, and we'd walked almost all the way around it once we'd found it... We got our tickets scanned and got in - without having to show any ID.

We got to the venue at about quarter past 8, and the support band, Me Vs Hero were mid set. We dropped our stuff in the cloakroom, got a couple of waters, and went to watch the band. The venue really is tiny, with a capacity of 275, but it's really nice inside. Very intimate, but a great layout. Plus, there's no barrier. Finally the support finished, and the crew began setting up for FTSK. Fran and I weaved forward, and were just a couple of people away from the stage. I really wanted some pictures of the gig, but left my phone in my bag in the cloakroom, not trusting anyone at concerts after having my phone stolen at Madina Lake. I went back to the cloakroom, got my phone out, got a couple of pics (like the one above), and then put it straight back in... Just a couple of minutes later, everything was set up, the awesome shiny microphone stand was out, and the lights went down...

Forever The Sickest Kids came on stage to 'Dance Of The Knights' from Romeo And Juliet, Op 64, Act 1. I just know it was the theme music to The Apprentice. Check out the music on Youtube here. The crowd was cheering as they begun their set with 'Tough Love'. I suddenly had a load of energy, and went crazy, singing and jumping... They are so good live. After just this first song, Kyle had smashed a hole in one of his drums! Hahaha... So they replaced it, and then played 'Hey Brittany'. I saw that on the first beat of the drum on this song, Kyle's drumstick snapped in half... It was funny. And that's their setlist. It's pretty good, eh?!

They played a really great set. All the time, the crowd was bouncing and jumping to the tunes, and Jonathan was leaning over the crowd, high-fiving the fans. I received many a high five. It was such a great gig. At the beginning, I jumped into the small, but pretty intense mosh pit. It was so much fun, just getting pushed around. There was one part of the concert, after they'd finished 'What Do You Want From Me?', they asked what song they want us to play next. I shouted "I don't know about you! I don't know about you!" Then they said, "This next song is called 'I Don't Know About You But I Came To Dance'". It was crazy! They must have planned it, but I love that that's what I wanted! Haha! During the rest of the show; Kent did his impression of Simon Cowell; Fran shouted "Austin!", and he turned and waved at her; and at the end of one song, I learnt forward and pushed my fist towards the stage, and shouted to Jonathan to "pound it!". He did.

As you can see from the setlist, they 'finished' on 'She's A Lady'. That is an absolutely epic song. I was going so crazy for it - everyone was. As soon as the song had finished, I weaved my way back to the cloakroom and got my phone out of my bag again... That's when I got all the pictures of the band on stage playing. They encored with 'Woah Oh!', but could have gone on for another hour... Near the end of 'Woah Oh!', everyone surged forward, and there was an immense stage invasion. I climbed onstage, alongside probably almost a hundred other people... It was great though. We had to pass Caleb to walk off stage, and as he was playing, I held out my hand for a five as I passed, and he stopped playing to five me. That is cool. They're such a cool band. It was a great way to end a show. Here's some more photos I got...

It was a brilliant concert. The venue was tiny, but really nice, and the crowd were enjoying the party. What more can you ask for?
Can't wait to see them again next week!

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