Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alice In Wonderland World Premiere

I just got back from the World Premiere of Alice In Wonderland a couple of hours back. It was great. It was great, because I pretty much met Johnny Depp. It was so exciting.

I'd been to a couple of Premieres before, so I kinda knew what to expect. Helena and I got to Leicester Square at 3.30pm - surely giving plenty of time before the stars arrive. But already, it was absolutely packed. As we walked into the square, we saw the barriers and queues of people. We walked around a bit, trying to find the best place to stop. There wasn't a single spot - everywhere in front of the cinema and by the unloading was already packed. But, I found somewhere where we might have a chance of a good view, and we headed over there. Plus, we were right behind huge Depp fans who had dressed up as his different characters, meaning that the cameras were all over them. I found out this evening that Helena is a damn good weaver. We had over two hours to kill before the event began, and I'll be honest, it was boring. Really. But, like any event, the wait is well worth it. As we were waiting, Helena was very, very slowly and discretely pushing in front of the guys in front of us. It took two hours, but we got in front of two or three people, getting us very close barrier. It was raining hard while we were waiting, but we braved it with umbrellas. Thankfully, the rain got lighter as time went on, and people put down their umbrellas, giving us a great view of the event. It was getting darker. Finally, cars started to arrive. Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter were one of the first to arrive to huge cheers from the crowd. From where we were, we didn't have a brilliant view of the celebrities, meaning I didn't get decent pictures unless they actually came over to us. Michael Sheen was awesome, and came over to say Hi to us and sign stuff. If you don't know, he was Aro in New Moon. I could imagine him as a vampire as he walked past. Matt Lucas was next. He didn't get over to us, but it was great to see him in the flesh after watching him on TV for years. Anne Hathaway was there somewhere; I heard the crowd screaming and chanting her name. Johnny Depp was next. He was who everyone was waiting for. More and more people had turned up to see him arrive. As he got out of the car, everyone was going crazy, trying to get a glimpse of him. He is one of the most awesome people ever; he made sure he saw all of his fans there, starting with the people in wheelchairs who were eager to meet him. Then, he made his way around the entire barrier, seeing everyone, and signing everything. As he came around to where Helena and I were standing, there was such a surge, everyone crushing forward to see him and get pictures of him. I got some decent pictures, and he signed Helena's notebook for him. He was so thoughtful; the page was wet from where it had been raining, so he flicked through the notebook to find a dry page. I tried to shake his hand, but he was busy signing so much stuff. I was so close to Johnny Depp - a foot away, maybe less. He's seriously so cool. I'm still in awe...

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  1. i want to slap you, luke, but not really. :) i am so jealous you were that close to johnny depp! so so so so jealous. you lucky duck!