Thursday, 31 December 2009

The End of a Decade...

The end of 2009. Wow. I really can't believe it. I can literally remember this time 10 years ago. I was playing 'Star Wars Episode 1' on the Playstation 1, before we went out for dinner and to watch the fireworks. I can remember it so clearly... Even this time last year, right now we were up on London, eating dinner, before going to watch a show. Time has gone so fast. And this decade has been excellent. This year has been excellent. It's been full of good times, and good memories. Skiing, concerts, baptisms, EFY, exam results, driving, and so much more...

Let's hope 2010 will be just as great. Everyone, have a brilliant New Year.

Friday, 25 December 2009

It's Christmas Day...




Thursday, 24 December 2009


(James Cameron, 2009)
Check out the official website or IMDB profile.

This film is absolutely phenomenal.

Brilliant from beginning to end.

Six stars * * * * * * .

One of the greatest films I have ever seen.

So yeah, I'd recommend it. Go check it out...

It's the night before Christmas...

And I still can't believe that it's Christmas Eve. It really has come round so fast. And right now, is a really great time of the year. Over the past few weeks, as I said just a couple of posts back, I really have been so busy. So busy doing stuff. And I've had some really great moments, that I'd been planning to write on here, and then never got around to it... So now, on this Christmas Eve, I'm just gonna make a list to fill y'all in on my life, and then chill, and enjoy the rest of the year. I've just checked this blog, and seen that the last time I wrote an 'update' was November 7th. That is a long time ago. Here's some of the awesome stuff I've been up to since then:

-At mutual sometime a while back, we had a contest to see who the strongest Priest in the ward was. I came out on top. It wasn't very difficult; I was up against two 16-year-olds. But it's still good to know. :)

-Our Youth Sunday School class all went out to see New Moon at the cinema with our teacher, after the awesome night we spent at there house. (See here.) It was actually pretty good.

-On Tuesday 24th November, I had to organise the joint Mutual activity at my ward to complete a goal on my Duty To God programme. And it had to be something to do with newly married couples, thus killing two birds with one stone. I was so stressed about it, trying to organise everything, pull ideas together, and get people to help out. But in the end, it was excellent. We started out by introducing our two helpful couples, and got the kids to take part in a Mr and Mrs style quiz, to see which couple new each other best. Then, I got them to pair off and pretend to be married (which was far more difficult than I anticipated), and gave them situations and problems to act out, deciding what action is best to take, and show it to everyone. And the two couples were the judges. It went way better than I expected.

-Wednesday 25th, I passed my driving test. It was so awesome... An experience I'll hopefully never forget. Read about it here.

-I've been out teaching a few times with the Elders over the past few weeks, which has been pretty good.

-Tuesday 1st December, we all got to go to London Temple again, which was great.

-I went to a couple of parties on the 4th December. There was the InterAct Christmas party, which began at about 7.30. I went last year, and it was alright, so I went along this year to support it, and it was alright. It was interesting. There weren't a load of people there, but I felt good for going along, even if it was just for a little while. I couldn't stay though; it was Chris's 18th, and he'd booked a table at TGI's for us all. So, I headed over there, giving a couple of people lifts from InterAct to TGI's, and the party began...

-The Stake Christmas Carol Concert was on the 6th, and it was fantastic. My favourite songs from it were 'Carol of the Bells' acapella , 'Oh to be there' (an original piece), and 'O Holy Night', which was absolutely phenomenal, and the highlight of the night. As they were singing, I closed my eyes, and listened to the music - which was just a voice of choirs, and beautiful piano - and just started crying. It was so beautiful... The kind of moment that words just don't do justice in describing. Yeah, it was great...

-That weekend, our Great-Aunt came over to visit us. What with being at work, and out the house at the parties, I didn't get to see her much. But it was good to see her when I did.

-Monday 7th was the school Christmas Concert. It was, er... lame. Seriously. Only Charlotte and Sam's duet of 'O Holy Night', along with a couple of other songs, were any good. But the two or three acts which were good, were excellent.

-On the 12th, I went to the first multi-stake Youth Dance in the UK I've been to since February. It was pretty good. They played some NFG, Pendulum, Sub Focus, and I got to meet a cute new girl, so it was a pretty good night...

That pretty much brings us to last week. Last week was the end of school, snow, and Paramore live in London. Last week was pretty good. Lately, I've been having some trouble with my Uni application, but I won't go into detail about that right now. Oh, and so this week:

-Monday was Laura's 18th, and there was a huge party, which was pretty awesome. There's no point describing parties - you all know what they're like right?

-Tuesday, we went out as a ward carol singing to elderly members, and giving them gifts. It was great. And I learnt how to do handbrake turns on the ice, which was so much fun!

-I've been working extra shifts at work, to earn some extra money, and extra time off in the future. I thought it would be difficult working 9-6 shift three days in a row, but it really wasn't too bad. Plus, on Saturday, what with the snow and the ice, they had to hire out a CAT tractor to move all the snow. Jake got to go out first, and direct the traffic to not go down the lane where the tractor was at first, but then he had to go on his break, and I got to have a go, and ride around in it! It was a great hour away the usual work stuff...

And right now, there's only an hour left until Christmas Day. Time to chill, enjoy life, and spend time with family. Time to smile, and forget worries (as best as possible). Time for thanks. Time for rest. And I really need to go to sleep soon... :)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

PARAMORE - Live In London

Last night. Was immmense. It was hectic, crazy, and really quite violent. But, it was incredible. There were some negative points, but mostly positive points - one of which was seeing Paramore live in London for the second time.

It's been over 22 months since I last saw them headline (Brixton, 1 Feb '08), and I've really been so excited about this concert - almost more excited than I've been for any other concert. Paramore's 'brand new eyes' is one of the greatest albums I've heard, and I've been looking forward to hearing it live.
We got a snow day yesterday - as you've probably already read - which meant there was no school, so I could chill out in the morning, and take my time getting ready for the gig. There were a few of us going, so we decided to meet up at Liverpool St Station at 3.00pm, giving us plenty of time to get up there, and get a good spot in the queue; we wanted to be right near the front. At Liverpool St, we got some food, hung out, and got on the tube an hour later. It wasn't long before we got to Wembley Park Station, and began the walk through the cold and over the ice towards the legendary Wembley Arena, lit up next to the Stadium. We had 90 minutes to kill in the queue - which was already incredibly long. Yeah, we knew then that we weren't going to be at the barrier. Pel and I walked to McDonald's to use the toilet (they wouldn't let us in to even use the toilet), and I spoke to some of my other friends who were in the queue on the other side of the Arena. The time went by pretty quick. Doors opened at six. We got our wristbands, got to keep our tickets, and headed inside. Cutting the boring part of the story short, we went to he toilet, bought merch (I got a Paramore tee with the tour dates on :D), dropped our stuff at the cloakroom, and headed into the standing area.

We found a decent spot about 50 people back (If you've been to Wembley, we were in line with the front 'No crowdsurfing!' sign), and Now, Now Every Children, the first support act, came on. They were alright - very mellow, with bursts of rock. I'll be honest, a couple of times I almost forgot music was playing, but yeah, they were alright. The next band to come onstage was Paper Route. They were great. They were rock, and they had a turntablist - it doesn't get much cooler! They're friends with Paramore, and for one of their songs near the end of their set, the drummer jumped off of the drums, and Zac played onstage with them! It was awesome; the crowd went crazy. You should should check out their song 'Wish' - they played it last night, and it's a pretty good song. You Me At Six were up next. Up to this point the crowd had been calm. Even before there was any music, even as nothing was happening, there were surges, and people were falling forwards. We took advantage, went with it, and made our way as far forward as we could go. As the lights went down for YM@6, everyone went crazy, and the surging began. It was just hectic. Our group all tried to stay together, but it was difficult. If you know what it's like in a surge, you'll know you can't really move - well, I was getting pushed into this one guy, and he threatened me to get off him. I was like, 'Seriously, I'm trying'. Anyway, as YM@6 were playing, everyone got sweaty, pushed around, and squashed. You Me At Six were alright. They played some songs of my favourite songs of theirs, like 'Save It For The Bedroom', 'If I Were In Your Shoes', and 'The Consequence'. During 'Always Attract', Elissa Franceschi joined them onstage to sing. We kept moving forward at every opportunity during their set, and got so close to the front - we've moved forward from about 50 people back, to about 10 people back. YM@6 were finally done, and Paramore were up next. After You Me At Six's set, we'd lost the other, and it was just Pelham, Clare, and myself sticking together. We all needed a drink so bad, but didn't want to give up our spot we'd fought for. So we stuck it out.

The lights went down. Paramore came onstage. And they played one of the greatest sets ever. Check it:

Brand New Eyes Tour Intro
I Caught Myself
That's What You Get
Looking Up
Turn It Off
The Only Exception
Where The Lines Overlap
My Heart

Misguided Ghosts
Misery Business
Brick By Boring Brick

It really doesn't get much better. As Paramore came onstage, the atmosphere was incredible. The lead into 'Ignorance' was awesome. 'I Caught Myself' was amazing. Ok, I know I shouldn't rewrite the setlist with an adjective following each song, but you get how great the concert was, right? At the beginning of their set, we were so close to the front; I was about ten metres from Hayley... She is so beautiful. Clare and I stayed together (and we found her sister in the standing area) after losing Pel, and lasted through six songs before leaving to get water before we passed out. We were all already exhausted. 'Turn It Off' is an excellent song, but I'm glad we left then and instead of sooner or later. We stayed outside for a couple of minutes, drinking, recovering, before going back inside the auditorium - now at the very back of the standing area. We finished our drinks, and I went to the toilet before we weaved our way back forward. Just as I was heading for the toilet, Hayley was calling some people up onstage, and I found out once I'd come out that one guy had just proposed to his girlfriend onstage! Can't believe I missed that... Haha, that's so awesome, eh?! During 'The Only Exception', we weaved our way back into the crowd and found ourselves and excellent spot, not far from where we started at the beginning of the night. We were behind the havoc here, so were able to breathe and enjoy the music. It was great to see the Paramore jump again during 'Pressure'. 'Decode' was particularly awesome. During that song, Clare noticed Pelham on someone's shoulders, and we weaved our way through the crowd, and found our group again...
'My Heart' was absolutely the highlight of the night. It's probably one of the greatest songs I've ever heard live. I got on Mike's shoulders for the entire song, and it was really phenomenal. I was in the middle of a 12,500 person arena, above the rest of the crowd, level with the band, singing the lyrics at the top of my voice, and enjoying the incredible atmosphere. That very moment will go down as one of the greatest moments of my life. The whole concert was being recorded, with cameras in different spots, and one overhead the crowd on a crane. As I was on Mike's shoulders, singing to 'My Heart', having the time of my life, I saw the camera focus on me. So if the concert gets released on DVD or whatever, look out for me. :) It was amazing... And Josh's screams were so intense, and so impressive.
Then, the encore finished the night off brilliantly. 'Misguided Ghosts' is a beautiful song anyway, and our group stood in a circle and swayed as we sung. Then 'Misery Business' was interesting... Pel put Laura on his shoulders, and then Mike put Emily on his shoulders, so Clare got on my shoulders... But, this isn't a soft song, and I think the kids behind we getting annoyed with us; they kept pushing Clare, which made it difficult for me to keep her up. Anyway, as I tried to get her down, we both stacked it... Hahaha, it's funny now that I think about it. Then, for the rest of the song, I jumped into the mosh pit, which we were now right on the edge of. It was crazy and violent, but a lot of fun... And then, I really don't know what happened - whether someone just pushed me really hard or what, but my feet came out from under me, and my back slammed square onto the floor... I was like, 'Whaat?!' People helped me up straight away, which was awesome, and I was alright, but I didn't go back into the pit... As you know, 'Brick By Boring Brick' was the very last song. Everyone went all out, and it was so impressive, with silver confetti was fired into the air... A great end to the evening. The band all took centre stage, held hands, and took a bow...

The concert was amazing, and I really did enjoy it. Paramore are such an amazingly talented band, and seriously, Hayley is so hott in real life. We left the venue at 11.00pm, and get the train to Liverpool St Station, where my Dad was waiting to pick up me and a couple of my friends. We enjoyed Chicken McNuggets on the way home, and I was really so so exhausted. I didn't get home and to bed until 1.30am, but I did have a good time, and now have even more incredible memories...

Friday, 18 December 2009

(Almost) One Month Off

I've been really busy lately - doing college work, doing coursework, doing my University application, doing Seminary, doing chores, and the list goes on... Which means I've been focussing (mostly) on my priorities, resulting in little time put aside to blog - other than the recent posts about driving, and Converse... But there has been so much awesome stuff going on in my life recently, I really do want to write about it. And I will. Maybe next week. Hey, guess what?! We've got a snow day today! It was snowing last night, and again this morning, and it looks so beautiful... And, it gives me loads of time to chill before going out; in just over an hour, I'm leaving to go to London to see - wait for it - Paramore. I'm soo excited. There's a bunch of us all going, and we're heading up there to queue to get to the front. It's gonna be immense. Excitementt!

Alma 26:8

"Blessed be the name of our God;

let us sing to his praise,

yea, let us give thanks to His Holy name,

for He doth work righteousness forever...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Right now, outside my window...

It's snowing!
(I know! Can you believe it?!)

Like, alot. With thunder and lightning. And it's really awesome.

Cruising home with Teddy today, through the snowstorm, some chill tunes playing... It doesn't get much better...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Introducing the most awesome new pair of Converse...

New Converse Padded Collar. Beautiful. Awesome.

Monday, 14 December 2009

"I just need a little time...

'Coz I've over commited myself...

I guess this is growing up...

I'm sleeping so little these days...

I guess this is growing up...

I'm feeling things are about to change...

I'm guessing this is growing up...

Yeah, I'm guessing this is growing up.

-'Coffee Break', Forever The Sickest Kids