Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Freedom of Driving...

I love it. I love it so much. I can go out where I want, whenever I want. Today, I slept in, got up late, chilled out, and then drove into school for my one lesson. On the way back home, I dropped off a friend, then detoured, driving the long way home, enjoying the freedom. I stopped in to see Teddy, because I could. Then I went back to the school to pick up my sister.
I was driving along, with my music playing, the sun shining through the clouds with the rain falling from the sky. It was amazing. Then Coldplay's 'The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away' from Leftrightleftrightleft came on, and reminded me of cruising with my best friend back in Canada. Great times then, great times now...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

-Pass practical driving test.


I passed my driving test just four hours ago. It feels so good. Already I've been out driving on my own... The freedom is amazing.
So I've had this test booked for about two months, and haven't told anyone, at all, except my immediate family. I was so worried that I could fail the test, and then I'd have to tell everyone that I didn't pass the test... Before the test, I'd had 34 hours of driving instruction, plus all the driving I've done with my parents. Recently, I haven't been driving so much as I didn't want to pick up bad habits, having had to already get rid of some I'd picked up from driving without an instructor.
Anyway, today, Mum drove me home from school, where my instructor joined me in my car, and we went for an hour's lesson before my test. It was great that I got to do the test in my own car. I love it, and it's brilliant to drive. In the lesson, we just drove around, making sure I was doing everything well, and practised some of the maneuvers. We stopped, and I had something to eat before going into the test centre. The waiting began, as we took our seats in the lobby. My test was at 13.33. My examiner was the first to come out, and I was the first to begin my test. We did the sight test, and then the show me / tell me questions; he asked me how I'd check my lights, and... I can't even remember the other question. And then the driving began. I couldn't believe this was it - the test I'd been waiting for, praying about, anticipating, for months... I had to drive well. He took me all around, different types of roads, different types of roundabouts. He pulled me over four times in all (I think...); the first time I indicated unnecessarily, but remembered not to the next times. I had to do a turn in the road about fifteen minutes into the test, and pulled it off in five points. I was so stressed (and sweaty) as I was doing it, and I was worried that I didn't do well on it... So then, we carried on driving, on a dual carriageway, on hilly roads, in a 20mph zone... I was so worried I hadn't passed; I noticed some things that I did wrong, and I didn't expect to pass any more... We carried on, and I had to use my initiative passing a learner doing a parallel park, which I was worried about as I did it. We headed back to the test centre, and I knew I'd be asked to do a bay park back at the test centre. As he asked me, I pulled forward into a bay, and then reversed into the one directly behind. Sweet. We stopped, and I was asked to turn off the engine.
"Congratulations, you've passed..." I was so excited. My examiner went through the minor mistakes I made - four in total - and then my instructor drove me home. I went straight back out to pick up my sister from school. Driving on my own was such a great feeling... I love it. And I'm so happy I passed. The Lord really blessed me, and I'm excited to get to go out where and when I want. Awesome...

"I fell asleep with the lights on...

...and I can see that you're the first one in a long time
That had some faith in me...
(Have faith in me!)
I tell my friends, it won't be long
Before it's time for me to come back home
It feel's like I'm ready for anything
If you can wait for me

'Another Song About The Weekend',
A Day To Remember

Monday, 16 November 2009

As ever, so much to write...

And not enough time. Or energy. But I am planning to write all about a great fortnight pretty soon. I've got a driving test coming up, Uni application deadline, coursework, revision, and a bunch of other stuff which is keeping me well and truly occupied. And I'm gonna go to bed now, and have an early night. Not that that's relevant. Or interesting..? As you can see, I have random bursts of blogging, before leaving it for a while again...

Until next time.

'The Weekend: Friday'

F O R E V E R    T H E    S I C K E S T    K I D S

I have it. It's immmense. 10 stars. Awesome...

Back 180

From gym last week.

Mosiah 16:9

"He is the light and the life of the world;
yea, a life that is endless, that can never be darkened;
yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Heavy Rain

This is one of the most intense and fantastic trailers and monologues I've ever seen. I actually saw this trailer years ago, at the launch of the PS3, and was amazed then. I haven't been able to find it since; I couldn't remember what it was called. Today, I was actually checking out tomorrow's weather online, when it said "there will be heavy rain", and I thought "that's it!". This is really, really good graphics, story, character, dialogue, narrative and structure. It's so real, and so intense.
Warning: Contains strong language.

"The writing's on the wall..."

I heard this yesterday on Radio 1, and it's just so intense. Lostprophet's cover of The Prodigy's 'Omen'. Brilliant. Check it...


is almost here!

I'm sat here, doing Business coursework, texting a bunch of kids, and I find out new songs from FTSK's latest EP 'The Weekend: Friday' are up on their Myspace. They're so beautiful. I love them. Check them out here, and then go pre-order it! Epic.
(So excited to see them live again...!)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Let those beautiful flames begin...

We've just got in from seeing one of the most incredible fireworks show I've ever been to...

After work, I quickly had dinner, then headed out again with Dad, my sister, and her friend. We drove over there, and got there just for the start. I'd planned to meet some friends from college, so left to find them. There were thousands of people of there, filling the huge park. I called Scott, one of the kids already there, and he headed over to where I was to find me. "I'm by the bit near the burger stand with the ketchup..." "So am I..." "No you're not; I can't see you" "I really am, where are you...?!" I found him, and then we set off to weave through the enormous crowd to find the rest of the group. We were moving in and out through the crowd, watching the fireworks which were exploding overhead. I stopped to try and get a picture of the incredible fireworks, and just as I did, we found Emi-Lou and Laura, right next to us. We hung out with them to watch the remainder of the show - which was epic. The speakers were so loud, playing awesome music, with huge fireworks constantly exploding above us in time with the music at an incredible rate. Just huge, colourful, loud bursts of light... It was amazing.
And it was over far too soon. Afterwards, we moved forward to meet the rest of the kids who were there, and then hung out for a while, chatting, taking pictures. Then, we jumped over the barrier, and moved towards the enormous burning bonfire. It was beautiful, and the burning heat was incredible. The glowing embers beneath the shimmering blue and orange flames were... beautiful. All memories of being cold were gone... Lewis even pulled his trousers down to warm his legs up... :) Hahaha it was so funny... Then, we were told to leave because the park was closing.
It was a really great show, and we all had a great time... One of the best firework shows I've ever seen.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Mosiah 7:19

"...lift up your heads,

and rejoice,

and put your trust in God...

T E K K E N 6

I've been playing it for almost a week now, and it's awesome. I had 'Tekken 3' when I was younger, and playing this brings back memories. The fights can be so intense, when you're so close to winning, then just before you get beaten down, you make one final kick, winning the fight... There's so much to do on the game, so many combos to learn. I've already mastered a couple. My favourite characters right now are Christie and King - they're both awesome. If you've got a PSN ID, let me know on Facebook or whatever, and I'll fight you...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


-The O2 Arena, London, 2nd November 2009

This time yesterday, we were in The O2 Arena in London, laughing at Michael McIntyre live on stage. It was really awesome...
We went up to The O2 as a family, ate in a restaurant, looked around The O2, and then headed into the Arena. It was the first time I'd been inside the main venue, and it is really awesome in there. I was so excited for the show to begin; Michael McIntyre is my favourite comedian...
As the lights went down, he came skipping onstage, with his pink shirt, and bobbing black hair, and begun a night of immmense jokes. His first words as he walked on stage were "Let's face it, this is my biggest gig ever..." He didn't disappoint. For those that don't know, The O2 Arena holds an epic 23,000. For one guy to fill that venue is incredible... We had excellent seats in row A of block B3, and had such a great view. His first jokes were about the seats near the ceiling, almost a mile away... "They're looking at the satnav, and it's saying they're still a mile away from the venue...". I was laughing so hard at some of his jokes, it almost hurt. If you ever get the DVD of this tour - 'UK Tour 2009' - my favourite joke of the entire night was 'the idiot in the car'. It's so, so true. It was really such a great night... Unfortunately, he swore a lot more than on 'Live and Laughing', and included much ruder jokes, which wasn't cool, but he was still just as funny.
All today, I've been randomly laughing to myself, remembering more jokes - about snooker, Wii, Ryanair, the gym changing rooms, Irish toilets, his wife's new outfit, morning breath, losing weight, condiments, and other completely random stuff...

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Half-term's been alright... This week's gone by so fast, it's not even cool. I still have work to do, which is supposed to be in tomorrow. It won't be. But for those concerned for my academic welfare, don't worry, I will get it done. Later.
Tuesday, I went round Teddy's house for an epic six hours or so. I brought my camera along, and we went to the park at sunset. I got some beautiful shots of the scenery, the swans, and the lake. You might get to see them one day. Then we headed back to his house to play PS3 and chill to some tunes.
The next day, I had a mock driving exam at 9.30, which went really good, apart from the three serious faults I got, which were ridiculous. Otherwise, I got no minors, except three for indicating as I pulled over to the left when nobody was around. As if that even matters, but whatever. Plus, that day Teddy managed to get presale tickets to see Michael Bublé in London - we both went online just before 9am to get the tickets, but then the page kept crashing and whatnot. When it was finally updated, they'd changed the presale time from 9am to 10am. Anyway, he managed to get a couple, which is awesome.
Thursday, I went with my sister to the theatre to see our teachers in 'Buddy'. They were really good in it, and I'm so glad I went just to see them on stage. The rest of the show was great... If you like Buddy Holly music.
On Friday, I went online again to see if there were any tickets left for Bublé's London show. At 9am - as they went on sale for the general public, there were - wait for it - zero tickets left. I'm glad we get them when we did... I also saw La Roux tickets went on sale that morning, so quickly texted some friends, and bought a few. Visit La Roux's official site here. Both gigs are a while away, but they're gonna be so good. That afternoon, I went to Teddy's again for another gaming sesh, after going to see my cousin for her birthday. Teddy and I were playing 'Tekken 6' - which is awesome - and I loved pwning him through my button-mashing - which admittedly only happened on a couple of the many occasions. He started teaching me some moves for a few characters, to give me a head start for when my copy gets here. Afterwards, I went to my Sunday School teacher Shaun's house, where he invited the class over for the evening for dinner. It was seriously such an awesome evening. He and his wife had made beautiful currys, and we sat around the table, eating, talking, and laughing for hours and hours, and really got to know each other so well. That evening, I also ate a chilli for the first time. I really can't eat spicy food - at Nando's, I ask for Mango and Lime - but I decided I'd go ahead and eat a chilli for man-points, and as a dare... It was one of those small green chillis, and I was really so nervous as I worked myself up to eating it. I went ahead, and bit off half of it, quickly chewed, then swallowed. Then the intense burning began, and it was awful. My entire mouth felt like it had been set on fire, and it was actually painful. It was one of the most painful experiences I've had in a long time. My face went red, and I was almost sweating and crying. I ate chocolate, bread, and drank milk to get rid of the acid from my mouth, but it was the milk that did the job - I drunk pints of it - my mouth burning again as I went to keep refilling the glass - before I was alright again maybe 15 minutes later. It was terrible, but funny for anyone watching. There was no way I was going to finish the chilli off. At least now I can say I've eaten [half] a chilli. The rest of the evening was great. For desert, we enjoyed gorgeous homemade chocolate fondu - made just with chocolate and double cream - with various foods to dip - although I was already so full from the curry and milk. We talked about everything from 'Twilight', to Uni, to parties, and then finished with the epic story about how Shaun and his wife met, dated, and married. It was a really brilliant story... They're such awesome people. We didn't get home until late that night / early the next morning, and I was so full, I just couldn't sleep.
Then yesterday, of course, was work. And I was tired...
And today, has been epic. Dad was called and set apart and Bishop of our ward today. He and Mum were interviewed last night, then came home and told my sister and I. We were all so excited, and it was a really, really great Church service today. There was a buzz as people were chatting and congratulating and thanking... The Spirit was really strong there. It's the beginning of a new era for the ward, and our family. I'm excited for him. He already out at meetings this evening, doing his duty.
So all in all, it's been a pretty good week. Nothing epic has happened - except today, and hanging with Teddy, then Friday evening was so much fun - but it's been good to chill, and not do too much.
It's back to college tomorrow, and I need to start working more now than ever...