Sunday, 27 September 2009


I never do anything on Sundays. Well, it's a day of rest, right? So, I was upstairs, laying on my bed, looking at the pics and vids on my phone from concerts, EFY, awesome funtimes, etc., not doing much, when I got a text through. I looked at it straight away. It was from my friend Sam, and, well... here's the exact message:

"I CAN GET BAPTISED!!!!! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) AHHHHHHHH!"

I was so excited! Sam's mum had given permission for her to be baptised! She's been what we call a 'dry' mormon for about a year now, but now she can finally be a member! It's gonna be so awesome! I'm super stoked. So is she. :D :D :D

Friday, 25 September 2009

'brand new eyes'

It's epic. I was so excited as the postman came today, dropping the new Paramore album - 'brand new eyes' - through the door, along with tickets to see the live... I was so, so excited as I was listening to it through for the first time, imagining each song live... It's gonna be great. And 'brand new eyes' is immmense. It's brilliant. 'Ignorance', 'Where The Lines Overlap', and 'Brick By Boring Brick' were awesome when I heard them, and the rest of the album is fantastic. I don't know my favourites yet, but I've listened to it about three or four times through now, and I'm waay into it. It's blasting from my speakers right now. You'd better buy it, alright?

A couple more vids.

From gym last night...

Kick The Moon
Awesome fun. I only got the guts to do this last week...

Round off, triple flick, back tuck.
Messy, but I was tired...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I'm in a really random blogging mood...

As you can probably tell. :P

Random Fact #3

I love bass. Bass is the best. Turn it up loud...

Random Fact #2

My biggest 'pet hate' is the incorrect spelling of the abbrevation for 'you are'.
It's you're, not your. Oh my heck...

Random Fact #1

I really, really dislike moths. Especially big ones. Especially ones that fly around your face. Especially the really hairy ones...

I think that

trying to put on socks while wearing tight-as skinny jeans is well difficult.
Don't you?!

"Look at the stars...

Look how they shine for you, and all the things you do...

And it was all yellow..."

('Yellow', Coldplay)

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Girls Aloud, Jay-Z, COLDPLAY - Wembley Stadium, 19/09/09

It. Was. Just. Incredibly. Phenomenal.

Twenty-four hours ago right now, Coldplay were onstage in London, performing their 159th concert. It was just awesome. I did an earlier shift at work than I usually do, to give me time to get to Wembley, and then even got let off early, which was great. Charlotte went up earlier in the day to get some good seats as we had general admission tickets, and I got the train, then the tube to join her. The train on the metro line going to Wembley Park station was packed, it was ridiculous! I got off the train, and began the walk to the awesome stadium... It just looks amazing. By the time I got in, the first support band - The White Lies - had already finished. I got in, and tried to call Charlotte, but couldn't connect. I kept calling and calling, texting, and praying, walking slowly around the entire outside of the pitch trying to find her; I knew roughly were she was because I helped her get seats over the phone while I was on the train, but had no idea where exactly. Girls Aloud came on. I so wanted to watch them, what with my epic crush on Cheryl Cole an' all, but I kept looking around the stadium. They were pretty awesome though, and I was singing along to the music. I bought some (awesome) merch, and then finally found her in the crowd, and went over to sit with her. They really were good seats - half way up block 142. Jay-Z was on next. I didn't really wanna have to sit through his set; I'm not into rap, or the gangsta scene, or any of that, but he was absolutely phenomenal. He is just one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen - he owns the stage, and is one of the coolest people. "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!" Everyone was just bouncing to the beat, going all out. It was so much fun. The atmosphere was incredible. And I actually nearly freaked out when his last song of the set began, 'Numb / Encore'. I went crazy from the opening notes. I so so wanted Linkin Park to come out and join him onstage, but knew that wasn't gonna happen. So yeah, I was very impressed with Jay-Z. "I appreciate all y'all energy tonight..." Legend.

COLDPLAY were up next. I was pretty excited. As soon as the lights when out, I jumped out of my seat and started screaming. And for good reason - it was epic. Here's the set list:

Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Glass Of Water
Cemeteries Of London
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / Talk (techno version)
The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
Postcards From Far Away
Viva La Vida Lost+ (feat. Jay-Z)
Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - sung by Will)
Trouble (acoustic guitar)
Billie Jean (cover)
Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Scientist
Life in Technicolor ii

Then 'The Escapist' played as an outro as everyone left. The concert itself was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen. The lights and sounds, the epic noise... It starting raining just as Coldplay came on, which was so perfect. It looked amazing, and added to the atmosphere... For 'Yellow', giant yellow balloons were released into the crowd. Chris got everyone in the entire stadium to sing "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do... And they were all yellow...", before playing a vid of Simon Cowell saying 'how dreadful it was', as though we were auditioning for X Factor. 'Fix You' was so awesome, so emotional. And I loved 'Strawberry Swing', which is one of my favourites anyway. Chris messed up the words to 'The Hardest Part part, which was so funny. 'Viva La Vida' was incredible, with the entire stadium chanting their famous chant "oh oh ohhhh-uh-ohhhhh" for minutes after the song had finished. 'Lost!' is great anyway. For 'Death Will Never Conquer', 'Trouble', and their cover of 'Billie Jean', they were on a tiny stage at the back of the standing area. 'Trouble' was so awesome, played on acoustic guitar instead of piano. And at this point, they stopped singing, turned off all the lights, and got the entire crowd to get out their phones - which in itself was an awesome sight - before doing a phone mexican wave a few times around the stadium. It was incredible... One of my favourites of the night was actually 'Politik', and I was jumping and clapping to the intense beat and flashing lights. The rest of the songs are just great. I really love them. Butterfly confetti was falling all through the stadium as they played 'Lovers In Japan'. Right at the end, bright, colourful fireworks lit up the sky above the open-air stadium, finishing off the night perfectly after 'Life In Technicolor ii'. I loved it. Just loved it. It's probably the best concert I've ever been to. Best quotes of the evening from Chris Martin: "I just want to say Hi to everyone right at the top there, who are in a different time zone. You'll probably hear this in ten minutes or so. Actually, make some noise if you're right up there... You know what, I couldn't even hear the reply!" "If you can't see us at the back, don't worry, you're not missing much; we not as good-looking as Take That" "I want to thank you guys for all coming along. I mean, you're missing X Factor to watch us, so thank you" (These aren't the exact quotes, but you get the idea.) Here's some pics:

My ears are still ringing now, and all I have is a tour tee, photos and vids, and really, really great memories. Listening to Coldplay on a CD now just isn't so good after seeing their spectacular live show. I absolutely loved every second...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kick The Moon

At gym tonight, I found the guts to attempt a 'kick the moon'. It's like a gainer - a one-footed kick into a backflip - but you run and twist before the kick off. It was so scary, but so sick. I didn't land perfect, but I did it, and it was cool. I'll keep at it.

-Pass the driving theory test.



I got 48/50 on the theory, and 53/75 for the hazard perception. It was pretty much alright. I'm just kinda glad it's over...! Now for the practical... Well, one day.
(Soon, hopefully!)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A funny, funny night.

We went bowling with Interact this evening, and it was just so funny.
Here's the story.

We played two games. For the first game, we were in a lane next to a really, really attractive girl... and her boyfriend. We were daring each other to go up to the boy or girl, and start talking to them like we knew them, or for someone else to go up to them, and say 'that boy over there really fancies you...' or something like that - you get the idea. Well, that didn't happen. The dare was too intense, and pretty much impractical. But she was cute.
So as we started the second game, our screen pretty much broke, and the whole thing wasn't working, so we were moved to a different lane. Just as we were moving, my friend Amber saw someone she knew - her boyfriend's sister's best friend. So, my new dare was to go and talk to her, pretending I know her, and just try to be completely legit. I really really wanted to do it - it was so random, and so funny. I walked past the lane she was in a couple of times, but she was with her family, and her scary looking dad was standing in the way; I couldn't just barge past and start talking to her, you wouldn't do that even if you did know her... So, time went on, and I memorised some stuff about her - her name, age, school, friends, etc., and then waited for the right moment. I was getting so so nervous, and my mouth was going dry, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it! Then, she came out of her lane to get some sweets, and I quickly went over, and then just started talking to her. It really was so funny, and so worth it. She apologised that she didn't recognise me, but went along with the conversation anyway... So I threw a few facts about her into the conversation to prove I was legit and she should know me(!), and then Amber came over to save me, and told her it was all a dare. It was just so awesome. I almost couldn't believe that I'd done it myself...
That was my random deed for the day.
But then I had to give Amber a dare to equal things out a bit. So we went over to McDonald's, and I because we were sitting right next to the drive-thru, I dared her to blow onto the window, draw a smiley face, and then wave at whoever was in the car. She actually did it when a car came along, but even she was laughing so hard, she couldn't blow onto the glass properly, and was just kinda breathing heavily really close to the window..! Herself, Joe, and I were just laughing to much. It's one of the funniest things I've seen in such a long time. But the kids in the cars were actually laughing and waving back and stuff too...
We both earn bragging rights. I really wish you could've seen it.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I just got back from a party,

and I had good times. It was way fun.

And... I really like girls.

Friday, 11 September 2009

"No one is as lucky as us..."

('Where The Lines Overlap', Paramore)

We've got tickets to see Paramore live in London.

I am excited beyond belief.

Plus, You Me At Six are supporting. They're legends too. It's gonna be immmense.

And if you haven't already, check out this vid of Paramore's new song 'Where The Lines Overlap' off their latest album 'brand new eyes'. It's makes me so happy...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

District 9

Absolutely amazing.

I finally got to see it tonight. It's had so much hype here in the UK, with critics saying it's possibly the greatest film of the year, and newspapers giving it 6 stars. I checked it out on IMDB, and saw the ratings in other countrys, and that it had bloody violence and pervasive language, so I wasn't sure if I should go and see it or not. I didn't want to rationalise going to see the film, but I really did want to see it. I'd been hearing that it had an excellent screenplay, and some of the greatest acting in a movie. Literally, everyone was saying it was just excellent. So, I went along to the cinema with InterAct tonight, and we ended up going to see that film. I was pretty excited, to be completely honest. But then, as we were waiting for the film to start, the trailers were horror films, and I wondered what the heck I'd got myself into - I hate horror films. Then finally 'District 9' started.

And it was incredible.

It was a brilliant sci-fi action thriller, but it was realistic (obviously not the events, but the reactions), with human emotion, an incredible, challenging construction, and really phenomenal acting. I don't recommend this movie if you are offended by swearing, and I don't think that's a positive for the film at all; there really is pervasive language, and the violence gets pretty intense, but it all fit together perfectly, and is just immense. Plus, there wasn't a hint of Hollywood in the whole film, which was so refreshing.

Here's one of the best trailers I found on Youtube. Click here to view it. It's pretty immense.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This evening has been a good evening.

I just got back from playing football about an hour ago - that's soccer to you American / Canadia lot. We played for Mutual against a 'rival' ward, and I wasn't gonna play, but I figured I may as well. I went along to see some kids from that ward, but ended up actually playing some (almost) serious football! I never play, so it was actually really good to join in. I'm happy with tonight; I scored. Not only did I score, it was the first point of the night. Yesmate. Actually, I did some pretty bad tackles, and I don't really know the rules, so I kept breaking some kinda stupid rules. But scoring a goal was all I wanted out of the evening, and I got the first of three points for my team. 'Unfortunately', the other team scored four. I didn't care - obviously it would have been awesome if we'd have won, and I really put in loads of effort and all that, actually putting pressure on the opposing team when they were advancing, like we'd planned, but we lost. No biggie, someone had to. But afterwards some of the other kids in my team didn't stop going on about the 'fails' and the 'biased ref'. They were all up for playing the game, then when we lost, wouldn't take it like a man. If you're gonna be so competitive like that, you need to realise someone has to lose. Just chill, smile, and enjoy life. I had a good time. :) And, er, sorry if I hurt anyone tonight from running into them... I honestly didn't mean to.

Today has been a good day.

It's kinda the beginning of the new year. Academic year, naturally. Today, I've hardly wasted anytime, filling it with working, working out, and all things good. I spent two hours in the library at college today, working on my laptop solidly. I was doing the business coursework - which was due in today, but thankfully the deadline has been extended - listening to the best tunes in the world via iTunes and earphones. I was shuffling through my music, and when 'The Way I Am' by Ingrid Michaelson came on, I just stopped, closed my eyes, an chilled. I love that song. It reminds me of my holiday; I first heard it in the Variety Show at EFY. Then had to get back to reality and back on with my work. Later on, 'Jai Ho' from Slumdog Millionaire came on, and I almost couldn't help dancing and smiling in my seat. Great song from an excellent film. Then, when I got home this evening, I spent another couple of hours working on my Business, determined to get it done as quickly as possible. It's not so much fun doing it, but playing sweet tunes on max volume sure as heck helps. :) I stuck at it, and when I'd got it finished, I was literally excited and elated to have completed it...! I really am a geek. :P

So it's really late now. Well, really early, if you wanna get technical. I was going to write another post, but I'll just add it in here. In the news today, there was a story about British terrorists, their plots, etc., and then later this evening we watched the 9/11 documentary on Channel 4, called '102 Minutes That Changed America'. It really had an impact on me. It was absolutely horrific, and heartbreaking. I was watching it, stunned. Obviously, I can remember the day it happened. I can remember where I was, and what I was doing - and the same for the 7/7 bombings. As we saw the real-life footage from 9/11 tonight, I was in awe, but was sickened and upset at what I was seeing. I just stopped what I was doing, and watched. It really was just horrific.
And then I was thinking about my life, and how absolutely undeniably fortunate and blessed I am, throughout all aspects of my life - my family, friends, home, education, technology... I'm so grateful for the Gospel in my life, for the knowledge and testimony I have, and for the peace and happiness this brings me.

It's important that we stay happy throughout our lives, and make the most of every moment we have.
I've got to remember this as much as anyone...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Isn't it just incredible

how quickly time goes when you're social networking...?!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Summer, The Last Few Days Of

Here's the promised update. I've wanted to write a post a day, but, as you can see, it hasn’t been happening. Anyway, here’s the past few weeks of my life… :)

So we got home mid August. I adjusted back to the GMT time zone pretty quickly, but then ended up staying up late, wasting time on Facebook and whatnot anyway. It was back to work at the weekend, but it was fun to talk with Jake about the holiday, and about girls, and, well, that was all. :P I've been hanging out with friends, going to chill at a friend's house one Sunday with some kids from my ward – but I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours as we were watching 'Aladdin'. Then the following Tuesday, we went to eat at Chiquito's with some kids from school. It was actually way fun; it was someone else's birthday there, so one of the waiters sung Happy Birthday – I say sung, but he really screamed it. It was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. So we got him to sing to our friend Chris who was with us, even though it wasn’t his birthday! It was so funny. Chris was so embarrassed. Legendary. The next day I went out to the park with Teddy. It was just so nice. We hung out in the park, and I tried to do some stupid but radical stuff – often failing, or giving up before I damaged my body – before we chatted and watched the orange sun set. I loved it. I kinda wish there was a silhouette of mountains in the distance, but hey, we're in England now. Wow, by this point, I couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone; on the Thursday, the AS Level results were out. I had a driving lesson that morning, and got dropped off at school. I was kinda nervous about opening the envelope, just like this time last year, but I was just glad to get it over with at the same time. We'd waited so long for the results. I opened the envelope, looked through all the paper and information that was inside, and was really quite pleased with my results. I did good. Media – A, Film – A, Maths – B, Business – B, General – B, Drama – C. I already knew I wanted to drop Drama – I hadn't enjoyed it the whole year – and then I dropped Film as well, so I could focus on Business, Maths, and Media. I was really happy with the results though. It was pretty much what I was expecting. A lot of my friends didn’t do so good, and were really upset. It was an emotional day, whether you did good or not-so-good. We went out for lunch at a Chinese buffet, to celebrate / commiserate, and then I went to hang out at Teddy's for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, I forgot to mention, that morning, I saw Paramore were doing a one-off intimate gig in London, tickets on sale the next day. I was so stoked, it was ridiculous. I wanted to go so much. So the next morning, I set my alarm and got up early. I had two computers going, each with two internet explorers up, each with multiple tabs, plus I was on the phone to both Teddy and Helena, and we were determined to get tickets – I love Paramore. Let's just say, after almost an hour of attempting to get tickets, we hadn’t got any, and they were sold out. I was so annoyed though, because I actually had tickets in my basket, filled in the details to purchase them, and then it told me they’d sold out. I was so mad. But I've got over it now. Almost. I'm excited to see them when they come to the UK later this year, if they actually announce a tour… So anyway, at the weekend, I had work on the Saturday, then Church on the Sunday as usual. Sunday evening we went to my Nan's house. Their puppy Harvey has got so big! It's almost a teenager now! It was still so fun to play with it and chase it and stuff. And for the record, I tried one of his treats. For lols, not just because I was hungry. It was one the most disgusting things I've ever eaten, ever. You should try one, just so you can say you have…! The next week, we went up to London with InterAct for the day. It was kinda pointless, but fun nevertheless. We just went into a park to eat lunch, then headed over to Trafalgar Square, and looked around the art museum, and some of the sights etc. The next day, Mum had planned to go to Gadfield Elm, where there’s the first ever LDS chapel in the world. She'd been wanting to go for years, and we finally got up started the long drive over there. I wasn't expecting much, but actually being inside the chapel, there was a really great spirit, and I really enjoyed being in there. I got some pictures while we were there, and sat, quietly, pondering. What I really didn't enjoy was the four hour drive either way. Also that week, I went to gymnastics with Jake for the first time. Well, the first time in about a decade. At work on Saturday, he'd told me he went, and I was so stoked about going with him. But quite nervous as well, as I'm sure you can imagine. But I went along with him, and had the best time! It was really so much fun! We warmed up, and then got to do anything we wanted. I practised the back somersaults Jake had taught me in the States, and learnt how to round off into the somersault. And I had a go on the trampoline, and the rings, and we were backflipping off of things… It was just completely legit. By the end, I was so exhausted. The next day, we went up to London to eat dinner with Scott's brother, who's serving a mission over here. By this point, he was nearly finished with his mission, and it was really sad to be talking all about it, and his family, and his future, and all stuff like that. In fact, on Wednesday, we went up to Liverpool St Station to meet some of our favourite Elders who were leaving, including Scott's brother. He was actually done on his mission, and heading back to Canada the very next day. He's back with them right now. It's a strange thought really… Anyway, so it was really great to see all the missionaries before they were leaving, but sad at the same time. Oh, I missed out that we went freestyling for Mutual on Tuesday. Well, we went freestyling at the gym for Mutual on Tuesday. Jake couldn't come with, so I went with Nathan, and it was pretty fun, but it was way different to a Thursday, and I didn't enjoy it so much. It was just crazy. It wasn't a waste of time though – I learnt how to do a back hand spring, which meant I could do the round off to flick to somersault yesterday! :D Haha that was so much fun. And so we're pretty much up to date right about now! I went back to college yesterday. Yep. I just have one more year at the school, and then I can finally leave. And today – well, on Thursdays and Fridays – I only have one lesson, so I asked my teacher if I could stay home and work. So I'm at home, and… on blogger! I do need to get some work done though. I’ll work on that later… :)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Round Off, to Flick, to Somersault

Yeaaahh! I've just got back from gymnastics for the third time (- you might hear about the first two sometime later...!), and tonight I finally completed the round off to flick to back somersault. I'd been wanting to do it for... well, since last week.
And today, I went for it. Here's the vid.

It's the second time I'd ever done this. It's kinda messy, but completely legit. And so much fun.
And this is just for lols. We double-front flipped into the foam put.

THAT was fun.

Plus, tonight, one of the girls there had one of the best bodies I've ever seen. I'm just saying...

Great night.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Really? Summer's over?

The past week has gone so fast. I can't believe it's Wednesday again. Where has the time gone?! And I can't believe I'm going back to college tomorrow as well. But the past 7 weeks have been awesome... Update soon. (I say that quite a lot, don't I?!)