Saturday, 4 July 2009


@ iTunes Live: London Festival 2009

It's two days on, and I'm still in awe at how amazing Fightstar were… They freaking rocked… I'm listening to them now as I write this… The gig was so epic.
Yeah, I saw Fightstar at the Roundhouse on Thursday, as part of the iTunes Live: London Festival 2009. You can't buy tickets; you have to win them. And yeah, I won. Well, actually Dad won; I entered all my family, and my Dad won two tickets. I remember that day… I was so excited. I called up Fran, and she was screaming with excitement. And for good reason… She's seen them three times previously, and was very excited to see them again. But I too was stoked.
I was up in London anyway that day, and joined the queue just after 2.00pm. Doors at six. I was within the first twenty people to get there – there wasn’t even a proper queue – so I sat on steps outside the venue and began the wait. After a while, the Roundhouse guys made us actually form a queue. I was reading the free iTunes mag, trying to pass the time. I kept calling Fran who was on her way up from college. Anyway, you don’t wanna be hearing about the queue. Fran joined me, and we ate, talked, laughed, and prepared… Cameras began filming us. Doors began to open.
The set-up was awesome, and well executed. We went into the venue, then waited another hour to enter the auditorium. We ran towards the barrier, being told to “Walk!” from the event security… We wanted to be at the front. I’d queued for long enough. So we took a spot just behind this one guy. But it was a guy who was in front of me in the queue, who was really ugly, and fat, and smelt really, really bad. So Fran and I slowly crept along to the right, trying to get away from him but stay near the front… We managed. The venue and auditorium are really so nice. There’s a really good atmosphere there…
In Case Of Fire were supposed to support, but dropped out due to medical reasons. Young Guns played instead. I wore my earplugs for some of their set, just coz I’m getting worried about my ears from the amount of gigs I go to, but the were irritating, and I was actually really embarrassed, so took them out and left them out. Young Guns were good. The crowd was already going pretty crazy, which was kinda annoying, but what the heck. During their set, I saw Charlie in the wings, and pointed him out to Fran… I was so excited for Fightstar.
Finally, Young Guns went off. They moved the drum kit and wheeled Omar’s in. It was huge. They set up in front of an excited crowd…
Lights went down.
The cameras were rolling.
Cheers filled the Roundhouse.
Omar and Alex came on from one side of the stage.
Charlie and Dan from the other.
The cheers got louder.
They played an intro.
Then the music began.
It was so, so immmense.
I don’t think you understand.
It was so awesome.
They played a lot of my favourite songs, but could have easily gone another hour with more songs I love. Anyway, here’s the setlist, found from iTunes (EU) Facebook profile:
It was so hot, loud, sweaty, pushy, crowded, violent, intense… It was a rock concert.
I was behind Fran, and had to keep holding onto her as I was pushed and pulled around… and we pushed crowdsurfers forward as they fell onto us, but we managed to stay at the front, and had a brilliant view of the band playing. As you can see, they finished on ‘Lost Like Tears Like Rain’ – where the crowd sung to the guitar sections (dada dada dada) – and then came back out to play their encore.
My favourite song of the night was ‘Deathcar’, which they finished on. I don’t usually like that song, but heck it was awesome. The energy from the band and atmosphere in the room as they played was phenomenal. Plus – my highlight from the night – Charlie screamed right in my face. It was so awesome. “…You - make - me ****ing siiick!” Fightstar stopped playing as Charlie got down from the stage to lean over the barrier, where he screamed those lyrics. Wow. Then, I pushed my way backwards, and jumped into the biggest circle pit I’ve ever been in. The music still playing, drums pounding, people running… Then everything stopped and an enormous, moshpit shaped gap appeared in the middle of the audience as Charlie spoke. As the music kicked back in one final time, the crowd went wild, and I joined in the huge mosh to end the night.
What an end to the night. What a brilliant band. What an immmense night.

[Pics etc coming soon]

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