Tuesday, 26 May 2009

That inaudible gasp...

Some girls are





Wednesday, 20 May 2009

10 days since I last posted, before today.

Lots of events and occurrences. Too many to possibly mention them all. Life is life, and with it come ups and downs. I've experienced both over the past couple of weeks. I've been revising so much. Like, really. Not every second of every day, but enough. I've also sat through two General exams, a Film exam, a Business exam, and today a Statistics exam, which went really well – I left the exam hall so happy! Haha, I know, I'm an absolute geek. I have two more exams to go, and I'll revise for them later. I'm just having a break from it all now. Chilling. Listening to new music. Writing on my blog. I can’t wait for exams to be over…!
Right now, I'm listening to 'Lonely Road' by Red Jumpsuit. I didn't think it would be very good, and yeah, it's a different sound to their previous album, but it's pretty good. Also, listen to 'Attics To Eden' by Madina Lake if you haven't already, and 'Be Human' by Fightstar. That album is amazing.
Also, I've got a new handset, which is so good. It's just so good to have a phone again. I had to speak to the police and stuff, but they've already closed the case. I don't mind, I'm just glad I've got my phone back to how it was now. So go ahead, text me…!
So, I've had some time off from writing on this blog. But I felt like writing today. Life’s good.

(Oh, and I forgot to mention in my post about the Madina Lake gig, Josh from YouMeAtSix came on and sung with The Audition.
It was legit.)


Guess what? The sun’s shining.

Guess what? Music’s playing.

Guess what? My exams are nearly over.

Guess what?
Summer’s here.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Friday 8th May, I went to see Madina Lake perform Live at the Electric Ballroom in London. It was one of the most anticipated concerts of my life … I was so excited! I was just buzzing for a couple of weeks before it… I pre-ordered their new album months ago, and bought a couple of new tees for the gig. I was watching promo videos, and listening to their new album for ages, learning the lyrics. Just get it – I was stoked.
Finally the day of the concert came, and I come home from college, got ready, quickly ate a pizza, and was off with Fran, Alex, Sophie, and Cory, on the train and the tube to Camden High Street. We got there at about 6.30, and already the doors were open, and the first band was playing. We got in, bought merch (I got a tour tee, as ever), dropped our stuff in the cloakroom, and went to the toilet. Ciara and Lauren, girls we met at previous concerts, came as well, and we met them by the door. Finally we were ready to jump into the pit. There was already a load of people there, but Fran and I weaved our way through the crowd at the back, ran through the mosh pit, and pushed our way forward. Yashin had just finished playing, and then we pulled Alex to where we were. The crowd was crazy. People were pushing, and the pit was swaying even while nothing was happening on stage.
Flood Of Red were on next. I think it was during their set the pit collapsed for the first time. Fran and I, along with a bunch of other people, fell over each other onto the floor, and were down there a few seconds before we were helped up. I was alright, but Fran got trampled on, which really wasn’t good. Flood Of Red were alright, and their outtro was just immmense; apart from a couple of guitarists, all the band members were playing drums to the same intense beat. The keyboardist brought his drum out to the crowd, and the crowd was supporting it as he was playing. It was seriously so awesome – you should've been there. I texted a few of my friends, "This is the most crazy pit I’ve ever been in!" It really was.
The Audition were up next. They’re not a hardcore band at all, but the crowd went wild. There was a huge mosh pit for two whole songs, and we were on the wall, so we kept getting squashed and stuff. Finally, the band went off… By this point, Cory and Sophie had made their way through the crowd towards us, and joined us. I asked one of the crowd security guys for a drink, but he didn’t care, and just left us all to dehydrate… it wasn’t cool. Thankfully I caught one of the bottles of water thrown from the stage, so I wasn’t too bad, but I knew I wouldn’t last all night… Madina Lake's crew began setting up. I was so excited…
I whipped my phone out, and got ready to get a video of their intro and couple of their first songs. Suddenly, the lights went out, and the crowd cheered so loud. Chants of "Ma-din-a (Lake)" echoed around the small venue, and smoke filled the stage… 'Lila, The Divine Game' played, before the drum solo of 'Never Walk Alone' filled the venue.
It. Was. So. Good.
Giant balloons filled the standing area, bouncing through the air across the crowd. 'Adalia' was next, and Nathan jumped out into the crowd. One of the girls nearby grabbed his face and kissed him violently… He struggled his way back to the stage, and continued the set. I got all of this on video on my phone. I was so pleased, and pushed it back in my pocket. 'One Last Kiss' was next, and Fran and I sung to each other at the top of our voices. She was really not feeling good, so her and Alex left the pit and went to the back to get drinks and recover… Sophie left soon after them, as she had had enough of the crush too. I was singing along to the songs – including 'Never Take Us Alive', 'House Of Cards', 'Now Or Never', 'Let’s Get Outta Here', and loads, loads of others – moshing, and trying to keep my place at the front…
I checked on my phone – and my iPod which I'd forgotten to take out of my pocket – every two minutes or so, but suddenly, my phone wasn’t in my pocket. It was gone. Panic flooded through me, and I no longer cared about the band or the music, but finding my phone. I was searching on the floor, and getting other people to help me find it. I was literally almost crawling on the floor at certain points, weaving through people, staring down trying to find it. I was praying so hard that it would be ok… Madina Lake continued their set, playing 'Pandora' and one of my favourites from Attics To Eden 'Welcome To Oblivion', but I didn’t care any more. I left my place, and went to the back. I went to one of the bars and got water. It was very much needed… I was praying that I’d find someone I knew, and then Sophie found me and joined me. I told her about my phone, and then we went looking for Fran and Alex. We couldn't find them after going around the whole venue…
Madina Lake carried on, with the crowd jumping along. 'Here I Stand' played, and they finished with 'True Love'. That's such an immmense song, I couldn’t resist jumping back into the pit for that, so Sophie and I made our way back into the crowd, and I went wild in the mosh pit, trying to enjoy the show and forget everything else… They then encored with a couple more songs, and finished with my favourite from Attics To Eden, 'Not For This World'. I just went for it, jumping around and screaming at the top of my voice…
As they finished, the crowd dispersed, and I started frantically searching for my phone on the floor… A bunch of other people were looking for stuff as well. I couldn’t find anything, and was devastated, but then went to look for the rest of my group… I found everyone by the cloakroom as I collected my bag… I told Fran I'd lost my phone… I kept asking security where Lost and Found was, but no-one seemed to know. As I was standing, worried, one of the event security guys told me about how so many phones had been stolen at so many concerts, and I should call up the venue in the morning and report it… Cory had his phone stolen, and another guy I didn't know who had his iPhone stolen was waiting around with me as well… Dad had come to pick me up from the venue, and joined me, and I told him about it. I was in tears, and just hugged Fran… Dad called up the network, and immediately put a stop on my phone. Thankfully, I'd also backed up all the important info, so I hadn't lost much memory… I'd only lost the awesome video of the gig I took from the pit, and a couple of other photos from the evening… and, of course, the handset… Thankfully my iPod was still safe in my pocket. Going home, I did feel comforted, and better, but still upset and disappointed…
That night, the crowd was stupidly rough, and having my phone stolen just made it such a crap night… But Madina Lake were awesome, the show was immmense, and the music was amazing

What I've Done

After my surgery, I was excited to have a week off of college, to chill, catch up on movies, and get some other things done that I’ve been putting off for a while. Unfortunately that didn't happen; I had so much college work to do, it took up all of my time. I recovered all of Monday, regularly taking paracetamols to keep the pain away, but thankfully the pain and anaesthetic wore off in the night, so I could get on the next day. I worked for hours and hours, keeping my foot up, but working. I was so bored. I didn't get to go out because I didn’t want to risk it at all, but I couldn’t even easily get my flip flops on, the dressing was so big. So I stayed inside for almost a week, and got it redressed on the Thursday. I now have to redress it every morning after bathing my toe in sterilised water. It's getter better.
I had to go back to college the next day, on the Friday. It was so hectic. It was the coursework deadline for a couple of my subjects, so I was so busy trying to get everything done… I wasn't supposed to go in that day; I should have still been resting, but I know I absolutely had to go in. Thankfully I did get everything done in time… Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been studying and revising for exams, and haven’t been 'online' for a while, which has been alright actually.
Obviously I’ve had work on Saturdays, and have worn my steel-toe-cap boots to work – I wear them everywhere – and it's been pretty good. I’ve enjoyed it, and had a chance to work on a few different departments and stuff. And I have a laugh with Jake, Ryan, and Rachel, which is awesome.
Last Sunday, I had a tough time. I was supposed to be playing piano in Sacrament Meeting, and then saying the opening prayer, but I was late, and so upset… I felt really bad and embarrassed, and just stood outside for a while. I was in a really bad mood; I was tired, upset, and had so much on my mind. Thankfully, I got it all worked out, and actually had such a good day in the end.
The next day was May Day, so we had the day off of school. Mum and I went to the gym early in the morning – by early, I mean about 9am – and then come home, showered, and went to a pub for breakfast… It was so good! Then Dad and I picked up the Elders, and went to watch Banger Racing… It was crazy. We saw Lightning Rod Racing, Hot Rod Racing, and Banger Racing… In the Banger races, the cars were smashing into each other, and there were some nasty pile-ups. At the end, there was a destruction derby, which was nasty. One guy got taken off in an ambulance, and another guy flipped his car. It was a pretty good day out, and I got some good pictures again…
That’s about everything really. I've had my hair cut, school photo, Mutual, etc, the usual… And I went to see Madina Lake on Friday, but that's for a different post…

Saturday, 9 May 2009

I have so much to write about...

but I'll do it another time...