Monday, 23 March 2009

Usual Updates

I've had an awesome week. I just randomly felt like blogging about it. I'm getting pretty bad at that. I've been busy, making the most of my time, and enjoying life as much as I can... So what are the main points you like to know that's happened since my last post? How about the goings on? Yeah, that’ll do… Last Monday we had the missionaries over for dinner, and then I went out to teach with them afterwards. It was a cool experience, as ever, as we discussed Church doctrine with some Christian investigators from another faith. They were asking all kinds of questions I know the answer to, but which takes extensive knowledge and experience to really understand… But it was a good meeting. We went out to see 'Marley and Me' with InterAct on Wednesday. People were saying it's so good and will make you cry… I thought I wouldn't, but I did. Even as I was analysing each shot, the mise-en-scene, and everything else an avid media student enjoys, I forgot reality and was fully involved with the narrative. Let's just say, I sobbed my little heart out; it brought back memories... It was a great film. Friday sure was good. In the evening, we headed up to London to meet my best friend Scott's brother – who’s serving a mission over here – for dinner with his companions. We were talking for hours, and had a laugh. But then, afterwards, I headed over to Fran's party / slosh mosh at her house. It was most amusing. There were some totally out-of-it people there. Lolz. I got high on J2Os, and was actually buzzing for hours from it. That evening, I saw and experienced some new things, that’s for sure... Hmm. I didn’t really want to go to the party just because I was so ready to go to bed, but I went along and enjoyed myself, then payed for it over the weekend. At work on Saturday, I was chatting with Jake about music... Manz he has style when it comes to tunes. We wanna go to more gigs together. Yes mate. Then Sunday it was Mother’s Day. Sam gave her first ever talk in Sacrament Meeting! It was so good. She won't admit it - no many how many cookies you offer her - but it was ace. And Mother enjoyed the day... I went all out and cleaned the cooker top. I actually enjoyed doing it! And she liked the flowers and books and chocolate and cards and lovve… I do love my Mum. She’s a legend. I like the way this post is just a block of text… Niiiice! :-D

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Life's Balance

Right now, I feel just… great. No – contented. Happy.
(Actually quite tired, but that's because it's night time)

Life's really good at the moment. Today has been a thoroughly good day. Nothing immmense or extraordinary has happened, but I have been in a good mood all day. Just a couple of days ago, I was exhausted to the point of illness, but today, I have been fine.

I think there's a balance in all things. For example, when you have an awesome day, a crap day is on it's way. And when you have a rubbish day, a brilliant day is sure to come.

I had one of the best couple of weeks about a month ago when our friends were over staying with us. We stayed up late, chatted, watched movies, hung out, and went touristing the city for a couple of days.
That feeling of friendship and love, that feeling that you can’t really put into words, no matter how hard you try…
Then, just a week after they left, I had a really tough time. It was a trial, and I had to overcome it, push past it, and remember some of the basic truths of life. It wasn’t horrific – don’t get me wrong, everything was ok in the grand scheme of things – but compared to the week previous, it sucked, and it was difficult. Thankfully, I got help working it out. Help from my Heavenly Father... I really am so grateful for the Gospel in my life. I don't know where I'd be without it, and sometimes I really don't like to think about it.

For every bad thing that happens, good things happen. For every good thing that happens, and bad thing will. At least, that's what seems to be the case…

I’m sitting here trying to think of what to write. I feel so happy. I’ve just read inspiring words from two excellent people, and have that indescribable feeling – the kind you get at the end of a week of meeting new people and having the best time of your life. Maybe the whole 'balance' thing is crap, but it sometimes seems that way to me. I'm a Maths geek, and sometimes wonder if life is full of unknown formulae; if A occurs, then B must follow.
Or no. Is life just what we make it?

Let's make it good.

Friday, 13 March 2009

War Horse

Last night, I went along with the school to see War Horse in the Olivier Theatre at the National Theatre in London. It was an excellent production; out of the many I have seen it comes near to being the best.

The coach ride up there was fun. I sat with Fran, and we spent valuable time moshing together. We got to the National, and I had never been inside before, but it is seriously so nice and posh. There are hundreds of levels, and you can easily get lost in there, but it’s very well designed and architecturally stunning. We had a little bit of time before the play started, so we just wondered around looking at stuff, and then got our tickets and went into the theatre. The Olivier theatre is amazing. It’s one of the best theatres I’ve ever been in. You have a brilliant view from wherever you sit.

The lights went down, and the play started.

It was absolutely epic. I won’t say much in case anyone reading this wants to see it, but the story – an adaptation from the Michael Morpurgo novel – the set, the music, the puppets, the lighting, the props – everything about this production was incredibly. Visually, it was stunning. Just amazing.

The story is of World War One through the eyes of a war horse, and as an audience, we really get to understand it’s emotions as we travel with it on it’s journey. It is intense and emotional, but way good. They used giant puppets for the horses, but they were so realistic and believable. The acting was immense, and made me feel even more inadequate.

So if you get a chance, go along. It’s an excellent experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed the night.

Rockking Out!

That’s what I’m doing at the moment. Sitting on my bed, with my iPod speakers up full, mentally moshing to the greatest music this world provides. But the speakers are to my left, so my left ear is hurting, but my right is fine. Plus, it’s so loud, it is literally moving forward from the vibrations of the speakers, and it actually fell off the side one time before I secured it! lolz. It was funny.

So this week had been pretty good. I don't really know where to start.

Ohhh dear. I just got the words to 'Hey Brittany' by FTSK wrong.........

Annyway, the weekend was goood. One of my good friends from the Stake was set apart as a full-time missionary on Sunday, and it was great to go to his setting apart, after going to see his farewell talk at his ward. He’s well in Provo right now, learning good stuff.

Monday we went out for a meal in the evening with Joe from InterAct, which was really good. He’s a good kid. Tuesday morning I got a cooked breakfast, courtesy of my wonderful mother. She is good to me. Because I missed it for dinner on Monday, I got it the next morning. It was sooo goood, and filled me up alll day. Wednesday I had a epic piano lesson. The pieces I'm working on are coming along well, and I’m really excited for them.
The rest of the week has been good.

Yesterday evening, we went with the school to see ‘War Horse’ at the National Theatre in London… I think I’ll do a separate post about that…
Also yesterday was my good friend Emma's 17th! Holla Em.

So yeah, this morning I woke up at precisely 09:50, which was wicked, as I didn’t have to go into school until later, and I got lots of sleep. Lately, we've had beautiful mornings, with the sun shining and the birds singing, and all that and everything else, and then it goes grey and crap by the afternoon. Sucks. Why can’t it be nice all the time?

Maths. We got our module results on Thursday. For the C1 exam I took back in January, I got 78%, which is a very nice B. I’m pleased with that; it’s what I thought I’d get. I’ll still retake it if I can, coz I know I can do better. I hope… maybe? We had a C2 mock in class today, and I would be so happy with a D. That was so hard. I need to work slightly harder out of class to do good from now on.

And I have to mention, I nicked that 'Great News' post idea below from the legend that is Jonathan Cook from Forever The Sickest Kids. I saw it on his Myspace blog, and lolled out loud, so thought I’d copy it.

That’s all for the moment.

This has been a random post.
If you’ve read it all – thank you. If not, go back and start again.

Friday, 6 March 2009


Tonight is a Friday, and here is the great news...

Project: Untitled1

Yeah. Teddy came over to hang out last night, and we went down the park before it got dark / shut. I was so full of energy and up for it. I was climbing over everything, and jumping, and spinning. Lol, down there there’s a roundabout without anything on it; it’s just like a disc, and you spin in real fast, jump on, and see how long you can last. That was fun. Annyway, also there is a human hamster wheel – I don’t know it’s technical name – and when I was younger, I used to spin on it all the time. I hadn’t done it in a while, so we had a practise go, and then filmed me… I don’t know what the correcting verb is, but looping on this thing 33 times! But my phone case flap flapped in front of the built-in camera, so we had to do it again…

It wasn’t as awesome this time, but it’s pretty still pretty good. I turned the footage into a quick little vid, just to make it more interesting for the intended audience:

It slowed waay down at some points, and then sped up, but Teddy was tired from spinning it so many times before. And I nearly rolled backwards. And my belt came undone, and I had to quickly do it back up. It’s a pretty good achievement though.

That was fun. You should try it sometime…
Good job, Teddy! Niice work. We should do it again sometime, bwoii.

"Use it."

One of my favourite new words-


I heard it, and just thought Wow, that's such a cool word...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


This past few days have been good. As ever.

Sunday we went round my Nan’s house for a nice dinner, and chilled round there for a few hours. Charlotte and I just fell asleep which was real nice, and then had tea – included about 6 Kitkats between 3 of us… They were good!

Monday… what happened on Monday? Something great, I’m sure.

Yesterday was waay busy. But in a good way.

Oh yeah, on Monday, I wasted a heckka lot of time. Like, hours, just on here, and Facebook, and Myspace. That was so boring. But it was honestly my own fault.

So Tuesday. Tuesday was busy. We didn’t have much time at all that evening before heading out again. At Mutual, we did blindfolded art! It was lolz. My group and I went for the artistic, emotional piece, while the others went for drawing it as best they could… We had to best draw our model, who was wrapped in foil and toilet paper.
We used stripes of primary colours around the blurred outline of a human, along with a broken, ripped canvas bottom, to illustrate just how even the necessities of life can break a person’s foundations and bring them down. The girl was clinging to a heart, showing she was holding on to what little love she had in her life as tightly as she could, not wanting to let go… I think ours was better, from an artist's point, but the other team won…

Today, I got out of college early, and worked on Stats and Maths for a couple of hours. I waay prefer Maths, and can't quite get my head around Stats at the moment. If anyone's any good at it, comment me. Cheers. Yeah, so then, I just chilled and checked out some new music… New Found Glory have posted their new album on their Myspace. It’s really good. You should check it out.
This evening we went to Quasar with InterAct, which was actually a lot of fun. Most of us had never been to that venue before, and it was really good to hang out together. It was just our small group running around in the dark shooting each other… That’s how to party, let's be honest.

Ok, I'm getting really tired now… Seez y'all… xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


The Fact:
FTSK + Selena Gomez = <3

The Anecdote:
Forever The Sickest Kids are currently my favourite band. Selena Gomez is their favourite girl; which means that I have to like her too. To show my dedication to the band, the music I love, and their interests, I did actually consume an episode of 'Wizards of Waverly Place', starring Selena Gomez. I felt it necessary to do so to show my love for the band, and for no other reason. At all. And I do not plan to watch it from now on…

The Parallels:
FTSK find Selena Gomez attractive (I assume... who doesn't?!).
After the viewing of the named television drama, I too find the named female attractive. Well, she is cute…

The Verdict:
Basically, to show my dedication to FTSK, I sat and watched a kids tv show. Yes I did. Guilty. And actually: I like her; the show wasn't quite as cheesy as it initially looked; and she seems pretty cool...

Monday, 2 March 2009

"Do you know any good places to hang out?"

"On the washing line!"

Hahahaha... I was just asking this question, and my Media teacher randomly joked about it. That's so funny...

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Niice style!

I've just spent a couple of hours on Facebook, looking at pictures... People, places I been, friends I've made, sights I've seen, cute girls I've met (and I have met some cute girls), that sort of thing... I've had an awesome life so far, and really appreciate everything everyone has done for me.
As I was going through my photos, I came across this...

Taken in '94, back when I had style!
I'm on the left. Just thought I'd share this with everyone...