Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Forever The Sickest Kids: Live In London - Part II

The concert last night was IMMMENSE.

I saw Forever The Sickest Kids Live at The Underworld in Camden last year, and it was the best gig I’d ever been to. That was why I was so excited to see them again.

Fran and I went up to London on the train that afternoon, listening to music, writing on our bodies, and taking pictures along the way. We got to Angel Station, and found our way to Islington Academy by about 5.30. The queue was round the corner already, but there weren’t many people in front of us, so settled down for the wait before doors opened. We called Ciara – who we met at The Underworld – and Jake, Ross, El, Lou, and that crew, to let them know we were here already. I started eating my high energy food, including a 195g bag of Skittles to get me hyper.

While we were sitting there, Fran suddenly jumped up and shouted "Jonathan!" I jumped up so fast and so excited, and met the singer of my favourite band… He is so cool. I met him before at The Underworld, but didn’t really know who he was back then. I’m so glad Fran saw him walking past. We said "Hi", told him we were at The Underworld, and had a picture with him. The next band members to come out were Marc and Kent, but they went off to get food, and didn’t come back before we had gone inside, but he spoke to me! He said: "Yeah, sure, but we’re just gonna get some food, and we'll be right back." Then we met Caleb, who plays guitar and sings, and had a pic with him too. Apparently he got in a fight recently, which is why he has black eyes… Jonathan came back, and was hanging out, signing tickets, chatting to fans. I took the chance to get my tickets signed, and spoke to him again. Plus, he had some of Skittles, which I think is really cool. For some reason, we [the group] were talking about his mum, and he said: "My mom… makes cute babies" What a legendary comment…

So, we had seen four of the six Sick Kids before we even got in. Doors opened real soon, and we went inside, bought merch, changed our clothes, put our bags in the cloakroom, and waited for the rest of our friends to join us before going into the pit.

We managed to push our way to the front before the first support band – Furthest Drive Home – came onstage. I have never seen such an intense mosh pit to the first support band. It was great. I jumped in. The band was really good, and definitely got the crowd warmed up. I had to go get drinks for myself and everyone before the next band came on, and got to push to the bar, get the drinks, and push my way back to everyone. Even when there were no bands on stage, the crowd was moving from side to side, people pushing, and falling over each other. Danger Radio were on next, and their set went on for a long time. They were pretty good, but I preferred the first band. After them, security handed out more much needed water.
I was already sweating at this point, and the headliners weren’t even on.

After an awesome voiceover intro, Forever The Sickest Kids came onstage, and exploded the room with 'Believe Me, I’m Lying', followed by 'Catastrophe'. Everyone went crazy, and I went all out jumping, singing, and trying to keep my place at the front. They played 'Phone Call', 'Breakdown', 'My Worst Nightmare', 'I Don’t Know About You But I Came To Dance', 'Men In Black', and 'Becky Starz' in whatever random order. They are such an awesome band, and have a laugh on stage together. Jonathan climbed up the lighting scaffolding at one point, and jumped onto the speakers, singing from there, and pointing the mic to the balcony before climbing back down. They told us how sexy we all are, taught us some "English", like "callabunga", "howdy" and "yippee", and proved that they are playing real instruments, unlike some of the guys that lipsync nowadays. They hyped the audience up to tell us a story that "happened last night". Jonathan was saying, "I’ll tell you a story", before Austin butted in "No, man, not now", and another band members said "It’ll get out anyway, you might as well". Well, it went something like this: "So we where driving along yesterday, and saw Denzel Washington. That’s a pretty big thing, so we just carried on to where we were going. Once we got there, a lady walked out of the building called Brittany…" Everyone cheered. The whole story was just an intro for 'Hey Brittany', which is amazing. They finished on 'Woah Oh (Me Vs. Everyone)', and then encored with 'She’s A Lady'. The sweaty, stuffy, electric atmosphere was incredible throughout the whole night. I didn’t want it to finish.

The music was brilliant, the performance was amazing, and the concert was… just… phenomenal. We left the pit, my back, legs, and knees aching, dripping in sweat, thirsty, and tired, but it was incredible. We said goodbye to everyone, and chilled out on the way home… It’s all over now, but my ears are still ringing from the sound, and I have awesome pictures, videos, and memories of the night. It was IMMMENSE.


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  2. Haha... good luck reading that last comment (:
    Well, it sounds as though you had an amazing time - although I didn't need to read all that; I heard it at school today.
    Anyways, I wanna go to a gig with you.
    I will at some point - you'll have to take me to one where I will not die.

    Loveeeee xx

  3. oh boy oh boy!
    right now.
    this very moment.
    i am listening to forever the sickest kids!!!
    i thought of you.
    i'm so glad you had such an epic time.
    it sounds lovely!!!!!!
    so much fun.