Friday, 30 January 2009

A Day Full of LOLz


Today has been good.

I was hyper Period 4 at college, and everyone was in such a good mood. We were just messing around, having a laugh, like all respective teenagers should. It was how everyday ought to be.

Key moment #1: Putting Hannah on top of the pigeon holes, where she nearly peed her pants she was so scared. She was standing on top of a chair, when Joe and I took a hand each to help her on top of the unit, but once she realised she didn’t want to get up because it was dangerous, we pushed her feet on, and she was stuck. She was up there for a few minutes, everyone laughing. It was really so funny. In the end, we let helped her down – well, she rolled onto us, and we lowered her to the floor.

Key moment #2:Pressure’ by Paramore was playing in the common room, and Teddy and I performed our amazing Paramore jump – as featured in the video – at exactly the right time. As always, I was Jeremy on bass, and he was Josh on guitar, and I rolled over his back, better than I ever had. It was a lot of fun. Check out the vid if you haven’t seen it.

Key moment #3: We were all going to go out to The Harvester to eat tonight. Well, actually, everyone else is out right now as I write. It’s not that I’m being boring or antisocial or tight, but I’m not there; as I got to the restaurant, I went in to join them, so asked a member of staff if she knew where my friends were, and she said I could have a look around to find them. I walked around, trying not to draw attention to myself, and couldn’t find them, so I called them up. I soon found out… I was at the wrong restaurant! Hahaha, I thought it was so funny. I’m still laughing about it. They were at The Harvester, but a different one… I had to tell them I wouldn’t make it, as my family and I are going out later, so I wouldn’t have time to get to that one or whatever, but the whole situation was quite amusing.

So, so far it’s been a very good day. And it’s not over yet…

Smile. Life’s great.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Chocolate in Britain

The chocolate we have over here in England not only tastes way better than most of the stuff in the States, but has some of the best promotion this world has ever seen. Check out this trilogy of adverts from Cadbury’s.

Number One: The Gorilla

Number Two: The Trucks

Number Three: The Eyebrows

They are so random; I love them. That last one always puts a smile on my face. Check them out.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Secret Chord

Tonight, during my piano lesson, I was just messing around, playing random chords every now and then, as I do. Suddenly, the most amazing sound filled the room. I had played something immense, something epic, something indescribable…
Speechless, I turned to look at my teacher in awe, and she just looked back at me, stunned at the chord. I tried to play it again, but couldn’t remember what I had played; I just went so quickly, and wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. For the next five minutes, we were both trying different variations of what it looked like I had played, but we couldn’t find the right sound. I still haven’t. This chord was simply brilliant.

If anyone could help me, that would be great. I’m pretty sure it began with the C Major chord (at middle C), followed by F Major (keeping the tonic on middle C), followed by D Minor or D Major (moving your thumb to D), and then The Secret Chord. If you find something nice, please let me know. Soon.

I really enjoy composing – or just messing around on the piano – and this was just such a nice basic set of chords. Only I can’t remember what they are…

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

"Alright?" "Alright...

Alright alright alright. Hey!”

I am so psyched!

I got into EFY this year.

It’s going to be amazing.

I can’t wait.

If you didn’t get in, I am really so sorry. Don’t give up – open registrations next. I'm just saying I'm really excited for it.

Here’s some pics from the 2008 session I went to, a little montage I created to stick on my desktop. I met so many awesome people, and have so many awesome memories…

Monday, 26 January 2009

How many texts have I sent in the last four weeks?!


My phone will not text. Anyone. It has not for a few months now, and I think I’ve been reasonably patient, but it’s starting to get on my nerves now. One day, it just wouldn’t send a message, and since then, all of the few messages I’ve composed have gone straight into my outbox.

My still shiny Nokia N95 can do almost everything – seriously, it has a bar code reader on it – but it won’t send a single text. Which is obviously such a waste of my UNLIMITED TEXTS. It’s not always just a form of entertainment; sometimes I really need to contact someone, but it’s not worth a call.

I’m not mad. I just wanted to get that out of my system…

Sunday, 25 January 2009

D&C 19: 16 - 19

"For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent;
But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I;
Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit—and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink—
Nevertheless, glory be to the Father, and I partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men.


If you’re reading this… please comment!

Whoever you are, whenever you’re reading this – even if you don’t have a blogger account – please leave me a comment! I’d just like to know how many people are reading my blog, or will in the future, or whatever.

Just something like “Hi” will be fine. If you select ‘Anonymous’ comment, please leave your name. Even any blog stalkers, I expect you to comment.

Hit the comment button below. Go!

Let There Be Change

Yesterday at work, I began my training on the Delicatessen. Last week, my supervisor sat me down, and explained that my production speed is not as fast as Fresh Prep need it to be. I’ll agree with that. I’m a perfectionist, and so not only do things to the procedure, but also how I’d like to see the finished product. Anyway, cutting the story, I said I’d like to try going on Deli, where there’s not much production, and it’s much more customer orientated.
So I turned up, and was taught the basics of how to serve a customer straight away, before they got me to have a go. It’s very simple, so I gave it a shot. At first, I was nervous and slightly clumsy, and didn’t know why, but I got the hang of it real soon. I love it. Or at least did yesterday. There’s always something to do, always a customer to serve. I’m not allowed to use the slicer, and haven’t been taught how to carve yet, so had to get other people to do that when a customer requested it. Time went so quickly while I working, which was excellent, and it was soon time for my break.
During the afternoon, I spent some time on shop floor as well, just facing the promotional ends, but it was a very good day at work. I was so tired when I got home, and my legs ached more than usual, but I’d enjoyed it.

Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

SCUBA diving Friday night was excellent. We went down to the pool to have a ‘try dive’. I’d already been diving once before, which was just fantastic, and I was so excited to do it again with the Young Men from my ward. We have great activities.
We got to the pool, had the health and safety talk, and then met our instructors. My instructor was called Les, and we soon got talking about film and photography; he does both land and underwater photography, and has such a passion for diving. He told us some stories about the dives he’d been on, the animals he’s seen in the water, and the sights he’d seen. It was amazing, some of the things he told us.
We got in the water pretty soon, and were soon off. It’s just incredible, breathing, gliding, sinking through the water. We went twelve feet to the bottom of the pool, and I learnt how to clear my mask when it fills, and use my breathing apparatus properly.
Thirty minutes was not enough; it was over in what felt like one minute. I initially had some trouble finding the right amount of air to leave in my vest, but found that if I took in a deep breath and held it, I stayed afloat just right – until I breathed out again! It was such a great night… I’d love to take it up, but anyway, I can’t wait to do it again.


This is my 100th post on this blog! :-D

Ok, I know other people have 67 posts in just one month – no names – but I’m quite proud of this...

More to come in the future.

Monotony and Sleep

Thursday morning, I got woken up, and couldn’t believe that it was time to get up already… Do you ever feel like that? I felt like I had just rested my head on the pillow, before it was time to start again, completing the same morning routine, and heading off to college. I was getting sick of being constantly tired, and so went to bed just after 9pm that evening. The next morning, I felt great. That day was a really good day, and nothing had changed, but I was much happier. All I can say is it’s amazing what an effect sleep can have on you. I’m going to try to change my attitude, and get more of it.

President Obama

The name sounds quite epic. I’m glad he became President; I didn’t follow the election closely, or really know what he stood for, but he seems like he’ll do a good job. He brings hope to many nations around the world, and promises change throughout the world, which, at first look at least, can only be a good thing. He seems to be doing great already. I hope he can keep up the good work he’s started, and consistently deliver to his country. We’ll soon find out…
All I’m saying is, he seems pretty good at his job, and I hope he makes the right decisions, and really helps the world for the better.

What have I been up to?

Well, quite a lot actually. I’m sitting here thinking about my week, which has been pretty good.

Monday afternoon was my slot for the Business Presentation; as part of the Applied Business AS course I’m doing, you have to take on roles, and do the coursework practically, which meant that I had to collate the research I had collected, write a report about it, and prepare a presentation. I was quite confident about it, having spoken in front of people plenty of times before, but I was still nervous while I was standing up in front of my teacher, explaining my marketing proposition. I was relieved when I got to the end, only to have him fire difficult but reasonable questions at me. I gave up, dropped the act, and just kinda said “Oh, sorry.” He still congratulated me, and I found out I got full marks! I was so pleased. Then, once I’d sat down and the pressure was over, I knew how to answer his question…
Also on Monday, Scott came into school for probably the last time, just to say goodbye to everyone. He left college a few months ago to join the marines, and is a really good friend of mine. I didn’t think much of him leaving college at the time, because he’d still be around, but now he’s got through whatever tests, and is heading off the begin the main 32-week course. I was really quite sad as he came into form that morning, and realised that he is actually going. Scott, if you ever read this, you are an awesome mate to have, and I wish you all the best…

Tuesday saw the Drama trip to London, West End, to see the Royal Shakespeare Company show A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Everyone who took Drama had to pay and had to go, otherwise they’d fail the course. So, I went along reasonably happily, on the train up to Covent Garden, where we ate, before walking to the Novello Theatre. We turned up late, which wasn’t a very good start, and then when we got into the auditorium, I didn’t have a seat. Because some people were sitting in a couple of our seats, I had to sit away from the group, on my own, on the opposite end of the balcony, on a different row. We didn’t have a good view wherever we were, as we were in the very back row of the balcony, and had to learn forward – ignoring the vertigo – to see anything. I was so tired, I couldn’t be bothered to attempt to follow the story, but I couldn’t fall asleep either. During the interval, I got to move and sit with everyone else for the rest of the production. Well, enough of my moaning. The second half was better, just because the ending was excellent. I still don’t know what the story was about, but the play within the play – for anyone who’s studied the play – was so random, and so funny. They should have just showed that and then let us go. Overall, the staging, props, acting, costume, lighting, and everything was really brilliant, with even some really funny parts thrown in – I just didn’t understand / like the story. Now we have to write about it.

The next day at college, we had a party for Kelly, who is leaving for New Zealand. How amazing does that sound?! It’s sad that she’s going. She’s such an awesome girl, and we always have a laugh together. Usually, I just end up teasing her, but it’s all light hearted. The party rocked. We played Twister, which is such a good game! I win almost every time. Then we just had food and photos and whatnot, before we started jumping each other. I kept running and jumping on Teddy, bringing back awesome memories of Regent’s Park from last summer. The whole thing was just ace, and I left college in such a happy mood…

Saturday, 24 January 2009

It's been a week...

…since I last posted. Time goes so fast. You need to make the most of it, ‘coz there’s not much of it… Gee, I don’t even really know what I’m saying right now. Haha… Anyway, I have some ideas for posts in mind, and I plan to get up to date with them soon. Tomorrow, maybe. Or the day after. I’m not sure which. I haven’t even turned my laptop on for quite a few days, which, for a teenager in this day and age, is an amazing feat. So, HEY EVERYONE. That’s really all I wanted to say. I’m off now…

Saturday, 17 January 2009

One more present...

For Christmas, I got my parents a ‘Date for a Day’, including a neck/back/shoulder massage, home cooked dinner, and the Michael McIntyre DVD. Yesterday, they went ahead and had it, going to have their massages while I cooked dinner.
I got to work, and had to set everything right, time all the food so that it was all cooked at the right time, and cooked properly, etc… We had fruit to start, with chicken, roast potatoes, red cabbage, runner beans, and cauliflower-cheese, finished with banoffee pudding and custard. It was so nice! Now I know the effort that goes into cooking dinner everyday. We completed the evening by watching Michael McIntyre, who is an excellent comedian. We were laughing so much at his stand-up, so overall, it was a very good evening. Mum and Dad really appreciated it, and I enjoyed making it a special evening…

Self Inflicted Tiredness

Is the worst sort of tiredness… Staying up late, night after night, unnecessarily… It results in unhappiness, shortened patience, and strange mood swings. Always being tired – with no good reason for being tired – until over-tiredness hits...
For some reason I don’t like to go to bed early, but then I don’t like to get up the next morning. Plus, as hardcore as I may think I am, I can only go so long in this terrible routine before I burn myself out. I guess I should just go to bed…

Friday, 16 January 2009

The Story of Anne Frank

Last night I finished watching the TV adaptation of the Diary of Anne Frank on catch-up. It was stunning. For a television show, it was incredibly well acted and directed, giving the audience insight into World War 2 from Anna’s point of view. As an audience, we were shown the action as if we were spying on their life, intruding into their annex, and we see the world as she understands it.
The programme made me so grateful – for my friends, family, freedom, food… for my life. It was so touching, as we heard how Anne wanted to become a writer, and wanted her name to live on forever, even after she had died. Yet she had no idea the impact her diary would have on the world, or how soon her life would sadly be over.
During their secret, dangerous, and illegal hiding from the authorities, they lived in such terrible conditions, being deprived of food, privacy, and their free will. They endured and endured, until they believed the war was coming to an end, and the allies fighting to their rescue, until they were suddenly intruded by Nazi’, who lead them to their death.
It was incredible what they had to suffer… I’m so grateful for everything I have…

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sardines and Tea Leaves

In school today, someone had bought sardines from the shops and brought them into the common room. You could smell it as you walked through the door, and everyone was making such a big thing of it. The fish was getting passed round, and then people some people dared me to eat it after I suggested someone should try it, but some people were saying they’d never talk to me again if I tried it. It was fish. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was… I tried it, and yep, it was fish. It smelt like fish, and tasted like fish, and here I was being shouted at from all angles about this fish! I seriously thought, just get over it! Yesterday, kids were smoking tea leaves in the common room, and nobody said a word. Yep, smoking tea leaves. Tea leaves aren’t supposed to be smoked, and that smelt far worse than the fish, yet everyone seemed fine with that…
I might be wrong, but I think there’s something seriously wrong with this world…

Top Songs Ever (At The Moment)

So I’ve recently decided on my top three songs ever – better than anything else I’ve ever heard. You wanna know what they are? Here they are:

1. EFY Medley
This song is absolutely, amazingly, immensely, phenomenally, incredible… brilliant. It’s so strong and powerful, and best when you’re singing in with 1200 other Youth.

2. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
Leonard Cohen spent two years, pouring his heart and soul into writing one of the best songs this Earth has ever heard. Wainwright’s version displays the raw emotion the song deserves, and you can feel the passion as you listen.

3. Another Planet - Pendulum
This song never fails to amaze me, boost my energy and speed up my adrenaline. The fast beats and incredible synths get stuck in your head, and they way the song powers into the main tune is awesome. It’s got brilliant witty comments in it – “Suddenly there was a change!” – and although I’ve only recently got into D&B, but this song soon became one of my favourite ever.

You should check them out.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Coursework: Blog.

I’m in Media at college right now, and we’re in the process of setting up new blogs to upload our work onto… How awesome is that? Going to school, and logging onto Blogger, blogging as coursework! I was one of only a few that already had a Blogger account. It’s gonna be way good. Haha, this subject is awesome…

Sunday, 11 January 2009

11th January 2009

Today has been really good. Sam came back from Church with us today, where we ate dinner, played on the piano, made chocolate covered-popcorn (of which mine was the best!), and read, before heading to the Stake Youth Fireside. It was about the new Mutual Theme this year, “be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” – 1 Timothy 4 : 12. I spoke about how to be an example by being pure. I prepared my talk the Saturday night, but always enjoy giving talks, and I know the Lord helped me; I spoke confidently, fluently, and got the message across effectively. The other speakers were excellent too, and I could really feel the Spirit there this evening, especially as the Young Women were singing, and Sam was talking about his mission call. I really look forward to my next speaking assignment. Now, I’m gonna go and finish ‘Eclipse’, and start ‘Breaking Dawn’…
No spoilers, please.


So Megan tagged me, and now I have to show you the forth picture from the forth folder. Here it is.

It’s the picture I used as my banner, and apparently not very interesting. So I thought you might be interested in this…

It’s from May 2008, when I went to see Red Jumpsuit play in London with all my friends, and queuing up for six hours was worth it, as not only did we get the front, we met the whole band before the gig. This is us with Elias, who has left the band now, but was so cool to meet. You should check them out if they’re playing in your area; it was a really good show…

Now, I will tag Amy, Emma, Sam, Scott, and Teddy. Upload the forth picture in the forth folder in your computer… Enjoy!

Woah, make sure those guns are on safety...

I have another goal for this year, as well as learning British sign language, and how to play the guitar. After seeing Scott out with us on Friday, I made my decision. For anybody who doesn’t know, Scott has left college, and joined the Marines. After training for months and months, going on a number of courses, passing tests, and working out, he’s got into the final stage of the application. Good luck to him. The result of all his hard work is a hench body. Anyway, this is my blog, and not his, (but you can check his out from the link to the right), and so my new goal is to work out more, and perhaps get in the same shape as him. When he was at college, he was always stronger than me, but we were pretty much the same build. Now, I want to obtain proper muscles by summer. It’ll sure be a challenge, but it’s possible. If anyone has any good exercise routines or moves or whatever to help out, please comment.
Much appreciated.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

He never was good with words...

It was a bitterly cold night when she found the courage to approach him. He just shrugged her off, taking pictures of the frozen lake glittering in the moonlight, making up excuses not to talk with her, even though he wanted to talk too. It had been a while since things were like they were; laughing, joking, smiling together – enjoying each other’s company. But right now, everyone was talking about the situation, like a virus spreading through the group. He hated that. He liked things to be real and done properly, not forced. On top of that, his pride was at stake, or so he thought. Eventually, he gave into her persisting, and began to talk. They walked away from everyone else, away from the world, and discussed their concerns, feelings, and matters, going around in circles, wherever their feet took them. Being together felt good again; it felt like it did before, like it should. Things weren’t perfect in the end, but they were better. They walked with each other, listened to each other, and understood each other. He had told him everything, and she had told her everything. He had made things clear, and she had made things clear. He was sorry, she was sorry. They were just glad to clear the air between them, and make things right. A lot of the problems in this world are caused by a lack of communication, or a misunderstanding thereof. Like this boy and this girl, sometimes we just need to take time out, and talk...

Friday, 9 January 2009

One down...

My pen lid is slowly falling apart from the amount I’ve chewed it, but now it’s over, and we just wait for results. The exam went pretty well today. I was quite confident about it, and it went alright – except for question 9. That shouldn’t have even been in there; we hadn’t learnt anything like that in class, and couldn’t even make an educated guess about what we were supposed to do. It was supposed to be about arithmetic sequences, but it really wasn’t. I understood most of the paper, and yeah, it went good. I even worked out the set of possible values of k, which I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done successfully before!
So I’m pleased, and now it’s over… Until Module C2…

Thursday, 8 January 2009


So it’s only the 8th January, but me and kids at college have been revising like anything. Most people have a couple of exams this week or next week, and I am fortunate to just have the one: AS Level Mathematic – C1. It’s so exciting! Haha, yeah, well I was revising Maths for about two hours, almost solidly today. It doesn’t sound like much, but my brain was hurting afterwards. Plus, the more questions I’d done, the less I felt I achieved. I got home, and chilled (for three hours!), and I now have to go back to the practise paper… I’m sure all the hard work will pay off. We’ll find out… tomorrow…

Just for fun, why don’t you try this exam question?
It’s question 8 from the Edexcel January 2008 Afternoon paper:
The equation x2 + kx + 8 = k has no real solutions for x.
A) Show that k satisfies k2 + 4k – 32 < 0.
B) Hence find the set of possible values of k.

(Let me know if you actually do work out the answer!)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back to College

So it’s back to college now… Today I went in for the first time this year. Back to the normal routine, and all that, and everything else. I had to get up early, pack my bag, and travel to school, but I do enjoy my education, so it’s all good.

Yesterday we had our GCSE Presentation Evening, where you actually get the qualifications you worked eleven years towards getting. After a couple of speeches, names began to be called, and before long it was my turn to collect my achievements. I was quite proud, and enjoyed going up to the front and shaking hands, everyone watching. The moment didn’t last long, which is alright, but I sure made the most of it.
Get this – I also was awarded a trophy last night. Yep. Awarded for service to the school… I’m really not sure what service I did to deserve such an honourable award, but I’m pretty pleased with it! So, I had to go up again, on my own this time, and collect my prize. It’s pretty sweet.

Just back to normal now. It’s good to be back at college, and see all my friends again. I’ve got my first AS Level exam on Friday, which I’ve been working towards, and I’m hoping to do alright.

Snow in Britain

Would you believe it?! I woke up to snow on Monday morning, again today, and probably will tomorrow. Not much, don’t get me wrong – it was still quite pathetic – but it was snow nevertheless. I was quite impressed by the weather’s achievement… It was almost a millimetre.
Don’t worry; in good English fashion, it had almost gone by the evening time…
There you have it: English snow. It’ll be pretty cool while it lasts…

Out on Saturday Night

So on Saturday Night, I was supposed to go on a quad date, which I agreed to, because it sounded immense… Eight people on a date together? OK!
We were going bowling, and then quasar, which is always fun. It ended up as just a bunch of friends going out, as there was an uneven ratio of boys to girls, plus we had some underage kids with us, who are not of dating age, and we would in no way encourage that sort of behaviour from fourteen/fifteen-year-olds.
It was still enjoyable, the boys beating girls on average scores, and then shooting little toddlers quasar – who were so annoying, following you round and continuously pumping their trigger, even while you’re ‘dead’.
Getting from bowling to quasar was hilariously, losing the other car along the way, and having to frantically attempt to communicate with them and meet up again. But still, it was great, and used up some of my Saturday evening… Hopefully we’ll be able to do a proper quad date soon enough.

Friday, 2 January 2009

2008; Memories from:

-New Year arrives…
-Paramore headline Brixton with New Found Glory supporting. My first standing gig!
-Skiing in Vermont with the school.
-National Youth Theatre auditions at Toynbee Studios, London.
-Sam and I bake the best cake ever!
-GCSE Drama performance – ‘Field of Poppies’.
-Danny and Raquel visit from the States.
-Drama University Reunion.
-Asking Emma to Prom…
-Last day at school…
-Prom! Limos, girls, music…
-‘Study’ ‘Leave’.
-Chilling at the park in summer.
-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus live in London!
-Granddad visits from the States.
-Our cat Daisy passes away…
-‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion!
-16th birthday.
-Ordained a Priest.
-Buying my Sony a350K.
-Completely finished secondary school.
-First job interview.
-First date!
-Chilling in Regents Park.
-Begin work.
-Cruising Murray with Shelby and Jessica.
-FTSK rock The Underworld in London! Best gig yet!
-GCSE results.
-Begin Sixth Form at school.
-Trip to Canada.
-Canadian school for a day!
-Date with Hilary!
-Our cat Max passes away…
-Queen + Paul Rodgers at Wembley.
-New Found Glory at Brixton. Hardcore.
-Twilight UK Premiere, Leicester Square.
-Filming our Media coursework.
-Beginning to learn to drive.
-2008 ends…

The Great Fire of London

New Year’s Eve 2008, we went down to London to see in the New Year. After a meal with poor service at Zizzi’s, a Costa hot chocolate, and a showing of ‘Carousel’ at the Savoy Theatre, we headed to the north bank of the Thames to watch the fireworks. The crowds were immense, and we spent time weaving in and out to find a good spot. The party was just starting as we joined the biggest turnout ever. We managed to get ourselves a good view, and settle down for the short wait before 2009 began. I didn’t realise the time, and before long, we were counting down from ten. The fireworks suddenly began…

The fireworks were excellent, but I didn’t enjoy the rest of the evening so much, as I really didn’t feel too good. The people around us drinking and smoking didn’t help much either. But the atmosphere was good. Our fifty minute walk back to the car was tiring but fun, wishing strangers a Happy New Year along the way.

2008 was excellent, and I hope 2009 can be just as good…

New Year 08/09