Thursday, 31 December 2009

The End of a Decade...

The end of 2009. Wow. I really can't believe it. I can literally remember this time 10 years ago. I was playing 'Star Wars Episode 1' on the Playstation 1, before we went out for dinner and to watch the fireworks. I can remember it so clearly... Even this time last year, right now we were up on London, eating dinner, before going to watch a show. Time has gone so fast. And this decade has been excellent. This year has been excellent. It's been full of good times, and good memories. Skiing, concerts, baptisms, EFY, exam results, driving, and so much more...

Let's hope 2010 will be just as great. Everyone, have a brilliant New Year.

Friday, 25 December 2009

It's Christmas Day...




Thursday, 24 December 2009


(James Cameron, 2009)
Check out the official website or IMDB profile.

This film is absolutely phenomenal.

Brilliant from beginning to end.

Six stars * * * * * * .

One of the greatest films I have ever seen.

So yeah, I'd recommend it. Go check it out...

It's the night before Christmas...

And I still can't believe that it's Christmas Eve. It really has come round so fast. And right now, is a really great time of the year. Over the past few weeks, as I said just a couple of posts back, I really have been so busy. So busy doing stuff. And I've had some really great moments, that I'd been planning to write on here, and then never got around to it... So now, on this Christmas Eve, I'm just gonna make a list to fill y'all in on my life, and then chill, and enjoy the rest of the year. I've just checked this blog, and seen that the last time I wrote an 'update' was November 7th. That is a long time ago. Here's some of the awesome stuff I've been up to since then:

-At mutual sometime a while back, we had a contest to see who the strongest Priest in the ward was. I came out on top. It wasn't very difficult; I was up against two 16-year-olds. But it's still good to know. :)

-Our Youth Sunday School class all went out to see New Moon at the cinema with our teacher, after the awesome night we spent at there house. (See here.) It was actually pretty good.

-On Tuesday 24th November, I had to organise the joint Mutual activity at my ward to complete a goal on my Duty To God programme. And it had to be something to do with newly married couples, thus killing two birds with one stone. I was so stressed about it, trying to organise everything, pull ideas together, and get people to help out. But in the end, it was excellent. We started out by introducing our two helpful couples, and got the kids to take part in a Mr and Mrs style quiz, to see which couple new each other best. Then, I got them to pair off and pretend to be married (which was far more difficult than I anticipated), and gave them situations and problems to act out, deciding what action is best to take, and show it to everyone. And the two couples were the judges. It went way better than I expected.

-Wednesday 25th, I passed my driving test. It was so awesome... An experience I'll hopefully never forget. Read about it here.

-I've been out teaching a few times with the Elders over the past few weeks, which has been pretty good.

-Tuesday 1st December, we all got to go to London Temple again, which was great.

-I went to a couple of parties on the 4th December. There was the InterAct Christmas party, which began at about 7.30. I went last year, and it was alright, so I went along this year to support it, and it was alright. It was interesting. There weren't a load of people there, but I felt good for going along, even if it was just for a little while. I couldn't stay though; it was Chris's 18th, and he'd booked a table at TGI's for us all. So, I headed over there, giving a couple of people lifts from InterAct to TGI's, and the party began...

-The Stake Christmas Carol Concert was on the 6th, and it was fantastic. My favourite songs from it were 'Carol of the Bells' acapella , 'Oh to be there' (an original piece), and 'O Holy Night', which was absolutely phenomenal, and the highlight of the night. As they were singing, I closed my eyes, and listened to the music - which was just a voice of choirs, and beautiful piano - and just started crying. It was so beautiful... The kind of moment that words just don't do justice in describing. Yeah, it was great...

-That weekend, our Great-Aunt came over to visit us. What with being at work, and out the house at the parties, I didn't get to see her much. But it was good to see her when I did.

-Monday 7th was the school Christmas Concert. It was, er... lame. Seriously. Only Charlotte and Sam's duet of 'O Holy Night', along with a couple of other songs, were any good. But the two or three acts which were good, were excellent.

-On the 12th, I went to the first multi-stake Youth Dance in the UK I've been to since February. It was pretty good. They played some NFG, Pendulum, Sub Focus, and I got to meet a cute new girl, so it was a pretty good night...

That pretty much brings us to last week. Last week was the end of school, snow, and Paramore live in London. Last week was pretty good. Lately, I've been having some trouble with my Uni application, but I won't go into detail about that right now. Oh, and so this week:

-Monday was Laura's 18th, and there was a huge party, which was pretty awesome. There's no point describing parties - you all know what they're like right?

-Tuesday, we went out as a ward carol singing to elderly members, and giving them gifts. It was great. And I learnt how to do handbrake turns on the ice, which was so much fun!

-I've been working extra shifts at work, to earn some extra money, and extra time off in the future. I thought it would be difficult working 9-6 shift three days in a row, but it really wasn't too bad. Plus, on Saturday, what with the snow and the ice, they had to hire out a CAT tractor to move all the snow. Jake got to go out first, and direct the traffic to not go down the lane where the tractor was at first, but then he had to go on his break, and I got to have a go, and ride around in it! It was a great hour away the usual work stuff...

And right now, there's only an hour left until Christmas Day. Time to chill, enjoy life, and spend time with family. Time to smile, and forget worries (as best as possible). Time for thanks. Time for rest. And I really need to go to sleep soon... :)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

PARAMORE - Live In London

Last night. Was immmense. It was hectic, crazy, and really quite violent. But, it was incredible. There were some negative points, but mostly positive points - one of which was seeing Paramore live in London for the second time.

It's been over 22 months since I last saw them headline (Brixton, 1 Feb '08), and I've really been so excited about this concert - almost more excited than I've been for any other concert. Paramore's 'brand new eyes' is one of the greatest albums I've heard, and I've been looking forward to hearing it live.
We got a snow day yesterday - as you've probably already read - which meant there was no school, so I could chill out in the morning, and take my time getting ready for the gig. There were a few of us going, so we decided to meet up at Liverpool St Station at 3.00pm, giving us plenty of time to get up there, and get a good spot in the queue; we wanted to be right near the front. At Liverpool St, we got some food, hung out, and got on the tube an hour later. It wasn't long before we got to Wembley Park Station, and began the walk through the cold and over the ice towards the legendary Wembley Arena, lit up next to the Stadium. We had 90 minutes to kill in the queue - which was already incredibly long. Yeah, we knew then that we weren't going to be at the barrier. Pel and I walked to McDonald's to use the toilet (they wouldn't let us in to even use the toilet), and I spoke to some of my other friends who were in the queue on the other side of the Arena. The time went by pretty quick. Doors opened at six. We got our wristbands, got to keep our tickets, and headed inside. Cutting the boring part of the story short, we went to he toilet, bought merch (I got a Paramore tee with the tour dates on :D), dropped our stuff at the cloakroom, and headed into the standing area.

We found a decent spot about 50 people back (If you've been to Wembley, we were in line with the front 'No crowdsurfing!' sign), and Now, Now Every Children, the first support act, came on. They were alright - very mellow, with bursts of rock. I'll be honest, a couple of times I almost forgot music was playing, but yeah, they were alright. The next band to come onstage was Paper Route. They were great. They were rock, and they had a turntablist - it doesn't get much cooler! They're friends with Paramore, and for one of their songs near the end of their set, the drummer jumped off of the drums, and Zac played onstage with them! It was awesome; the crowd went crazy. You should should check out their song 'Wish' - they played it last night, and it's a pretty good song. You Me At Six were up next. Up to this point the crowd had been calm. Even before there was any music, even as nothing was happening, there were surges, and people were falling forwards. We took advantage, went with it, and made our way as far forward as we could go. As the lights went down for YM@6, everyone went crazy, and the surging began. It was just hectic. Our group all tried to stay together, but it was difficult. If you know what it's like in a surge, you'll know you can't really move - well, I was getting pushed into this one guy, and he threatened me to get off him. I was like, 'Seriously, I'm trying'. Anyway, as YM@6 were playing, everyone got sweaty, pushed around, and squashed. You Me At Six were alright. They played some songs of my favourite songs of theirs, like 'Save It For The Bedroom', 'If I Were In Your Shoes', and 'The Consequence'. During 'Always Attract', Elissa Franceschi joined them onstage to sing. We kept moving forward at every opportunity during their set, and got so close to the front - we've moved forward from about 50 people back, to about 10 people back. YM@6 were finally done, and Paramore were up next. After You Me At Six's set, we'd lost the other, and it was just Pelham, Clare, and myself sticking together. We all needed a drink so bad, but didn't want to give up our spot we'd fought for. So we stuck it out.

The lights went down. Paramore came onstage. And they played one of the greatest sets ever. Check it:

Brand New Eyes Tour Intro
I Caught Myself
That's What You Get
Looking Up
Turn It Off
The Only Exception
Where The Lines Overlap
My Heart

Misguided Ghosts
Misery Business
Brick By Boring Brick

It really doesn't get much better. As Paramore came onstage, the atmosphere was incredible. The lead into 'Ignorance' was awesome. 'I Caught Myself' was amazing. Ok, I know I shouldn't rewrite the setlist with an adjective following each song, but you get how great the concert was, right? At the beginning of their set, we were so close to the front; I was about ten metres from Hayley... She is so beautiful. Clare and I stayed together (and we found her sister in the standing area) after losing Pel, and lasted through six songs before leaving to get water before we passed out. We were all already exhausted. 'Turn It Off' is an excellent song, but I'm glad we left then and instead of sooner or later. We stayed outside for a couple of minutes, drinking, recovering, before going back inside the auditorium - now at the very back of the standing area. We finished our drinks, and I went to the toilet before we weaved our way back forward. Just as I was heading for the toilet, Hayley was calling some people up onstage, and I found out once I'd come out that one guy had just proposed to his girlfriend onstage! Can't believe I missed that... Haha, that's so awesome, eh?! During 'The Only Exception', we weaved our way back into the crowd and found ourselves and excellent spot, not far from where we started at the beginning of the night. We were behind the havoc here, so were able to breathe and enjoy the music. It was great to see the Paramore jump again during 'Pressure'. 'Decode' was particularly awesome. During that song, Clare noticed Pelham on someone's shoulders, and we weaved our way through the crowd, and found our group again...
'My Heart' was absolutely the highlight of the night. It's probably one of the greatest songs I've ever heard live. I got on Mike's shoulders for the entire song, and it was really phenomenal. I was in the middle of a 12,500 person arena, above the rest of the crowd, level with the band, singing the lyrics at the top of my voice, and enjoying the incredible atmosphere. That very moment will go down as one of the greatest moments of my life. The whole concert was being recorded, with cameras in different spots, and one overhead the crowd on a crane. As I was on Mike's shoulders, singing to 'My Heart', having the time of my life, I saw the camera focus on me. So if the concert gets released on DVD or whatever, look out for me. :) It was amazing... And Josh's screams were so intense, and so impressive.
Then, the encore finished the night off brilliantly. 'Misguided Ghosts' is a beautiful song anyway, and our group stood in a circle and swayed as we sung. Then 'Misery Business' was interesting... Pel put Laura on his shoulders, and then Mike put Emily on his shoulders, so Clare got on my shoulders... But, this isn't a soft song, and I think the kids behind we getting annoyed with us; they kept pushing Clare, which made it difficult for me to keep her up. Anyway, as I tried to get her down, we both stacked it... Hahaha, it's funny now that I think about it. Then, for the rest of the song, I jumped into the mosh pit, which we were now right on the edge of. It was crazy and violent, but a lot of fun... And then, I really don't know what happened - whether someone just pushed me really hard or what, but my feet came out from under me, and my back slammed square onto the floor... I was like, 'Whaat?!' People helped me up straight away, which was awesome, and I was alright, but I didn't go back into the pit... As you know, 'Brick By Boring Brick' was the very last song. Everyone went all out, and it was so impressive, with silver confetti was fired into the air... A great end to the evening. The band all took centre stage, held hands, and took a bow...

The concert was amazing, and I really did enjoy it. Paramore are such an amazingly talented band, and seriously, Hayley is so hott in real life. We left the venue at 11.00pm, and get the train to Liverpool St Station, where my Dad was waiting to pick up me and a couple of my friends. We enjoyed Chicken McNuggets on the way home, and I was really so so exhausted. I didn't get home and to bed until 1.30am, but I did have a good time, and now have even more incredible memories...

Friday, 18 December 2009

(Almost) One Month Off

I've been really busy lately - doing college work, doing coursework, doing my University application, doing Seminary, doing chores, and the list goes on... Which means I've been focussing (mostly) on my priorities, resulting in little time put aside to blog - other than the recent posts about driving, and Converse... But there has been so much awesome stuff going on in my life recently, I really do want to write about it. And I will. Maybe next week. Hey, guess what?! We've got a snow day today! It was snowing last night, and again this morning, and it looks so beautiful... And, it gives me loads of time to chill before going out; in just over an hour, I'm leaving to go to London to see - wait for it - Paramore. I'm soo excited. There's a bunch of us all going, and we're heading up there to queue to get to the front. It's gonna be immense. Excitementt!

Alma 26:8

"Blessed be the name of our God;

let us sing to his praise,

yea, let us give thanks to His Holy name,

for He doth work righteousness forever...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Right now, outside my window...

It's snowing!
(I know! Can you believe it?!)

Like, alot. With thunder and lightning. And it's really awesome.

Cruising home with Teddy today, through the snowstorm, some chill tunes playing... It doesn't get much better...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Introducing the most awesome new pair of Converse...

New Converse Padded Collar. Beautiful. Awesome.

Monday, 14 December 2009

"I just need a little time...

'Coz I've over commited myself...

I guess this is growing up...

I'm sleeping so little these days...

I guess this is growing up...

I'm feeling things are about to change...

I'm guessing this is growing up...

Yeah, I'm guessing this is growing up.

-'Coffee Break', Forever The Sickest Kids

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Freedom of Driving...

I love it. I love it so much. I can go out where I want, whenever I want. Today, I slept in, got up late, chilled out, and then drove into school for my one lesson. On the way back home, I dropped off a friend, then detoured, driving the long way home, enjoying the freedom. I stopped in to see Teddy, because I could. Then I went back to the school to pick up my sister.
I was driving along, with my music playing, the sun shining through the clouds with the rain falling from the sky. It was amazing. Then Coldplay's 'The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away' from Leftrightleftrightleft came on, and reminded me of cruising with my best friend back in Canada. Great times then, great times now...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

-Pass practical driving test.


I passed my driving test just four hours ago. It feels so good. Already I've been out driving on my own... The freedom is amazing.
So I've had this test booked for about two months, and haven't told anyone, at all, except my immediate family. I was so worried that I could fail the test, and then I'd have to tell everyone that I didn't pass the test... Before the test, I'd had 34 hours of driving instruction, plus all the driving I've done with my parents. Recently, I haven't been driving so much as I didn't want to pick up bad habits, having had to already get rid of some I'd picked up from driving without an instructor.
Anyway, today, Mum drove me home from school, where my instructor joined me in my car, and we went for an hour's lesson before my test. It was great that I got to do the test in my own car. I love it, and it's brilliant to drive. In the lesson, we just drove around, making sure I was doing everything well, and practised some of the maneuvers. We stopped, and I had something to eat before going into the test centre. The waiting began, as we took our seats in the lobby. My test was at 13.33. My examiner was the first to come out, and I was the first to begin my test. We did the sight test, and then the show me / tell me questions; he asked me how I'd check my lights, and... I can't even remember the other question. And then the driving began. I couldn't believe this was it - the test I'd been waiting for, praying about, anticipating, for months... I had to drive well. He took me all around, different types of roads, different types of roundabouts. He pulled me over four times in all (I think...); the first time I indicated unnecessarily, but remembered not to the next times. I had to do a turn in the road about fifteen minutes into the test, and pulled it off in five points. I was so stressed (and sweaty) as I was doing it, and I was worried that I didn't do well on it... So then, we carried on driving, on a dual carriageway, on hilly roads, in a 20mph zone... I was so worried I hadn't passed; I noticed some things that I did wrong, and I didn't expect to pass any more... We carried on, and I had to use my initiative passing a learner doing a parallel park, which I was worried about as I did it. We headed back to the test centre, and I knew I'd be asked to do a bay park back at the test centre. As he asked me, I pulled forward into a bay, and then reversed into the one directly behind. Sweet. We stopped, and I was asked to turn off the engine.
"Congratulations, you've passed..." I was so excited. My examiner went through the minor mistakes I made - four in total - and then my instructor drove me home. I went straight back out to pick up my sister from school. Driving on my own was such a great feeling... I love it. And I'm so happy I passed. The Lord really blessed me, and I'm excited to get to go out where and when I want. Awesome...

"I fell asleep with the lights on...

...and I can see that you're the first one in a long time
That had some faith in me...
(Have faith in me!)
I tell my friends, it won't be long
Before it's time for me to come back home
It feel's like I'm ready for anything
If you can wait for me

'Another Song About The Weekend',
A Day To Remember

Monday, 16 November 2009

As ever, so much to write...

And not enough time. Or energy. But I am planning to write all about a great fortnight pretty soon. I've got a driving test coming up, Uni application deadline, coursework, revision, and a bunch of other stuff which is keeping me well and truly occupied. And I'm gonna go to bed now, and have an early night. Not that that's relevant. Or interesting..? As you can see, I have random bursts of blogging, before leaving it for a while again...

Until next time.

'The Weekend: Friday'

F O R E V E R    T H E    S I C K E S T    K I D S

I have it. It's immmense. 10 stars. Awesome...

Back 180

From gym last week.

Mosiah 16:9

"He is the light and the life of the world;
yea, a life that is endless, that can never be darkened;
yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Heavy Rain

This is one of the most intense and fantastic trailers and monologues I've ever seen. I actually saw this trailer years ago, at the launch of the PS3, and was amazed then. I haven't been able to find it since; I couldn't remember what it was called. Today, I was actually checking out tomorrow's weather online, when it said "there will be heavy rain", and I thought "that's it!". This is really, really good graphics, story, character, dialogue, narrative and structure. It's so real, and so intense.
Warning: Contains strong language.

"The writing's on the wall..."

I heard this yesterday on Radio 1, and it's just so intense. Lostprophet's cover of The Prodigy's 'Omen'. Brilliant. Check it...


is almost here!

I'm sat here, doing Business coursework, texting a bunch of kids, and I find out new songs from FTSK's latest EP 'The Weekend: Friday' are up on their Myspace. They're so beautiful. I love them. Check them out here, and then go pre-order it! Epic.
(So excited to see them live again...!)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Let those beautiful flames begin...

We've just got in from seeing one of the most incredible fireworks show I've ever been to...

After work, I quickly had dinner, then headed out again with Dad, my sister, and her friend. We drove over there, and got there just for the start. I'd planned to meet some friends from college, so left to find them. There were thousands of people of there, filling the huge park. I called Scott, one of the kids already there, and he headed over to where I was to find me. "I'm by the bit near the burger stand with the ketchup..." "So am I..." "No you're not; I can't see you" "I really am, where are you...?!" I found him, and then we set off to weave through the enormous crowd to find the rest of the group. We were moving in and out through the crowd, watching the fireworks which were exploding overhead. I stopped to try and get a picture of the incredible fireworks, and just as I did, we found Emi-Lou and Laura, right next to us. We hung out with them to watch the remainder of the show - which was epic. The speakers were so loud, playing awesome music, with huge fireworks constantly exploding above us in time with the music at an incredible rate. Just huge, colourful, loud bursts of light... It was amazing.
And it was over far too soon. Afterwards, we moved forward to meet the rest of the kids who were there, and then hung out for a while, chatting, taking pictures. Then, we jumped over the barrier, and moved towards the enormous burning bonfire. It was beautiful, and the burning heat was incredible. The glowing embers beneath the shimmering blue and orange flames were... beautiful. All memories of being cold were gone... Lewis even pulled his trousers down to warm his legs up... :) Hahaha it was so funny... Then, we were told to leave because the park was closing.
It was a really great show, and we all had a great time... One of the best firework shows I've ever seen.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Mosiah 7:19

"...lift up your heads,

and rejoice,

and put your trust in God...

T E K K E N 6

I've been playing it for almost a week now, and it's awesome. I had 'Tekken 3' when I was younger, and playing this brings back memories. The fights can be so intense, when you're so close to winning, then just before you get beaten down, you make one final kick, winning the fight... There's so much to do on the game, so many combos to learn. I've already mastered a couple. My favourite characters right now are Christie and King - they're both awesome. If you've got a PSN ID, let me know on Facebook or whatever, and I'll fight you...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


-The O2 Arena, London, 2nd November 2009

This time yesterday, we were in The O2 Arena in London, laughing at Michael McIntyre live on stage. It was really awesome...
We went up to The O2 as a family, ate in a restaurant, looked around The O2, and then headed into the Arena. It was the first time I'd been inside the main venue, and it is really awesome in there. I was so excited for the show to begin; Michael McIntyre is my favourite comedian...
As the lights went down, he came skipping onstage, with his pink shirt, and bobbing black hair, and begun a night of immmense jokes. His first words as he walked on stage were "Let's face it, this is my biggest gig ever..." He didn't disappoint. For those that don't know, The O2 Arena holds an epic 23,000. For one guy to fill that venue is incredible... We had excellent seats in row A of block B3, and had such a great view. His first jokes were about the seats near the ceiling, almost a mile away... "They're looking at the satnav, and it's saying they're still a mile away from the venue...". I was laughing so hard at some of his jokes, it almost hurt. If you ever get the DVD of this tour - 'UK Tour 2009' - my favourite joke of the entire night was 'the idiot in the car'. It's so, so true. It was really such a great night... Unfortunately, he swore a lot more than on 'Live and Laughing', and included much ruder jokes, which wasn't cool, but he was still just as funny.
All today, I've been randomly laughing to myself, remembering more jokes - about snooker, Wii, Ryanair, the gym changing rooms, Irish toilets, his wife's new outfit, morning breath, losing weight, condiments, and other completely random stuff...

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Half-term's been alright... This week's gone by so fast, it's not even cool. I still have work to do, which is supposed to be in tomorrow. It won't be. But for those concerned for my academic welfare, don't worry, I will get it done. Later.
Tuesday, I went round Teddy's house for an epic six hours or so. I brought my camera along, and we went to the park at sunset. I got some beautiful shots of the scenery, the swans, and the lake. You might get to see them one day. Then we headed back to his house to play PS3 and chill to some tunes.
The next day, I had a mock driving exam at 9.30, which went really good, apart from the three serious faults I got, which were ridiculous. Otherwise, I got no minors, except three for indicating as I pulled over to the left when nobody was around. As if that even matters, but whatever. Plus, that day Teddy managed to get presale tickets to see Michael Bublé in London - we both went online just before 9am to get the tickets, but then the page kept crashing and whatnot. When it was finally updated, they'd changed the presale time from 9am to 10am. Anyway, he managed to get a couple, which is awesome.
Thursday, I went with my sister to the theatre to see our teachers in 'Buddy'. They were really good in it, and I'm so glad I went just to see them on stage. The rest of the show was great... If you like Buddy Holly music.
On Friday, I went online again to see if there were any tickets left for Bublé's London show. At 9am - as they went on sale for the general public, there were - wait for it - zero tickets left. I'm glad we get them when we did... I also saw La Roux tickets went on sale that morning, so quickly texted some friends, and bought a few. Visit La Roux's official site here. Both gigs are a while away, but they're gonna be so good. That afternoon, I went to Teddy's again for another gaming sesh, after going to see my cousin for her birthday. Teddy and I were playing 'Tekken 6' - which is awesome - and I loved pwning him through my button-mashing - which admittedly only happened on a couple of the many occasions. He started teaching me some moves for a few characters, to give me a head start for when my copy gets here. Afterwards, I went to my Sunday School teacher Shaun's house, where he invited the class over for the evening for dinner. It was seriously such an awesome evening. He and his wife had made beautiful currys, and we sat around the table, eating, talking, and laughing for hours and hours, and really got to know each other so well. That evening, I also ate a chilli for the first time. I really can't eat spicy food - at Nando's, I ask for Mango and Lime - but I decided I'd go ahead and eat a chilli for man-points, and as a dare... It was one of those small green chillis, and I was really so nervous as I worked myself up to eating it. I went ahead, and bit off half of it, quickly chewed, then swallowed. Then the intense burning began, and it was awful. My entire mouth felt like it had been set on fire, and it was actually painful. It was one of the most painful experiences I've had in a long time. My face went red, and I was almost sweating and crying. I ate chocolate, bread, and drank milk to get rid of the acid from my mouth, but it was the milk that did the job - I drunk pints of it - my mouth burning again as I went to keep refilling the glass - before I was alright again maybe 15 minutes later. It was terrible, but funny for anyone watching. There was no way I was going to finish the chilli off. At least now I can say I've eaten [half] a chilli. The rest of the evening was great. For desert, we enjoyed gorgeous homemade chocolate fondu - made just with chocolate and double cream - with various foods to dip - although I was already so full from the curry and milk. We talked about everything from 'Twilight', to Uni, to parties, and then finished with the epic story about how Shaun and his wife met, dated, and married. It was a really brilliant story... They're such awesome people. We didn't get home until late that night / early the next morning, and I was so full, I just couldn't sleep.
Then yesterday, of course, was work. And I was tired...
And today, has been epic. Dad was called and set apart and Bishop of our ward today. He and Mum were interviewed last night, then came home and told my sister and I. We were all so excited, and it was a really, really great Church service today. There was a buzz as people were chatting and congratulating and thanking... The Spirit was really strong there. It's the beginning of a new era for the ward, and our family. I'm excited for him. He already out at meetings this evening, doing his duty.
So all in all, it's been a pretty good week. Nothing epic has happened - except today, and hanging with Teddy, then Friday evening was so much fun - but it's been good to chill, and not do too much.
It's back to college tomorrow, and I need to start working more now than ever...

Saturday, 31 October 2009

"'Cause you are not alone; I'm always there with you,

And we'll get lost together
Till the light comes pouring through
'Cause when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When your worlds crashing down
And you can't bear the thought
I said, babe, you're not lost...
-'Lost', Michael Bublé

Friday, 30 October 2009

A Huge Congratulations

to the Merryweather Family!

Little Jackson is their latest addition, born earlier this week. He is really cute, and I know he's been born into a really great family.

You can read Mam's official blog post here.

Again, congratulations to you all from myself and my family!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

How Racist Are You?

I've just finished watching 'The Event: How Racist Are You' on 4. It was so interesting to watch, to see people's reactions, and her racist ideas and views. According to the program, she was teaching in America in a time when white people discriminated black people, purely because of skin colour. I agree, this was wrong, is wrong, and will always be wrong, definately. I do not agree, however, that now, every single white person is programmed to feel superior over black people. Now, especially in this day and age in multi-cultural Britain - multi-cultural being the key word - I believe that we interact very well with each other - based on my own experience through school, work, and public environments. Just the fact that we are addressing white and black people as different people, that is surely racist, is it not? Fair enough, use of the terms in physical descriptions of the person, but morally, discrimination should not occur when addressing or interacting with people of different demographics, or discriminating according to their race, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, or any other possible 'label'. I believe, for 2009 Britain, she had it wrong. I don't think there is obvious racism which needs to be addressed - for some individuals, perhaps, but suggesting that every white person is racist, is in itself racist - but each individual needs to begin or continue to make a conscious effort to simply treat all other individuals with the respect they deserve. According to that woman in the program, all white British people are in denial that there's even a racism problem, but hey, this is just how I see it.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


" F I G H T    F O R    T H I S    L O V E "

Cheryl Cole is one of the most incredibly beautiful women on the Earth. She is so attractive, so gorgeous, so amazing. And she's definately one of the most attractive celebrities ever. I don't know anyone that thinks otherwise. I'm not going to write a bio on her - she's beautiful and talented, and that's all you need to know. Her accent is gorgeous too - I could listen to her all day. Plus, I've technically seen her live, when Girls Aloud supported Coldplay at Wembley Stadium.

And I love her single 'Fight For This Love' - yeah, ever since her awesome performance on X Factor. I bought it a week ago, and already listened to it 25 times on my iPod / iTunes. And I'm listening to it now. It's catchy as anything. She's #1 in the album and singles charts right now. You can check out her performance of the song on X Factor here, or the official video here. She looks so hot in both of them, and is just so cute... Wow...
I'm almost in love with her.


The last few weeks of my life have been good. It's been college, work, Church, as usual. Right now, we're on a break from school, which is awesome. I just know it's all going to be over before we know it... I kinda want to go all out and do something spontaneous and memorable, and part of me just wants to chill.

We've been having a great time recently though. My driving's going good - in my last two mock tests, I got 3 minors and 2 serious - of which were pathetic, and can easily be fixed - and 9 minors respectively. I still absolutely love driving though. I just want to get the test over and done with now...
On Thursday at gym, I hurt myself just an hour into the session. It wasn't cool. I was on the bars - obviously with a heck-load of chalk on my hands - swinging back and forth, trying to get the guts to backflip off... I didn't find the courage, and just dropped down into the pit, finding I'd ripped some of the skin clean off the top of my hand, getting callisses just below my fingers, one on each hand. I washed them under cold water, and it stung so bad. It didn't get better for a few days, but is feeling alright now. I won't be going on the bars again for a while. Right now - not this second, but generally - I'm practising handstands. Jake's taught me how to do them, which muscles to use, and I just need to get practising, and increase my overall strength. It was be awesome to be able to do them perfectly...
Friday was Dad's birthday, and we went up to London to celebrate. We went to eat, and then saw 'Oliver' at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane... It was absolutely brilliant, and so much better than I expected it to be. I've seen it a couple of times before, but this time it was amazing. The whole show - the singing, acting, special effects, and especially scenery - was spectacular. Omid Djalili played Fagin, and was so funny. He kept adding in random eastern dancing, and jokes about current affairs. The whole evening was great - awesome entertainment.
The next day, I phoned in work before my shift, telling them off the callisses on my hands. I tried to explain to them that I'd prefer not to have to wash my hands too much, or wear a plaster on it too much. I did have to wear a plaster, but I got to work on shop floor and do other odd jobs more than working on the counters, which was good.
Then yesterday, we went shopping, and I met some of the kids from InterAct there. We looked around some of the shops, and I went into the Apple Store, and asked some questions about the Macbook and Pro... They're incredible machines.

So this is a bit of a random post. But that's what's been going on in my life lately. I've got a bit of college work to get done over the holidays, which I just need to get on and do. And I need to begin application to Uni. That really needs to be done.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Random Fact #6

I love Converse. They're awesome. I have four pairs right now - three high-tops, and one low-top. Here they are:

They're pretty cool, right? A few people have told me how awesome they are, and I'm just like, "Yeah, I know..." I love them... They're completely legit.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

"London's just a burning fire..."

-'A City On Fire', Fightstar

I heard Fightstar's new single - 'A City On Fire', which is set to be released 7th December - yesterday, and it's not only one of their greatest ever songs, but one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. It's epic. Check it out.


I've decided to start added labels to my posts... starting with this one.

I've just added labels to about 200 posts... It's taken ages. But it's cool now it's done. :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jacob 3:2

"O all that are pure in heart, lift up your heads and receive the pleasing work of God, and feast upon His love; for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever."

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

This really is cute.

I saw this a while back now, and even I think it's one of the cutest things ever, and had to add it to my blog. Just check it out.

Random Fact #5

I don't like it when people are talking about the football team they support as though they're on the team. They have nothing to do with the team. The team do not know their name, and they have no connection at all with the team. Yet, as they're talking about football, they use the fourth person, saying stuff like "Yeah, we had an easy match against [insert football team here], but we're playing [insert football team here] next weekend... We might only get a couple of points..." I guess they just want to feel a part of it, to feel included, but just because you buy a t-shirt, it doesn't make you a part of the team. I'm a fan of Paramore, but I don't talk about the new album "we" just released. They did it. And it's great. Anyway, you get the idea... :D I don't mind really, but whenever I hear people talking like that, I think - 'You're not on the team!'

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Add to the collection:

Here are some more vids from gym tonight. It was so much fun...

My first ever, ever attempt at back flipping running up a wall.

I stacked it backwards at the end, but I did it!
(And just so you know, I did it better later in the evening...)

Side somersault.

Front 180.

I didn't know what to call this one...

But it was awesome!

"You and I girl,

we've got something golden, and did you know they say it never lasts,
and (oh-oh-oh) we've got something golden...
We can't, can't break - everyone, everyone's wrong..."

- 'Golden', New Found Glory

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

There are nice people in England...

It's true. I was at the gym today, doing a pretty intense weights workout of low reps but heavy weights, doing random different exercises - whatever came to mind next... Anyway, I picked up two 20kgs and went over to the bench to do some chest presses. I used to use 18s, but have been using 16s lately. I began lifting them above me, and did alright for the first few reps, but then began to wobble and struggle - yet I was determined to continue, and complete at least one set. The guy next to me saw, and got up to spot for me. He encouraged me to continue, and stayed to help me in case I dropped them, or couldn't lift them again, or whatever. It was a really cool thing for him to do. He saw I has having trouble, and came over to help. I thanked him for it, and he was chill with it.
I really appreciated it! It was an awesome thing to do...

Who says school can't be fun?

Ok, it really isn't always. But today, I sure had a fun time. It was the end of the day, we had a free, and were sitting in the canteen, not doing anything. I had a heck load of energy, and just wanted to do freerunning or something. So.. I made the best of the situation. I put three bins together, and begun to (attempt to) run at then jump over them. It was so funny... Sometimes I'd misjudge and chicken out while I was running, and then just go straight into them! :D Hahaha... Then, I used two of the smaller bins, and moved them apart, to jump over them both in one go. It was actually pretty scary. There was like, a metre gap in between each bin, and I was kinda 'leapfrogging' over - excuse the poor terminology - both bins and the increasing gap. I finally figured out that you need to run, jump with both feet, which will propel you, and then aim for the furthest object away, in this case, the second bin. Mike came along and attempted it a couple of times, and failed. It was almost legendary. I was laughing. But just as I'd got the technique down, one of the teachers saw we were doing something, and came over. I'd just moved one of the bins, and Mike was about to take another run at the set-up, when we stopped as the teacher came over. He kept asking us what we were doing: "I know you're doing something; Mike looks like he's ready for something, and the girls have a slightly disapproving look on their faces..." It was funny, and it was obvious that we were doing something, but we kept our cool, and soon he left us... But we couldn't carry on the jumping, 'cause we knew we'd be found out. So, I went into the unisex toilets just to chat to some kids, when I noticed that the walls were close together, and grippable (-I don't know if that's even a word). I just started walking up the walls with my hands and feet, with my hands on one wall, and my feet on the wall opposite, and made it right to the ceiling - which wasn't high, but high enough. This probably wasn't 'allowed' either, but it was fun! And took a lot more strength than I initially anticipated! I had to do it a couple more times, because the girls wanted to get a picture [which I'll add below]. But hey, it was actually all a lot of fun! And beats sitting on the rubbish chairs not doing anything... Alright, we're supposed to be working, but jumping over things and climbing up things is even more fun!
Disclaimer: I do not encourage anyone to try this - especially if you're seriously not allowed, or don't think you're capabable. Stay legal and safe! :D

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I've been thinking about the future.

It's really exciting. And really scary. There's so, so much I want to do, so much I want to learn, so much I want to experience. I have a lot of ambitions in life - so much I want to do, and so many places I want to visit. I sometimes think about an unexpected message I got one day, from someone I hadn't known very long, which was so inspiring, just to keep me going, y'know? I've recently decided on the sort of life I want to have in the future, and now have to do my absolute best to work towards that. I need to focus now, and do the work I have to do. I just need to keep my head down, and get on with it all. This year really is probably one of the most difficult years of my life. I sure hope I don't screw it up. So much change is going to happen over the next few years - and hopefully all for the better.
The future's bright...  (Ok, that bit was cheesy, but I meant the rest of it... :P )

How do you follow a post like the one below?

I really don't know...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Oh. Wow. Incredible...

This evening has been absolutely epic. This evening I had the incredible opportunity to baptise my good friend Sam into the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I can't really express in words how amazing this evening has been. She began coming along to Church about a year ago, and this evening, she finally got baptised. And I was priviledged to be able to perform the baptism.
I was so nervous the week leading up to tonight, thinking about how it would go, and praying it would all go well. It really, really did. We got there early, and started preparing for it all. Some of my friends from college turned up, and it was really great to see them there. We had some pictures before we started, then practised, and then changed into white. More people were arriving - even the mission president and his wife were there! - and then we had to wait a little longer for the font to fill before we begun. I was asked to speak on 'Baptism', and had some ideas for what I was going to say, but then today realised that it didn't have much to do with baptism, so I switched with my Dad and spoke on 'Repentance'. Just before we started, I was so nervous - about the talk and the baptism. I loved giving the talk. The Spirit was so strong, it was amazing. Part of my talk was the story 'The Donut Master'. If you know it, you'll know how incredible it is. If you don't, look it up. I was crying so much as I was reading it. The Spirit was so strong. And the message in it is awesome. I love it. Then in closing I bore testimony, telling my friends how much I love the Gospel. All of the talks were brilliant, and the Spirit was so strong. Before long, it was time for us to go to the font.
I went in first. The water was hot, and I waited until Sam was ready to join me. I was nervous, and excited, and so, so happy. As I held Sam, and raised my hand to the square to begin the prayer, I felt an overwhelming joy and happiness. I was almost crying as the prayer was over, and I got to baptise her. It. Was. So. Incredible. I've used that word quite a few times in this post, but it really was. As she came back out from the water, the Spirit was so strong. Even I felt cleansed, and so... So good. Sam and I just hugged, and kept hugging as she was crying, standing still in the warm water.
I got out and dried and changed into my suit, and then waited for the girls until we went back into the Chapel. The rest of the meeting was awesome too. We had a couple more great talks, then closed and went to eat food and drink drink. Now we're home, and I still feel so happy, and joyful, and grateful.
This post hasn't quite described how amazing and incredible this evening has been, but I'm sure you get the idea. I wish I could remember every single moment, and feel that awesome feeling again.
I love, love, love the Gospel. It's the greatest thing on Earth. And today has been an absolutely fantastic day.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Four day weekends.

I love them. Since college gave me just one lesson on a Thursday, and one on a Friday, I've pretty much been avoiding going in when I can. Instead, I've been planning to do lots of the work at home, and then.. Well, doing other stuff. But it's really great to chill, do what you want, and enjoy life, right?! Today, I had a driving lesson, watched TV, then went over to Teddy's house for about... Seven hours. We were chilling, playing PS3, rocking out to Guitar Hero 5 (I can now play drums on 'Hard'), and watching Paramore... Awesome. It's not all chilling though; I've got work for nine hours tomorrow...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Apparently this is my two-hundred and first blog post on this blog! I didn't even realise I'd reached the 200-mark just now... So I figured I'd acknowledge the record in this post... I reached 100 on January 25th this year - check it out here. :)

What I listen to: Top 25 Most Played

What do you think?!
If you haven't already, check out these tunes.

(PS: 'Men In Black' by FTSK isn't explicit. It's just explicitly awesome.)

'Forget And Not Slow Down'

R E L I E N T    K
Awesome. I've only listened to it through once, but it's really, really great. 5/5. Their previous albums are epic, and this is certainly no different. Look out for 'Forget And Not Slow Down', 'Sahara', and 'If You Believe Me'.
And just go out and buy the album, alright?!

I didn't know what to title this post.

Dad arrived home from the States today. It was really great to see him again. Plus, he brought us all a bunch of treats, including awesome new Abercrombie / Hollister gear, new music, and cereal. But not any cereal - Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms. Ohh yeah. Captain Crunch is so good. I had a bowl as soon as I got in. Then remembered why it's not sold in England - it's so sugary... But soo good! Love it! Haha... :D

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Toy Story (Original) 3D FTAW!

Tonight, I totally got to go to the cinema, and see 'Toy Story' in 3D. Yep, the original adventure - it was immense. It's my childhood's favourite film, and I just loved it. There were actually pretty much all adults in the cinema, and a bunch of other teenage boys, like us... So it really wasn't awkward. It was just awesome. I'm so excited for the third installment to be released next summer! It's gonna be epic! :D

Monday, 5 October 2009

There's a first for everything...

Today was my first time tutoring Maths. Cutting a long story short, someone I know - who's really cool by the way - asked if I wanted to tutor Maths, and I agreed, knowing that I could do it, but wondering how good I'd be at doing it. I'm not sure I'm the greatest teacher or explainer that ever walked the Earth. Well, I got in contact with the guy I'd be tutoring, and he's in my sister's year, called Alex. I do know him; I've seen him around school before. He told me some of the things he'd be needing help with, so I read up about it before today, and took the book(s) along with me. We just sat down, and I asked him how he wanted me to help him, and then I gave him a bunch of questions to answer, so I could see how much he already knew, and yeah, it was good. It all went pretty well - at least I think so. I just really hope I didn't really confuse him; I kept showing him different ways of doing the sums, so he can find his favourite. But I made sure that he understood, by having him explain it back to me. I was really good! We were doing Maths for over an hour, but I could've kept going! I enjoyed it! Geek-out to the max, eh?!

2 Nephi 9: 5, 21.

"... for it behooveth the great Creator that he suffereth himself to become subject unto man in the flesh, and die for all men, that all men might become subject unto Him."

"And He cometh into the world that He may save all men if they will hearken unto His voice; for behold, He suffereth the pains of all men, yea, the pains of every living creature, both men, women, and children, who belong to the family of Adam."

Sunday, 4 October 2009


It sometimes still amazes me at how incredible, perfect, and beautiful this Gospel is. It's so amazing, and I love it so much. It's the best thing in the world. When I really think about it, I can almost not comprehend it... I wish I could write more about how awesome it is, but, I really can't... It's pretty much indescribable, and something you just have to experience for yourself.

The best moments of my life:


EFY 2007, Friday.

EFY 2009, Thursday.

(Let me know if you wanna know about both of those incredible experiences.)

Being in a huge lake in Canada at sunset, surrounded by water, almost completely alone and secluded from everyone else, with the colour reflecting on the shining water around your body...

Skiing 2008
, on top of the mountain, looking out at the incredible views surrounding me, skiing down sparkling white snow...

Cruising in the States with amazing friends - 2008.
Not a care in the world, hanging out with some of the coolest people, on one of the greatest holidays ever.

I think Coldplay could well fit in here. Being in an enormous crowd, seeing one of the greatest shows I've ever seen, fireworks lighting up the sky.

Single moments in life that cannot be retained or experienced again, only remembered. The best moments in life.

Life is great.

I woke up this morning, and just felt immensely happy. I'd had ten hours of great sleep, and felt awesome. I so didn't want to get up and out of bed. I was so comfortable, and could've stayed there forever... The sun was shining behind my curtains, and I was warm in my bed. I was so relaxed. It took me fifteen minutes to get out of bed. I got up, and we all spoke to my cousin on the phone, then went downstairs and had a breafast consisting of fresh fruit, then brioche with freshly mixed blackberryjambutter. Mmm-mm. On top of all this, we spent time as a family reading scrips, and I felt the Spirit so strongly. I wish every single Sunday could be this awesome.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

"Let us do the best we can,

and each day, a little better."

(Jorge F Zeballos, Saturday Afternoon, 179th Semiannual General Conference, 2009)

I don't usually make lists...

I haven't blogged in a week apparently. There really is so much you could talk about and write about, I'm sure you'll agree, but I don't make the time or effort to actually do it... So, I hope you don't mind a list just this once. I don't do it often. Seeing Coldplay feels like agges ago. That was a great night. Anyway. Let's begin.

-On 17th and 18th September, Chris, one of the most awesome missionaries you ever did see, came and stayed with us for a couple of nights, after having finished his mission, and come back to England to visit. It was a completely legit visit; we hung out, went driving, visiting kids, playing tunes, went to the gym, went out for bowling, and just had such a good time. He's so cool. It was great to just chill, hang out, and chat about anything. If you ever read this Chris, you really are legit...!

-22nd September, we got to go to the Temple for Youth Baptisms. As ever, it was amazing, and we had really incredible experiences there... If you ask me about it, I might tell you... :P I love going to the Temple. It's the best.

-26th September, at Seminary Super Saturday, we made music videos for the seminary songs. It really was a lol. I actually had a good time. Our song was from Ether 12:27, and I've come to love that scripture...

-Dad is in the States for Conference right now. We totally wish we could've gone with him! Every time he phones us, and tells us all the epic adventures he's been having, we so wish we were there! I'd love to see all the amazing kids I met in summer again! And Scott - but that goes without saying, right? Anyway, we're not bitter. :P We're glad he's having a good time.

-I've had / got an epic amount of business work to do. It was kinda supposed to be handed in yesterday, but, erm, well, y'know. I've got to keep working on it. Most kids are out partying on a Friday night. Luke is at home, sitting alone, working on his business coursework. I do find it really interesting, but it's so amazingly time-consuming, creating a written report on the theory of promotion.

-Hayley Williams has dyed her hair blonde. She looks amazing. Check it out here. And 'brand new eyes' is still really great. Like, really.

-Work was good today. Sam has started, and I saw Beth in there today as well, who was on her induction. It's so cool to have so many friends at work... Oh, and Jake's pretty much dating a Hollister model. Jealous. (He's not officially dating her, and she's not officially a model, but really, pretty much.)

-I think that's about everything. At least, it'll do for now...

-Oh oh, I loved President Uchtdorf's talk from today's session of General Conference. I loved every second of it. I was really awesome. And I love the Gospel in my life - just in case you didn't know.

Random Fact #4

I don't like it when someone sings over a song you're listening to.
It just really bugs me.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


I never do anything on Sundays. Well, it's a day of rest, right? So, I was upstairs, laying on my bed, looking at the pics and vids on my phone from concerts, EFY, awesome funtimes, etc., not doing much, when I got a text through. I looked at it straight away. It was from my friend Sam, and, well... here's the exact message:

"I CAN GET BAPTISED!!!!! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) AHHHHHHHH!"

I was so excited! Sam's mum had given permission for her to be baptised! She's been what we call a 'dry' mormon for about a year now, but now she can finally be a member! It's gonna be so awesome! I'm super stoked. So is she. :D :D :D

Friday, 25 September 2009

'brand new eyes'

It's epic. I was so excited as the postman came today, dropping the new Paramore album - 'brand new eyes' - through the door, along with tickets to see the live... I was so, so excited as I was listening to it through for the first time, imagining each song live... It's gonna be great. And 'brand new eyes' is immmense. It's brilliant. 'Ignorance', 'Where The Lines Overlap', and 'Brick By Boring Brick' were awesome when I heard them, and the rest of the album is fantastic. I don't know my favourites yet, but I've listened to it about three or four times through now, and I'm waay into it. It's blasting from my speakers right now. You'd better buy it, alright?

A couple more vids.

From gym last night...

Kick The Moon
Awesome fun. I only got the guts to do this last week...

Round off, triple flick, back tuck.
Messy, but I was tired...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I'm in a really random blogging mood...

As you can probably tell. :P

Random Fact #3

I love bass. Bass is the best. Turn it up loud...

Random Fact #2

My biggest 'pet hate' is the incorrect spelling of the abbrevation for 'you are'.
It's you're, not your. Oh my heck...

Random Fact #1

I really, really dislike moths. Especially big ones. Especially ones that fly around your face. Especially the really hairy ones...

I think that

trying to put on socks while wearing tight-as skinny jeans is well difficult.
Don't you?!

"Look at the stars...

Look how they shine for you, and all the things you do...

And it was all yellow..."

('Yellow', Coldplay)

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Girls Aloud, Jay-Z, COLDPLAY - Wembley Stadium, 19/09/09

It. Was. Just. Incredibly. Phenomenal.

Twenty-four hours ago right now, Coldplay were onstage in London, performing their 159th concert. It was just awesome. I did an earlier shift at work than I usually do, to give me time to get to Wembley, and then even got let off early, which was great. Charlotte went up earlier in the day to get some good seats as we had general admission tickets, and I got the train, then the tube to join her. The train on the metro line going to Wembley Park station was packed, it was ridiculous! I got off the train, and began the walk to the awesome stadium... It just looks amazing. By the time I got in, the first support band - The White Lies - had already finished. I got in, and tried to call Charlotte, but couldn't connect. I kept calling and calling, texting, and praying, walking slowly around the entire outside of the pitch trying to find her; I knew roughly were she was because I helped her get seats over the phone while I was on the train, but had no idea where exactly. Girls Aloud came on. I so wanted to watch them, what with my epic crush on Cheryl Cole an' all, but I kept looking around the stadium. They were pretty awesome though, and I was singing along to the music. I bought some (awesome) merch, and then finally found her in the crowd, and went over to sit with her. They really were good seats - half way up block 142. Jay-Z was on next. I didn't really wanna have to sit through his set; I'm not into rap, or the gangsta scene, or any of that, but he was absolutely phenomenal. He is just one of the most amazing performers I've ever seen - he owns the stage, and is one of the coolest people. "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man!" Everyone was just bouncing to the beat, going all out. It was so much fun. The atmosphere was incredible. And I actually nearly freaked out when his last song of the set began, 'Numb / Encore'. I went crazy from the opening notes. I so so wanted Linkin Park to come out and join him onstage, but knew that wasn't gonna happen. So yeah, I was very impressed with Jay-Z. "I appreciate all y'all energy tonight..." Legend.

COLDPLAY were up next. I was pretty excited. As soon as the lights when out, I jumped out of my seat and started screaming. And for good reason - it was epic. Here's the set list:

Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill
In My Place
Glass Of Water
Cemeteries Of London
Fix You
Strawberry Swing
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / Talk (techno version)
The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
Postcards From Far Away
Viva La Vida Lost+ (feat. Jay-Z)
Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic - sung by Will)
Trouble (acoustic guitar)
Billie Jean (cover)
Lovers In Japan
Death And All His Friends
The Scientist
Life in Technicolor ii

Then 'The Escapist' played as an outro as everyone left. The concert itself was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen. The lights and sounds, the epic noise... It starting raining just as Coldplay came on, which was so perfect. It looked amazing, and added to the atmosphere... For 'Yellow', giant yellow balloons were released into the crowd. Chris got everyone in the entire stadium to sing "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do... And they were all yellow...", before playing a vid of Simon Cowell saying 'how dreadful it was', as though we were auditioning for X Factor. 'Fix You' was so awesome, so emotional. And I loved 'Strawberry Swing', which is one of my favourites anyway. Chris messed up the words to 'The Hardest Part part, which was so funny. 'Viva La Vida' was incredible, with the entire stadium chanting their famous chant "oh oh ohhhh-uh-ohhhhh" for minutes after the song had finished. 'Lost!' is great anyway. For 'Death Will Never Conquer', 'Trouble', and their cover of 'Billie Jean', they were on a tiny stage at the back of the standing area. 'Trouble' was so awesome, played on acoustic guitar instead of piano. And at this point, they stopped singing, turned off all the lights, and got the entire crowd to get out their phones - which in itself was an awesome sight - before doing a phone mexican wave a few times around the stadium. It was incredible... One of my favourites of the night was actually 'Politik', and I was jumping and clapping to the intense beat and flashing lights. The rest of the songs are just great. I really love them. Butterfly confetti was falling all through the stadium as they played 'Lovers In Japan'. Right at the end, bright, colourful fireworks lit up the sky above the open-air stadium, finishing off the night perfectly after 'Life In Technicolor ii'. I loved it. Just loved it. It's probably the best concert I've ever been to. Best quotes of the evening from Chris Martin: "I just want to say Hi to everyone right at the top there, who are in a different time zone. You'll probably hear this in ten minutes or so. Actually, make some noise if you're right up there... You know what, I couldn't even hear the reply!" "If you can't see us at the back, don't worry, you're not missing much; we not as good-looking as Take That" "I want to thank you guys for all coming along. I mean, you're missing X Factor to watch us, so thank you" (These aren't the exact quotes, but you get the idea.) Here's some pics:

My ears are still ringing now, and all I have is a tour tee, photos and vids, and really, really great memories. Listening to Coldplay on a CD now just isn't so good after seeing their spectacular live show. I absolutely loved every second...

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Kick The Moon

At gym tonight, I found the guts to attempt a 'kick the moon'. It's like a gainer - a one-footed kick into a backflip - but you run and twist before the kick off. It was so scary, but so sick. I didn't land perfect, but I did it, and it was cool. I'll keep at it.

-Pass the driving theory test.



I got 48/50 on the theory, and 53/75 for the hazard perception. It was pretty much alright. I'm just kinda glad it's over...! Now for the practical... Well, one day.
(Soon, hopefully!)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A funny, funny night.

We went bowling with Interact this evening, and it was just so funny.
Here's the story.

We played two games. For the first game, we were in a lane next to a really, really attractive girl... and her boyfriend. We were daring each other to go up to the boy or girl, and start talking to them like we knew them, or for someone else to go up to them, and say 'that boy over there really fancies you...' or something like that - you get the idea. Well, that didn't happen. The dare was too intense, and pretty much impractical. But she was cute.
So as we started the second game, our screen pretty much broke, and the whole thing wasn't working, so we were moved to a different lane. Just as we were moving, my friend Amber saw someone she knew - her boyfriend's sister's best friend. So, my new dare was to go and talk to her, pretending I know her, and just try to be completely legit. I really really wanted to do it - it was so random, and so funny. I walked past the lane she was in a couple of times, but she was with her family, and her scary looking dad was standing in the way; I couldn't just barge past and start talking to her, you wouldn't do that even if you did know her... So, time went on, and I memorised some stuff about her - her name, age, school, friends, etc., and then waited for the right moment. I was getting so so nervous, and my mouth was going dry, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it! Then, she came out of her lane to get some sweets, and I quickly went over, and then just started talking to her. It really was so funny, and so worth it. She apologised that she didn't recognise me, but went along with the conversation anyway... So I threw a few facts about her into the conversation to prove I was legit and she should know me(!), and then Amber came over to save me, and told her it was all a dare. It was just so awesome. I almost couldn't believe that I'd done it myself...
That was my random deed for the day.
But then I had to give Amber a dare to equal things out a bit. So we went over to McDonald's, and I because we were sitting right next to the drive-thru, I dared her to blow onto the window, draw a smiley face, and then wave at whoever was in the car. She actually did it when a car came along, but even she was laughing so hard, she couldn't blow onto the glass properly, and was just kinda breathing heavily really close to the window..! Herself, Joe, and I were just laughing to much. It's one of the funniest things I've seen in such a long time. But the kids in the cars were actually laughing and waving back and stuff too...
We both earn bragging rights. I really wish you could've seen it.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

I just got back from a party,

and I had good times. It was way fun.

And... I really like girls.

Friday, 11 September 2009

"No one is as lucky as us..."

('Where The Lines Overlap', Paramore)

We've got tickets to see Paramore live in London.

I am excited beyond belief.

Plus, You Me At Six are supporting. They're legends too. It's gonna be immmense.

And if you haven't already, check out this vid of Paramore's new song 'Where The Lines Overlap' off their latest album 'brand new eyes'. It's makes me so happy...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

District 9

Absolutely amazing.

I finally got to see it tonight. It's had so much hype here in the UK, with critics saying it's possibly the greatest film of the year, and newspapers giving it 6 stars. I checked it out on IMDB, and saw the ratings in other countrys, and that it had bloody violence and pervasive language, so I wasn't sure if I should go and see it or not. I didn't want to rationalise going to see the film, but I really did want to see it. I'd been hearing that it had an excellent screenplay, and some of the greatest acting in a movie. Literally, everyone was saying it was just excellent. So, I went along to the cinema with InterAct tonight, and we ended up going to see that film. I was pretty excited, to be completely honest. But then, as we were waiting for the film to start, the trailers were horror films, and I wondered what the heck I'd got myself into - I hate horror films. Then finally 'District 9' started.

And it was incredible.

It was a brilliant sci-fi action thriller, but it was realistic (obviously not the events, but the reactions), with human emotion, an incredible, challenging construction, and really phenomenal acting. I don't recommend this movie if you are offended by swearing, and I don't think that's a positive for the film at all; there really is pervasive language, and the violence gets pretty intense, but it all fit together perfectly, and is just immense. Plus, there wasn't a hint of Hollywood in the whole film, which was so refreshing.

Here's one of the best trailers I found on Youtube. Click here to view it. It's pretty immense.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This evening has been a good evening.

I just got back from playing football about an hour ago - that's soccer to you American / Canadia lot. We played for Mutual against a 'rival' ward, and I wasn't gonna play, but I figured I may as well. I went along to see some kids from that ward, but ended up actually playing some (almost) serious football! I never play, so it was actually really good to join in. I'm happy with tonight; I scored. Not only did I score, it was the first point of the night. Yesmate. Actually, I did some pretty bad tackles, and I don't really know the rules, so I kept breaking some kinda stupid rules. But scoring a goal was all I wanted out of the evening, and I got the first of three points for my team. 'Unfortunately', the other team scored four. I didn't care - obviously it would have been awesome if we'd have won, and I really put in loads of effort and all that, actually putting pressure on the opposing team when they were advancing, like we'd planned, but we lost. No biggie, someone had to. But afterwards some of the other kids in my team didn't stop going on about the 'fails' and the 'biased ref'. They were all up for playing the game, then when we lost, wouldn't take it like a man. If you're gonna be so competitive like that, you need to realise someone has to lose. Just chill, smile, and enjoy life. I had a good time. :) And, er, sorry if I hurt anyone tonight from running into them... I honestly didn't mean to.

Today has been a good day.

It's kinda the beginning of the new year. Academic year, naturally. Today, I've hardly wasted anytime, filling it with working, working out, and all things good. I spent two hours in the library at college today, working on my laptop solidly. I was doing the business coursework - which was due in today, but thankfully the deadline has been extended - listening to the best tunes in the world via iTunes and earphones. I was shuffling through my music, and when 'The Way I Am' by Ingrid Michaelson came on, I just stopped, closed my eyes, an chilled. I love that song. It reminds me of my holiday; I first heard it in the Variety Show at EFY. Then had to get back to reality and back on with my work. Later on, 'Jai Ho' from Slumdog Millionaire came on, and I almost couldn't help dancing and smiling in my seat. Great song from an excellent film. Then, when I got home this evening, I spent another couple of hours working on my Business, determined to get it done as quickly as possible. It's not so much fun doing it, but playing sweet tunes on max volume sure as heck helps. :) I stuck at it, and when I'd got it finished, I was literally excited and elated to have completed it...! I really am a geek. :P

So it's really late now. Well, really early, if you wanna get technical. I was going to write another post, but I'll just add it in here. In the news today, there was a story about British terrorists, their plots, etc., and then later this evening we watched the 9/11 documentary on Channel 4, called '102 Minutes That Changed America'. It really had an impact on me. It was absolutely horrific, and heartbreaking. I was watching it, stunned. Obviously, I can remember the day it happened. I can remember where I was, and what I was doing - and the same for the 7/7 bombings. As we saw the real-life footage from 9/11 tonight, I was in awe, but was sickened and upset at what I was seeing. I just stopped what I was doing, and watched. It really was just horrific.
And then I was thinking about my life, and how absolutely undeniably fortunate and blessed I am, throughout all aspects of my life - my family, friends, home, education, technology... I'm so grateful for the Gospel in my life, for the knowledge and testimony I have, and for the peace and happiness this brings me.

It's important that we stay happy throughout our lives, and make the most of every moment we have.
I've got to remember this as much as anyone...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Isn't it just incredible

how quickly time goes when you're social networking...?!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Summer, The Last Few Days Of

Here's the promised update. I've wanted to write a post a day, but, as you can see, it hasn’t been happening. Anyway, here’s the past few weeks of my life… :)

So we got home mid August. I adjusted back to the GMT time zone pretty quickly, but then ended up staying up late, wasting time on Facebook and whatnot anyway. It was back to work at the weekend, but it was fun to talk with Jake about the holiday, and about girls, and, well, that was all. :P I've been hanging out with friends, going to chill at a friend's house one Sunday with some kids from my ward – but I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours as we were watching 'Aladdin'. Then the following Tuesday, we went to eat at Chiquito's with some kids from school. It was actually way fun; it was someone else's birthday there, so one of the waiters sung Happy Birthday – I say sung, but he really screamed it. It was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. So we got him to sing to our friend Chris who was with us, even though it wasn’t his birthday! It was so funny. Chris was so embarrassed. Legendary. The next day I went out to the park with Teddy. It was just so nice. We hung out in the park, and I tried to do some stupid but radical stuff – often failing, or giving up before I damaged my body – before we chatted and watched the orange sun set. I loved it. I kinda wish there was a silhouette of mountains in the distance, but hey, we're in England now. Wow, by this point, I couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone; on the Thursday, the AS Level results were out. I had a driving lesson that morning, and got dropped off at school. I was kinda nervous about opening the envelope, just like this time last year, but I was just glad to get it over with at the same time. We'd waited so long for the results. I opened the envelope, looked through all the paper and information that was inside, and was really quite pleased with my results. I did good. Media – A, Film – A, Maths – B, Business – B, General – B, Drama – C. I already knew I wanted to drop Drama – I hadn't enjoyed it the whole year – and then I dropped Film as well, so I could focus on Business, Maths, and Media. I was really happy with the results though. It was pretty much what I was expecting. A lot of my friends didn’t do so good, and were really upset. It was an emotional day, whether you did good or not-so-good. We went out for lunch at a Chinese buffet, to celebrate / commiserate, and then I went to hang out at Teddy's for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, I forgot to mention, that morning, I saw Paramore were doing a one-off intimate gig in London, tickets on sale the next day. I was so stoked, it was ridiculous. I wanted to go so much. So the next morning, I set my alarm and got up early. I had two computers going, each with two internet explorers up, each with multiple tabs, plus I was on the phone to both Teddy and Helena, and we were determined to get tickets – I love Paramore. Let's just say, after almost an hour of attempting to get tickets, we hadn’t got any, and they were sold out. I was so annoyed though, because I actually had tickets in my basket, filled in the details to purchase them, and then it told me they’d sold out. I was so mad. But I've got over it now. Almost. I'm excited to see them when they come to the UK later this year, if they actually announce a tour… So anyway, at the weekend, I had work on the Saturday, then Church on the Sunday as usual. Sunday evening we went to my Nan's house. Their puppy Harvey has got so big! It's almost a teenager now! It was still so fun to play with it and chase it and stuff. And for the record, I tried one of his treats. For lols, not just because I was hungry. It was one the most disgusting things I've ever eaten, ever. You should try one, just so you can say you have…! The next week, we went up to London with InterAct for the day. It was kinda pointless, but fun nevertheless. We just went into a park to eat lunch, then headed over to Trafalgar Square, and looked around the art museum, and some of the sights etc. The next day, Mum had planned to go to Gadfield Elm, where there’s the first ever LDS chapel in the world. She'd been wanting to go for years, and we finally got up started the long drive over there. I wasn't expecting much, but actually being inside the chapel, there was a really great spirit, and I really enjoyed being in there. I got some pictures while we were there, and sat, quietly, pondering. What I really didn't enjoy was the four hour drive either way. Also that week, I went to gymnastics with Jake for the first time. Well, the first time in about a decade. At work on Saturday, he'd told me he went, and I was so stoked about going with him. But quite nervous as well, as I'm sure you can imagine. But I went along with him, and had the best time! It was really so much fun! We warmed up, and then got to do anything we wanted. I practised the back somersaults Jake had taught me in the States, and learnt how to round off into the somersault. And I had a go on the trampoline, and the rings, and we were backflipping off of things… It was just completely legit. By the end, I was so exhausted. The next day, we went up to London to eat dinner with Scott's brother, who's serving a mission over here. By this point, he was nearly finished with his mission, and it was really sad to be talking all about it, and his family, and his future, and all stuff like that. In fact, on Wednesday, we went up to Liverpool St Station to meet some of our favourite Elders who were leaving, including Scott's brother. He was actually done on his mission, and heading back to Canada the very next day. He's back with them right now. It's a strange thought really… Anyway, so it was really great to see all the missionaries before they were leaving, but sad at the same time. Oh, I missed out that we went freestyling for Mutual on Tuesday. Well, we went freestyling at the gym for Mutual on Tuesday. Jake couldn't come with, so I went with Nathan, and it was pretty fun, but it was way different to a Thursday, and I didn't enjoy it so much. It was just crazy. It wasn't a waste of time though – I learnt how to do a back hand spring, which meant I could do the round off to flick to somersault yesterday! :D Haha that was so much fun. And so we're pretty much up to date right about now! I went back to college yesterday. Yep. I just have one more year at the school, and then I can finally leave. And today – well, on Thursdays and Fridays – I only have one lesson, so I asked my teacher if I could stay home and work. So I'm at home, and… on blogger! I do need to get some work done though. I’ll work on that later… :)