Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The End of Another Year

There's less than 12 hours of 2008 left. Let's make them good...

Driver 2

Yesterday, Dad took me out for my second unofficial driving lesson down at the Cardrome. Last time, I was in a new driver’s car, a little put-put, something small that goes. This time, I found myself in the driver’s seat of a monstrous 2.2 litre Honda, full of power. This was so much different to the car I drove last time, and was actually quite worried about getting into the car.
As we were driving to the centre, Dad was teaching me some of the basics things I need to know and do when I’m in my test, like slowing down and looking both ways at a zebra crossing, even if there is no-one in sight. They’re all pretty obvious things to do, you just need to know to do them, and do them so that the examiner can see. He told me how to stay safe on the road, and other things, before we got to the Cardrome.
It was finally time to switch seats. We began with a prayer, so that we’d stay safe while I was in control, and was off…

-Change mirrors.
-Start engine.
-Clutch in.
-Into first gear.
-Pull the clutch out – find the biting point.
-Put handbrake down.
-Roll forward.
-Check mirrors.
-Clutch down.
-Into second.
-Look both ways.
-Into first.

It went really well, and I really enjoyed it. We were driving around and around the centre until I was tired and mentally exhausted. I learnt basic driving manoeuvres, and even completed a 5-point turn – under pressure with someone waiting to pass. My turning was much better than last time, and I only stalled 10 times, which is a big improvement. In such a big car, I was quite fond of 20 mph, but it was still so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again…

Shoutout 1!

So this is the first shoutout I've done on my blog, and I would like to dedicate it to Sidney's mam, Tammy...! She told me in a message on Facebook that she would keep reading my blog, so I thought it would be cool if she saw herself featured in a post! So,
"Hey Tammy!"
Tammy is a proud mum, loves good ice cream, enjoys sniffing Crayola crayons, is obsessed with sparkly vampires, and can play Guitar Hero on hard - that in itself is incredible!
Check out her blog here!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Intermediate Hymn: 204

Today, I did something I have never done before. Something I wasn’t planning to do, or expecting to do anytime soon. A question which came at me from out of nowhere, as I was playing ‘Silent Night’ before Sacrament today. A question I’m glad was asked, as it gave me a new opportunity…
"Do you want to play the intermediate hymn?"
"What is it?" I asked stupidly. “Silent Night”. My nerves started screaming at me, but my head told me it was a good thing to do. As I sat at the Sacrament table, I prayed that it would go alright, and I suddenly felt excited at the prospect; I would be playing in front of everyone. In the past, when I’ve messed up, I seriously messed up, like, completely stopping. But this hymn wasn’t too hard, and I went over it in my head as the Sacrament speakers spoke, still excited and nervous, waiting in anticipation until the time came.
I got up and walked over to the piano after the second speaker sat down, beginning my own introduction, before the conductor asked for an introduction, so I just guessed and played the ending, before going into the rest of the song.
I loved playing so much! It was so awesome! Yeah, I made plenty of mistakes, but kept going, persevering, carrying on until the end. I was so pleased and happy once I’d finished! It was amazing… I guess I’ll have to do it again sometime. And afterwards, the organist explained to me how to do an introduction, but congratulated me on the good job. Lots of people said I was good, and I know Mum appreciated it as well.
It’s not that big a deal, but it is for me. I really enjoyed it.

This is the third time in a row I’ve mentioned ‘Christmas’ in my post titles!

Well, it was excellent, thanks for asking! Christmas morning came and went, and then we soon settled down for some rest. That morning, everyone else had to come and wake me up to open gifts. I got a bunch of new movies and books and music and money, but most of all socks. You know you reach that age when you get a year’s worth of socks! It was really good, and I really appreciated everything.
I got my sister the sheet music for the entire ‘We Will Rock You’ show, and I got my parents a ‘Date for a Day’, getting them a massage for two, then I’ll cook dinner for two (I guess I’ll have cereal that night!), and then Michael McIntyre on DVD, who is legendarily hilarious. The idea is that they do it all in one day. They really liked it.
After going to church for the Christmas service, we came home and Mum did us her usual brilliant Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings. We began, as we do each year, with salmon mouse, wrapped in smoked salmon, which I’m sure is on of the greatest starters in the world. Then for afters, we enjoyed her homemade Christmas pudding. I don’t like Christmas pudding, but this was pretty good.
The rest of the afternoon, we didn’t really do much. I played my new games for a while, after watching ‘Shrek The Halls’, and then went on to doing some Maths work (I’d better get a good grade.). Then we went outside into the bitterly cold air to walk around the block, which was so refreshing, before we came home to watch ‘Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death’, which was really funny, and end the day off with ‘Zoolander’, which I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, but wasn’t as funny as I was hoping…

Boxing Day was traditional, going round Nan’s house for dinner and games and whatnot. I got up, did some Maths work, then played my games some more. We left to go to Nan’s house about midday, where our second Christmas dinner was waiting for us. The conversation was sparse as we ate, but the food was good. After dinner, we settled down to watch ‘Fred Clause’. I was so tired, so had a nap while everyone else played a chocolate game, before we watched more TV and ate tea. It was a good day.

Yesterday, I went to work as normal, but as there had been two bank holidays, I got 2/5s off of my shift, still earning the same amount, which was excellent! I got up late, did Maths revision, played on the Playstation, and then went off to work. It was so quiet at the store, and there wasn’t much to do, so my shift was pretty chill. Although I did have to slice about 24 apples, into… erm… (1, 4, 8… then cut into sixths… er…) lots, which took longer than expected, and I ended up leaving late…
Which meant we were late to go to the Baptism in the evening. A family was being baptised, and it was great to go along and watch, and feel the Spirit. The Spirit was so strong there, and we also got to write down our testimonies in a book to give to them.
We had to leave early to go out for dinner. We went to TGI’s, and met Dad’s business partner’s girlfriend and kids, and ate with them before going to the cinema. It was a really nice meal: next time you’re at TGI’s, get the Chicken Finger BLT. It’s so amazing. I wanted it to last forever. I couldn’t eat it all, so boxed it up, and ate the rest today… Mmm…! Anyway, it was also his 50th birthday next week, so Dad had bought him a cake and badge and everything, and he was quite willing to stand on his chair and be sung to by everyone! His daughter was so embarrassed, but it was a good laugh. The film was a good laugh too. We saw ‘Yesman’, which inspired me to make the most of more opportunities that come my way. Which I did today…

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas 2008




Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas is coming...

I felt really Christmassy after going out Carol singing on Sunday, and then the next day we had our annual Christmas Family Home Evening, which I always really enjoy. We invite over some of our family, some widows in the ward, some of our friends in the ward, the missionaries, and anyone else we feel like inviting, and read Christmas stories, sing carols, watch the Christmas devotional, and then play a game at the end. This year, it was really good again, and like last year, I was in charge of the powerpoint presentation to go along with one of the storybooks. Mum also asked me to play the piano, so I spent half-an-hour during the day going over ‘Silent Night’, which went quite well. I made mistakes, but tried my best to keep going throughout it; I’m still not very good playing for people.

Yesterday, we went to see a Pantomime for Mutual. It was just a local reasonably amateur version of Cinderella, and was so cheesy, but still pretty good. It had all the traditional Pantomime stuff in it, including far too much audience participation. I just sat back and enjoyed it, not getting too involved. What was funny was the fact that during all the kids screaming whatever it was at the stage, us lot were “Baa”ing at the stage instead of shouting stuff. I thought it was so funny! Sam enjoyed it two, and the both of us got dropped off at Pel’s house for his party that evening.
It was a chill party. There was just music, lots of food, a bit of drink, and then there were fireworks at the end, which was really cool, although I’ll admit, I didn’t feel safe with Pelham setting them off! Hannah gave me my present while I was there: A metre of popcorn…! It’s rad. Haha, love it.

Then today, I got up, and during the morning did some Maths work, played Guitar Hero, and finished off my presents ready for the morning. I left it quite until the last minute this year, but still managed to get it all done. I’m excited to see my family open their presents. As our family tradition goes, we go out to either a show or film, and meal on Christmas Eve, and today we went to see ‘Four Christmases’. It was alright - not amazing from a Media student’s point of view, but it was still a chill feel-good film - and then we went to Bella Italia afterwards. After seeing the trailer for ‘Yes Man’ which comes out on Friday, I decided I wanted to try something new, so had Calimari for starters, squid, floured, and golden battered, something I’ve never had before. It was so nice, and complemented by my main of salmon and the best new potatoes I’ve ever eaten. I just thought it deserved a mention. The missionaries came over when we got home to drop of the coolest card I’ve ever seen – homemade into the shape of a missionary shirt! – and homemade brownies, which are gooey but good. I went out with them to take them to Sam and Fran, and it was so nice just chatting with them about all sorts of things. They really are legends.
Now, were just about to begin to watch ‘The Nativity Story’, which we watch every year, and I think is an excellent film.

It’s that time of year again. I can’t believe how fast it’s come around! Have a great Christmas Eve everyone!

It just gets better...

At the cinema today, during the trailers, ‘Australia’ came on. I’ve seen it already, so was excited to see the trailer, but before I went to see it, I tried to avoid seeing any trailers or previews, so that the main film would be as awesome as possible – which it was. So I saw the trailer for the first time today, and it literally enhanced the main film. I usually hate trailers, as they show you all the good parts of the film: all the funny parts; all the action parts; all the romantic parts, but this trailer is possible the best I’ve ever seen. It didn’t tell you the narrative of the film, or show the best parts, but instead compared the whole film to the ‘Wizard of Oz’, which was referred to in the film, but I didn’t consider the metaphor as intensely as it is portrayed in the trailer. This idea made the film even better than it already is, and I wanna see it again soon. It’s brilliant. Baz Lurhmann is a genius.

By completing the square, find in terms of k the roots of the equation...

Because I have my first AS Level exam the week I go back to college, I’m spending my time wisely, revising Maths almost every day. It’s making me pretty stressed. I really wanna do well in the exam, but I also want to enjoy my break! Why put the exam straight after Christmas? I guess it’s to separate the wheat from the chaff, mathematically speaking. But still, we shouldn’t be worrying about that sort of π at Christmas…

Monday, 22 December 2008


I’m pretty much addicted to the song ‘Hallelujah’ at the moment. I love it. I’ve decided it’s my second favourite song ever. It’s gotta be the Rufus Wainwright version though. It’s amazing. I first really began to like it when I was at the University of Essex for Drama Summerschool, and we did an emotional workshop involving it, so I always remember those good times when I hear it too. I got the sheet music for it on Friday, and have been playing it so much… I’ve almost got it down. But you know when you like something so much, that you listen to it and sing it over and over and over, to the point that you get sick of it…?! Yeah. The words are just so full of emotion and passion. Love it…

"I've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don't really care for music do you? It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift; the baffled king composing Hallelujah..." -Leonard Cohen

Piano Playing

I got my certificate through for the Grade 3 Piano exam I took a couple of weeks ago a couple of days ago. I passed! Haha, yeah, it was pretty good. Of course, my sister got higher than I did, but I’m just glad I passed; we pretty much rushed it, cramming it all into about 3 months or so… I left it all to the last minute, as I always do. I was quite confident as I was going into the exam room, but with me, I always get nervous right before whatever it is I’m doing, so I was suddenly very nervous. I just wanted to get it over with, and although I made plenty of mistakes, I was confident I had passed, which is all that matters. I was looking forward to finally getting to play songs I want to, like ‘What I’ve Done’, ‘Moonlight Sonata’, and ‘Hallelujah’, which I’m enjoying now. I’ve just spent an hour and a half playing the piano, and seriously enjoy playing now; before it was just a chore, having to play for ten minutes each day. Now, it’s great, and I really enjoy it. I also just went over ‘Silent Night’, what with it being Christmastime and all. Last year, I was so proud of it, and spent a long time putting in arpeggios and getting the song perfect, and today I just spent 20 minutes or so going over, and it’s nearly as good as it was. I’m really pleased to see how far I’ve progressed… It makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


This evening, we had our annual ward Youth Carol singing trip, where we go round to certain members’ houses, and sing to them, and give them a Christmas treat. I enjoyed it last year, and was kinda looking forward to it this year. So we left home, and joined the group to make our way to the first home we were to sing at. Sam joined us, which was really nice, and gave me a friend there. It was great to watch the member’s – most of who are inactive or elderly – reactions as we sung to them, and gave them the Christmas cakes we had individually hand-decorated for a Mutual activity a couple of weeks ago.

This evening, I felt the true meaning of Christmas, being with those I love, and serving others, bringing happiness into their life at this special season. Only now do I feel really Christmassy, and (almost) ready for the special day…

Way With Words

I’m really bad at wording things, or generally speaking to people. Unless I’m sitting down and constructing sentences like I am now, I find it difficult to say what I really mean. Other people assume that just because I’m confident, I should ask for things or talk to people, but I usually just make a mess of it. It’s not too bad, it’s just embarrassing sometimes; I just come out with some of the most random, strangely worded phrases, sometimes in an attempt to be witty, but otherwise just in general conversation. I don’t mind – in fact I think it’s quite funny! – it’s just something I need to work on…

The Art of Film

I’ve recently been able to see two huge new films: ‘Australia’ (Baz Luhrmann), and ‘Twilight’ (Catherine Hardwicke). I love films, the study and development of film, and the whole media in general, and appreciate the meaning of certain camera angles, movement and effects. And I was so excited to have the opportunity to see one of my favourite director’s new film before almost anyone else in the UK.

On Thursday, my family and I went to the Regional Charity Premiere of ‘Australia’ at Empire Cinemas, which was awesome. My Media teacher went along with another teacher from college who’s Australian, and actually knew some of the people and locations in the film. We literally were among the first few to see it in the UK, being I believe only the second screening in the country, as it doesn’t get released until Boxing Day. I was so excited to see it, as ‘Moulin Rouge’ and ‘Romeo + Juliet’ are a couple of my favourite films, and Baz Lurhmann is an amazing legend. The stylised theatrical directing draws the audience in, while the intense writing keeps them watching. I think he’s brilliant, and his new film was brilliant too. It was episodic, eventful, and enjoyable, encapsulating many different genres of film into one epic adventure, full of emotion and energy.
But it wasn’t just a great film; it had a brilliant message, one which left you thinking long after you left the cinema. “Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be”. Such a powerful line, reinforced with the action on screen. We are all equal human beings, and should treat each other equally… If you haven’t seen it, you should go. I can’t wait for his second in the trilogy.

Then the next night, after our last day at college, my friends and I finally got to go and see ‘Twilight’. We had been waiting a long time for it to open in the UK, even having to wait 16 days after the Premiere… Those that had read the book were so stoked about it, and those who were with us who hadn’t were still a bit confused. We kept explaining, “it’s about a vampire and human that fall in love, but it’s really better than it sounds!” We went to eat before the film at Chilli’s and us lads had a backwards meal. Sweet. We started with chocolate molten cake, and then had mains, before finishing with cheesy garlic bread. It was weird but good!
Finally we got into the screen, and I was so excited as the room darkened. I couldn’t contain myself, and shouted “I’ve met Kristen Stewart!” as loud as I could! Haha, it was great. The film started, and I wasn’t disappointed. A bit rushed towards the end, in the hotel and whatnot, but overall, excellent. My sister and I have been talking about it and quoting it far too much. She’s already seen it twice, and wants to go more times. I think I’ll have to go for another look pretty soon…

So I was impressed with those two films. They were awesome… I you haven’t checked them out, you should go!

Friday, 19 December 2008

School's out! FTW

(For the winter)

So today was our last day at college this year. I didn’t have any lessons to go in for, but wanted to go in and have a laugh. Which I did; it was a brilliant day. Getting up at the usual time was worth it.

During lesson one, I signed out and went to see my good friend Becci, who goes to a different college, but lives just down the road. I hadn’t seen her in so long, and a spontaneous visit was good. We just chatted for a while, about people, education, concerts, movies, seasons, and then I had to get back. Hey Becci!
Back at school, I had the amazing idea of playing ‘Twister’ in the common room. What a legendary game. It was so funny… Because the spinner had broken, those that weren’t playing would take it in turns to tell you where to put what. We got into some weird positions.
Then, a bunch of us started learning a dance from Hannah and Laura. It was an easy dance, but took a lot of practise to get it right, and to the intensely fast beat. In the next couple of hours, we made a video – an epic video – out of this dance, going to all different locations in the school, filming it, and I’m hoping to edit it all together soon. We started in the common room, and worked our way around to the playground, stairs, on the tables in the Science labs (I felt like such a rebel!), in the library, and even the toilets, to get enough footage to work with. It was so funny, seriously, and should turn out excellent. We just all found the whole thing hilarious. Plus, I thought my moves were pretty rad… until I watched them back on the camera. Haha.
After the review, which was actually pretty good, we just chilled out in the common room, reminiscing about old times, discussing fit teachers, talking about giving birth, and bunch of other random topics. The common room emptied slowly as the day drew to a close, with just a few of us left in there as we attempted to throw jelly beans into each other’s mouth.

It was a fantastic last day at college. I’m glad to have a break, but know I’ll still be working a revising throughout the holidays… Christmas is approaching fast!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Why are we here? Where are we going?

Why didn't we buy a satnav...?!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

3, 2, 1,


After many weeks of planning, ideas being thrown around, storyboards being sketched, and city landscapes being filmed, we were finally ready to shoot our main production. For our main task, we have to plan, shoot, and edit the footage into the first two minutes of a new fiction film, showing an opening sequence, and title sequence. We kept changing the genre of the film, until we decided on a narrative and a plot to match our action-thriller sequence. I was so excited about it, and raring to get going.

We had an original cast, until unfortunately our male protagonist got mumps. We were hoping he would be better by the time the day of our shoot came, but he got worse. This presented a problem with us, as we needed the male and female characters to feel comfortable together for the ‘date scene’. The production team stayed up late last night attempting to fix this problem, but we didn’t get anywhere until we were back in college together. We spent most of the day preparing for the shoot, getting permission from teachers, tweaking cab bookings, and collecting props. Finally just before it was time to begin shooting, we got the cast sorted, complete with costumes, and began to film. We filmed the first scene on school grounds, re-filming the same thing from many different angles, making sure we got it perfect, before we packed up and headed to the taxi waiting for us.

The seven of us, 4 production members and 3 cast members, arrived at my friend’s house where we planned to film while it was still light, and managed to get the majority of the footage done before it got dark. We even used their clock tower to get an aerial shot of our character running along the grass. One of the production member’s dad came along to help us with the driving footage, and we completed all of the outside footage. Finally, we had to use their guest room as a hotel scene, and in the end, it all went really well. After so much planning and stress, it was over, and we got it done in about three hours. It was so awesome directing and filming the project, and I’m hoping with some decent editing, it will look ace too…

That’s a wrap.

Until next time…


Last night in Mutual, we planned a bunch of new games, which was good. Some of them were intense, and some based on luck and skill. The first game we played was called Skittles, and yes, it involved Skittles. It was similar to the chocolate game, but much better. Here’s the rules:

-Start with a few packets of skittles, and a die.
-Each person takes it in turn to throw the die. Whatever number they get is the number of skittles they have to put in their mouth.
-You must not chew the skittles…
-…Until you get a 6. Then you can chew and swallow, but not until you get a six.
-If you chew or swallow the sweets before you get a six, you’re out.
-If you spit the sweets out, you’re out.
-If you can no longer breathe, you’re out.
-Keep going until more and more people drop out, and there’s a winner.

This was so much fun to play. You should try it sometime!

What's going on...?!

Have you noticed how people aren’t posting much on their blogs lately? Well, I’ve been busy living my life, which is my excuse for not posting, and I haven’t had time or made time to write about it. Maybe I should try to do better. Life’s great though. Love it…

Friday, 12 December 2008


I left college early yesterday, and headed on down to the Cardrome with Christopher, my Young Men’s leader, to learn the basics of driving. I’ve been so excited about driving for such a long time, but when the time came to jump into the driver’s seat, I was quite nervous; I would be in control of… a car.

I’d already driven a couple of times before: the first in my Dad’s car round a field, and the second in a vintage something-or-other my Granddad owns down an empty road in the middle of France. I was quite confident that I’d be alright, so he handed the keys over, and we got started.

Throughout the day, he taught me most of the basics of driving. We began with simply going forward, and I stalled loads of time throughout the day, as I wasn’t accelerating enough, but I soon got the hang of it. We practised emergency stops, and kept practising until I stopped without skidding along the road. I went all the way up to third gear, which proved difficult at times. We did hill starts, which I enjoyed, and was good at! Reversing was good, although I found it hard to actually look behind me… I also had trouble turning the steering wheel correctly, which sounds ridiculous, but I could turn it easily, but my hands weren’t meeting in the middle and stuff.

I only nearly had one little crash during the whole couple of hours we were there, which isn’t bad for the first time driving properly! I was turning a corner towards the set of traffic lights, and over-steered due to my bad turning skills, and was heading straight for the traffic light. I panicked, and tried to correct myself. In this panic, I may have accidentally accelerated slightly, heading towards the collision even faster. Christopher reached for the handbrake, and was about to emergency stop the car, before I regained control, and slowed the vehicle down. Thank goodness we weren’t on the road…

We had a break somewhere in the middle, and my driving was slightly better after that, until I stalled some more, and made some other small mistakes. It was just so exciting, actually driving a car properly. Christopher told me to go round the roundabout, and keep going and going, getting faster and faster, until I felt the back wheels give. That was fun, going round in a circle at 30 MPH. My top speed throughout the whole day was 40 MPH, which was well above the limit, but I didn’t even realise I was doing it!

In the end, I was just driving around, stopping at junctions, traffic lights, and zebra crossings to let the invisible people go… It was an excellent day, and I can’t wait for more lessons! It was so awesome…

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Recent Events...

I have been very busy lately, trying to keep up with the stress of college work, the expectations of preparing for the future, and a good social life. So simply put, I’ll just quickly go through the recent events in the past couple of weeks that I haven’t made time to blog about…

A couple of weeks ago, I was part of the ‘Make Your Mark’ business challenge, where we got off of lessons for the day, and had to follow the rules, and create something new in pretty much a day. We didn’t know what it would be until we went into the room, and were informed that we needed to present an entrepreneurial new service or product linked to the 2012 Olympics in London. We elected leaders, split into rival groups, and then set to work immediately, brainstorming ideas. I was the leader for my team, and we ended up with a children’s indoor playground, themed around the Olympics, where toddlers and children alike can learn, play, and socialize. We incorporated all the Olympic themes, and I thought it was an excellent idea. We had to produce an ‘Ideas’ sheet, a ‘Competitors’ sheet, and a ‘Finance Sheet’, and had until Wednesday midday to send it off. We only just made it in time, after some of my team spent extra time working on it at home. The other group thought of an idiot’s guide to the Olympics, which was a pretty good idea too. But, unfortunately, neither of us got through to the next round like last year, which my teacher was even surprised about.

A few days later, we had a Friday off of school to go up to London and get footage for our Media project, which is coming along excellently. We walked to the train station, and then travelled up to the city, holding a video camera, and carrying a tripod. We went around to all of the major iconic sights, filming each one in turn. We traveled around on the Underground, and I even filmed our journey, though of course made sure I didn’t cause a scene. Only at one point on the Underground did a homeless person start lairing at us having a camera or something, but we just ignored him and kept our heads down… The rest of the day was really good, going to the Tower of London, London Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Eye, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, and other places, stopping for lunch in Pizza Hut. Before we left London, we went into a shop that sold foreign candy from everywhere, from America to Japan… Amy bought me Lucky Charms, which she’s gonna give to me at Christmas… I’m really excited for it! Anyway, I’m sure the film we got will go well with the footage from New York!

The night after I went to see New Found Glory, I was supposed to go to see Simple Plan with Fran, and bought tickets to go with her. I couldn’t decide whether I actually wanted to go or not, so got tickets in case, but then decided that it would really be best if I didn’t; I was worrying about it, going to two gigs in two nights, and so thought I’d rather be stoked about one than worried about having to go to two. So I told Fran a couple of weeks before, and hoped she’d be able to find someone else to go with. In the end, she didn’t, and I felt pretty bad. I want to be a good person, and someone people can depend on, but sometimes I just do too much. I’ve got to learn to find the balance in life, and would now like to formally apologise to Fran about not being able to go. I’m always trying to be my best self, and am sorry when I’m not…

Wow, that was pretty deep. In other news, I’ve recently got over a man-flu. It wasn’t nice. My whole body was aching, and I felt ill and terrible. I had to come home from school early on Monday, and curled up on the sofa with fresh soup, watching TV. It was good to have Tuesday off as well, and I really did spend my time wisely, working through the majority of the day… Thankfully, I’ve just got a slight cold now, and feel much better.

I’d just like to say how grateful I am to have the Gospel in my life. I really am. The rules and boundaries really are there to keep us happy, and are for our safety. In college yesterday, we had a speaker come in, and talk to us about Chlamydia. She described to us some horrific things, and reinforced them with some disgusted images, that I of all people really didn’t want to see. The whole session, I was just thinking how blessed I am to have the Gospel in my life. I love it.

So, all in all, life’s great, and I’m excited for the future. Life goes on, and I think it’s great to make the most of it…

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I’ve just got back from the UK Premiere of Twilight, and I’m so excited about seeing the film in a couple of week’s time. I really wanted to go to the Premiere as well, and was so stoked to go when I found out what day it was and when. So, after college, Dad drove Charlotte and me to Leicester Square, London, but not until I’d got a camera from the Media department to film the event. I’d done my hair especially for the event like Edward’s, and did a pretty good job of it, looking awesomely cool for a day. Helena, Lewis, and Tom left college at lunch, and went up there early, managing to save us a space near the barrier. We walked into the Square, beautifully lit with Christmas decorations, and pushed our way to the front to join our friends. They put up a bare tree, and pumped out fog, recreating Forks. We had an excellent view of the big screen, the black carpet, the cars, and the stars. Cameras were everywhere, panning the area, presenters talking into their mics. The press buzzing; flashes going off regularly. Everyone there was waiting in anticipation...

Six pm came, and the Premiere began. Alex Zane from T4 was presenting the event, exhilarating the crowd, and introducing and interviewing the stars as they arrived. It was getting dark and cold, but the electricity from the audience kept everyone warm and lit up the night. The first car turned the corner and pulled up, with the crowd was screaming as Kristen Stewart stepped out. She is so gorgeous – seriously – and began walking around the crowd, signing books, cards, posters, and anything else the fans handed to her, after posing for the press. She began one end of the crowd, and worked her way around. Everyone was going crazy as she came towards us. I was doing my best to get footage of her, and didn’t have anything for her to sign anyway, so just pushed my hand to the front, and she shook it. She looks amazing in her dress, and I can now say that I’ve met Kristen Stewart! Soon, Catherine Hardwicke, the director, turned up. She too got a good reception, and I was glad to see the person in flesh who originally had the vision for the film, and worked towards creating that idea, to share it with others. Other people turned up, some of whom people didn’t know, as well as some other actors, singers, groups, and celebrities arrived, but Rob Pattinson was the main focus of everyone’s attention. The crowd surged and went wild when he stepped out of a car, girls screaming his name into the night sky. He went to have his interview with Alex, then began going around the audience signing items and getting pictures with people. He eventually came around to our side, and the audience was crushing together, shouting his name, waving banners. It was a pretty awesome sight. He came really close to us – about six feet or so – and we were anticipating being able to meet him too. Charlotte wanted a kiss from him, and I just wanted to say I’d met him. Suddenly, some power-hungry security guard told us to “Move back, or else he won’t come to you”. Rob then moved across to the other side of the crowd, and didn’t return. Everyone was really mad at that security guard for the rest of the night…

It was an excellent event, and although there weren’t as many stars there as I’d hoped, it was still brilliant to go to my first proper Premiere, and experience the excitement of seeing celebrities. We made friends with the people around us, my hair stayed like Edward’s, and I got some great footage, which I hope to be able to work on soon. Kristen said it best when she said the LA Premiere wasn’t as good as the London Premiere…

Just 16 days until Twilight is released in the UK!