Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Forever The Sickest Kids, Live in London, at The Underworld, Camden, on 22nd September 2008.

What a night. What an immense gig. It was simply incredible. A tiny venue, an intimate atmosphere. Sweat. Jumping. Noise – great noise. Crowds. Cameras.

While we were queuing up, I got pictures with Leonard, the lead singer from Kill The Arcade, and Jonathan, the lead singer of FTSK. They’re both really cool.

We met two awesome girls in the queue outside – Ciara and Alix. We hung out during the gig, and looked out for each other.

The concert itself was amazing… Absolutely brilliant. Right now, it’s pretty much a blur. The two support bands – All Forgotten, and Kill The Arcade – were really good. Leonard from Kill The Arcade recognized me from outside, and when he saw I was singing along to ‘Happy Birthday Bermuda Triangle’, he smiled and pointed at me. The standing area was getting really crowded by the time FTSK came on, but I didn’t mind… Too much. I love that sort of atmosphere, as long as I don’t get crushed.
The band were simply the greatest. The music intense. The beat going right through your body. The band close enough to touch. Jonathan was right in front of me through the whole concert, and often fived me, or else we did knuckles, or made a heart using our hands. I ruffled his sweaty hair, and sung a line into the mic when he pointed it at the audience. Plus, I reached forward and touched the strings of one of the guitars. Can you yet imagine how close I was? I was about three people back through the whole thing, which is about a foot or less. The crowd was pretty much getting crushed, and the crowd surfers and stage divers were fun, but got a bit annoying. That didn’t stop me wanting to do it though.
The set list was fantastic. They played most of their best songs, and a couple of old ones I didn’t know, but it was great. And they played an encore – ‘Catastrophe’. It was just before the encore that I said to Ciara I wanted to get up on stage, and she tapped a big boy, and asked him to lift me up! He did, and I got over the person in front of me, and rolled over onto the stage. I stood up as Jonathan was talking, then when he was done, he kinda let me talk into the mic, and I screamed “Yeah! I love you London!” before carefully jumping back into the crowd. It was ace… More than ace – epic. The whole experience was really quite ridiculous, but really great.

The only thing I didn’t realise until after the band had finished and I was back with her was that Fran had been kicked in the head by a crowd surfer, and passed, out, only to wake up on the floor, nobody helping her. I didn’t even realise, as at this point she was about a foot away from me, and through the whole concert Alix had kinda stuck with her, while I stayed a little further forward with Ciara. She was alright, thankfully. I just couldn’t believe nobody helped her. Everything was alright in the end, though.

The night was one I want to never forget. The band are one of the greatest I’ve ever heard, and I’ve only known them for a little while! They’re really awesome, and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to…

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